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From FB memory … 4 years ago … still pumping
New plasterite electricity grid broadcasters ready to clean a home and benefit all the neighbours on the same line,, was caught out by the 25metre heavy duty electrical extension cords … thicker than I thought , so with the smaller broadcaster , was wrapped up to the top, then back down over the existing wrap… double EMF for the plasterite to clean up….50 million Bovis when plugged in … the larger plasterite was perfect for the 25m cord …. around 80 million Bovis , powered up

That’s quite exciting news, that you think its time for another interview.  It seems a long time since we did the last one.  I wonder has the situation changed much since then?   Please name a suitable time and format and we’ll go for it.

I’m delighted you know the name of the purple plant, I’d got a mental block about it, persuaded myself it began with a different letter, which is how I usually manage to remember.

I’m gradually settling back to normal here.  Today the weather is very pleasant, though quite a change from 27 to 17 degrees.  I should really get out and cut the grass which is still growing quickly.

A ‘Memory’ from 2020 showed up on my FB page.  I did a livestream of quite a large demo where we blocked the entrance to the Port for a few hours.  Of course, as usual, it petered out eventually, we needed to go for ‘our tea’.  But there were some good speeches, and I did some good mini-interviews, which showed that in October 2020 our people were well aware of what was going on and planned.  Most of it happening later, including the jabs.   After the Port element finished, the protesters attempted to get to the Dail, but were prevented by the Gestapo who it seems planned to get us into a narrow street where the group was coralled (‘kettled’ seems to be the word) and could not escape.  There was quite a lot of violence.   I was lucky I missed it as i’d stopped to talk to some people.   I’d say the Gardai were pleased with their plan.

Just winding up a pleasant sunny holiday in Gran Canaria. As usual I brought some Plasterite pieces for gifting here and there.
This time however I realised it would be important to focus their energy on 3 nasty looking, huge and very tall masts just beside the hotel I ‘m staying in.
I eventually got all the little pieces hopefully well hidden very close to the masts. I couldn’t take photos, trying hard to be subtle as it’s quite a busy spot. These are the last two I just placed a short while ago.