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Avatar photoEK

    ah na na na….

    , it s your lot there who do the real deal
    so the least I can do if give you all a cuddle
    there are not too many of us around so we must stick together
    working on all avenues
    to do what we feel must be done to make a difference
    Yes the grumpy young man does have weakspots
    As live is there to be lived and to be enjoyed
    I did overlook that as being very focussed on the tasks at hand
    you know, the agendas , I take those agendas very serious
    and they are very serious
    but all work and no joy makes Jack a dull ….
    thank you for you encouragement and efforts and tremendous energy
    to pump the plasterite into Ireland
    Really amazing work, top work, champions, all of you
    Murielle s life pillows and yours too are breathtaking
    a very high standard
    just like that