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A day trip to Mostar, wasn’t a great day for David.  Firstly Yukie thought he needed his sleep so didn’t wake him early enough so we were late getting away.  I thought this was an interesting philosophical question, should Yukie be to blame for Dave not waking up in time, I had the temerity to mention it but think I survived [im-happy-smiley-emoticon].

Driving to Mostar, the bloody satnav sent us up a narrow road that looked as though it would bring us right across a high mountain,
so we decided to head back down again, unfortunately Dave detached a bit of the bumper doing a narrow reverse turn.
He took it very well, all stayed calm in spite of the rattle.  Hope he took out the bells and whistles insurance.
We stopped at a pretty little village in Bosnia, for refreshments.  I bought some big pomegranates,
now have to work out a way of squeezing them.   My first bit of gifting, gave a little ‘pretty’ to the stallholder and his daughter,
they seemed very interested.





Mostar was rather crowded but interesting.
I left a few pieces here and there, one tossed down to the river,
one into a crevice in a wall close by, and one in a holly bush beside a little mosque.