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Happily the haters are keeping very quiet on this page, is that a good or bad thing?
We’ll keep on doing what we can, trying to get people to wake up, even if we fail.
I agree about trying to bring a horse to water, as Laurel and Hardy said ‘You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead’


Laughing at my own jokes, sorry L and H’s jokes.

Another experimental session with Murielle this evening, trying to get the ‘dreamy buddha’ mold perfect before sending it off to you.


She had much better success with her mixture, she had been using FAR too much salt for the small amount of plaster she was mixing.  This evening we used only a sprinkle of salt (okay because using beach sand) and she added a dash of vinegar which slowed up the hardening process nicely. I dont want
you tearing your hair out in frustration, being a perfectionist isn’t easy.


The photo shows the progression towards the mould having all her extremities, getting there.





You’ll be glad to hear the Buddha usually unmoulds nicely, though one this evening came out a bit pockmarked – the second one we did was perfect, Murielle left clutching that and the best of the others



We made some pretties too.




Finally a couple of photos from just a couple of days ago, warm and sunny as opposed to today which was wet and windy.
I hope the bee on the dahlia is visible, it’s only about the third honeybee I’ve seen this summer, quite worrying.





Now I can see the bee seems to be collecting pollen, I can see it on her legs.
It’s so great to hear that all is well with you, ‘cozy, not anxious or worrying’ what a change from a couple of months ago when you were ‘jumpy’ to say the least, I’m feeling happy for you.