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    oh look there is that happy little fecker again [smile]


    Have to diffuse myself a bit, dont want to give  it all away
    as haters gonna hate
    the little people, the Senseis out there, you know
    the Pussy Matrix or what was it ah Warrior Matrix and the rest of the scam clown parade
    I usually do not agree with anyone, esp myself, so just because I can put up vids of some joker does not mean I have to bow down
    to some agenda or dogma, just saying
    as most folk who can do some good exposures have a shady past, like this Sean Hross character, just to name one.
    point being,  never throw out the baby with the bathwater, grow up, study , delve into the matter and learn how to differentiate
    basically all gatekeepers out there, giving you some truths but hiding a lot and guiding you into some direction, always an agenda on a roll
    Found a few more in the shoe box…and no don´t have anything better, has to be good enough
    and yes I am that cool…
    usually I have to put on my zombie mask in this world
    so I dont stick out too much you know
    two and two equals four and all that hatespeech
    keep rambling about the ultimate control grid, which is sustainability, post industrial, post democratic, post everything
    and the rest of the freakshow
    those odd lines in the sky and so much more in peace and calmness
    oh I am terrible, just won´t bow down, don´t know why
    I just can´do it, it is not programmed into me
    Wish I had been so I could watch American Idol or Eastenders growing a proper beerbelly
    talk about nonsense, be happily in my slave box , like the rest
    But I am quite cozy now
    the problem is we always try to ” wake them up” but that cannot be done, for the most part no, this is all just to give the few a clue
    a clue to the bigger picture Josh talked about
    That´s all we can do
    We can bring a horse to water but…etc
    So I am not anxious or worrying or whatever
    So the foundation is more stable now