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Another mast gifted, this time in Dingle.

….Ha ! Caught in the act.

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Jenny …..Gosh that’s close, well done. Wondering who is your puzzled photographer?
Greg  ……Oh, that would be my partner, Mandy, she’s used to my shenanigans.
Greg …… I also went round the front, just walking into a yard and the Garda pulled up alongside me, quickly turned myself around and pretended I was just a dumb tourist that took a wrong turn, phew !
Greg …….Also, a guy in Dingle spotted me just about to lob a piece near an old church yard, his comment…..” jayzus ! have ya got a gun in there ?!”, pointing to my army rucksack,..I laughed and said ” I came to spread love not hate ” and gave him a heart shaped plasterite, told him to keep it for good luck, wow ! he nearly teared up, he was overjoyed and gave me a mighty hug. So I guess I made Philip, he was called, a happy man.