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Gosh you are quick Sunflower, I hardly have time to access a few new photos and there you pop up again.   Yes the dagger does seem to have come from a military man, the author being a Captain is quite a give-away.   Not sure how putting this thing in the post would go, you’d better come and collect it yourself.   I got the ‘young fellow’ to do a search, it’s described as a ‘Templar Masonic Sword’ and comes in varying prices.   I don’t think we’ll be fighting between ourselves for ownership.

A few photos from what was hoped would be a BIG anti-austerity, anti water charges march but bizarrely our anti-geo group led the march.  Which was not a HUGE honour as the crowd seems to have been rather small, sadly.  The politicians must be feeling pleased with themselves as we seem to have run out of steam.

You’ll surely spot a few familiar faces. received_1858765320804902 (1).jpeg

received_1858765257471575.jpeg  received_1858765310804903.jpeg