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Great posting, feeling quite envious of Suzanne Maher’s great set-up, materials and location, looks much more comfortable than our windy location.  The only reason we were able to have two different spots on either side of the bridge because usually we have to chose the side where we will not be blown away;   it would be great to get inside, specially in the colder weather.

I was looking forward to getting my nano-triangle ‘perfect’ but my son for some reason didn’t bring the parts from Japan I asked him to.  But he has brought a LOT of magnets so there will be enough for Murielle and me to make those little protection rolls.  When visitors have gone.

Thanks for showing the lovely picture of Split, but how annoying to see the trailed sky.  Show me a photo of Split from 20 years ago and I very much doubt the sky would look like that.

My visitors (son and his wife) have only arrived from Japan and already the discussions have started; though they are seriously exhausted from a trip that takes a l o n g time from start to finish.   This very intelligent guy is still insisting that what causes trails is WATER VAPOUR – he says some plane took a sample from a trail and that was all that was there.  I curtailed the chat, saying we need to have something to talk about for the holidays including hopefully SPLIT and other parts of Croatia.   How will he be able to contradict me when I start waving my new books at him.

By the way, did your book arrive from Amazon yet, the Tim Ball book?