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CEO Jenny had a meeting  with prof Mattias Desmet,  in Dublin, was a bit of a hush  hush meeting as they did not want to draw too much attention as that might have negative effects nowadays…etc….but Jenny enjoyed it, seems  she had a good seat and had a good experience. She may put a few words in later herself.

The book , I found on the Internet Archive, someone put it there. I put the book, pdf, on this site, twice. If you like you can buy if also of course, it is only 17 buck. But leave that up to you. Have not read it yet, will do soon.

Mattias congratulated Jenny on all her – and her mob of course – work

Thanks Jenny and Mattias for all your work


If you ever get tired of that signed copy let me know…all open for business.

CEO Jenny is looking marvelous and so is dr Mattias  🙂


Well it seems our professor has to suffer a lot hahaha…squeezed by Meave – what you have to do to make the world a better place, a struggle for sure 🙂

Maybe she can put a few words in, seems  Meave is a big honcho in the resistance field

Photo by courtesy of Jenny.