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Good posting about Maurice Strong, he must be smiling from wherever he is in the afterlife about how well his plan succeeded

Yes your words of advice are highly appreciated and taken on board as well as possible, with some reservations. You may notice an embarrassed silence from me (no updates) just to say that my attic is due for a de-clutter, as I fear for the comments of the next unfortunates who will have to deal with it – recognising some of the items which were removed from the other house today.  I did my best to enforce a ban, really I did, then gave into the pathetic looks of Ms. Manipulation, reinforced by the plaintive ‘Oh but we’ll need them (ugly crystal glasses, vases, silver plated knives) when we move back to Ireland’  Such emotional blackmail.   So some of the wedding gifts from quite a number of years ago have migrated from Stamullen to my attic.  I tried using advice from ‘the magical Art of Tidying up’ by Marie Kondo, asking Y did each box make her feel happy, I wasn’t entirely successful. BTW the only tip I learnt from that book was to roll one’s t-shirts up rather than folding.