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Two synchronous posts, on peoples’ passing, some long ago, and the more recent one of Ollie Sludds’ death.  I don’t have much sympathy for people who say, the pain continues forever, it heals to a large extent if allowed to. Of course we remember the people with love, and hopefully very fond memories. So I say, time does heal, if allowed.

I had a lovely busy day doing a Workshop in Marcella’s great place in Gorey yesterday.  There were 7 adults and  2 children, 5 of them being part of Marcella’s family.   It seems that only really lovely ‘compatible’ people come to this workshop.

The drive down was not much fun, through heavy rain. Luckily it sort of stopped when I arrived, allowing them to erect the marquee, which due to wind arising later, did not survive the experience;

Everyone worked in perfect harmony which was greatly helped by a delicious lunch.  It was lovely to see Ollie’s widow Julie coming along for a day out among friends, though it must have been difficult for her.

The sky cleared briefly about 4 p.m. enabling us to see some nice sylphy clouds, then a nasty chemtrail being wiped out as it passed overhead.

It seems everyone had a lovely time and I could well be asked back again, which would be my pleasure;