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What an interesting historical record of the alterations you did to your house , you must have sweated blood and tears to get it all done. I hope you had good workmen who knew what they were doing.  I’ve a bit of updating to do, but to answer your comment Sunflower about getting a new electric blanket, no it was an abortive mission involving driving to two different areas.  The second shop I went to seemed to think it was alright to demand the customer come back to collect the item in a week or so, no thanks was my thought as I left in a bit of a temper.  So back to a hot water bottle for me.

These may not be in the right order and i hope I didn’t report on any of them before.  I can hear muttering about coconut oil 🙂

A ‘Shaman’ Cormac has been in touch with me, and fell in love with Plasterite.  So I supplied him a few weeks ago with a nice but small selection of Plasterite pieces.  I didn’t want to be too pushy, I have to admit sometimes my enthusiasm for things gets the better of me.   But he said be as enthusiastic as I like.  The plan is for him to introduce the pieces with an explanation to his clients who come for his regular weekend healing courses.  Apparently there was quite a scramble for some of the ‘prettier’ pieces.   He asks people to donate what they think, and we will share the profit.  I think he has the easier part of the deal but isn’t that always the way? Imagine the farmer working for months to produce a crop or an animal then the person selling ‘whatever’ gets almost as much.

So I knuckled down and made quite a lot for my next delivery which he was very excited about.  I added to the items including a few Celtic crosses which he loved.  This is good for me because they are easy to make.  In fact they are all fairly failsafe now as I’ve improved the arrangement for holding the ‘sleepy buddha’ in place till it hardens, as heretofore it was inclined to come out with either squashed arms or head, or missing elbows.  No point putting a photo of the wonderful invention, it would not make any sense.  So I’m waiting fairly impatiently to hear how the last lot ‘went down’ with the clients.


I had a busy couple of days on Friday and Saturday, Friday was our little demo, just a few of us.  We stood outside Trinity College, it was very cold but I had lots of layers on so was ok.   The know it all ‘scientists passing by could be recognised by their sneering expression or worse.  Though we did have some pleasant chats with people who were actually interested in what we had to say.  Then a few of us went walkabout and posed for these photos.  I seem to be getting annoyed quite a bit, I went up ahead to video the procession up Grafton Street and when they came along I realised there were only 5 of them, the rest had stayed put.


Then on Saturday there was a big demo in the city, a guy calculated by looking at the photos and working out the area, that there were about 20,000 people there. I find that hard to believe but when I did a livestream of them passing by it took  6 or 7 minutes for everyone to pass.  Even the main RTE news and a couple of mainstream newspapers managed to say ‘a few thousand people’ demonstrated against the Covid passports.   ‘Nothing succeeds like success’ does not seem to be the case here, as soon as an event is successful, even the preachers of Unity can’t wait to knock down the upstart organisers, who have been working away with small events for months without being attacked.  It’s like a feeding frenzy and I find it very annoying.

Somewhere in between I’ve been getting bombarded (quietly suggested by Sunflower) that to avoid starvation in the next year or so we/I should be growing food.  I can safely say I’ve ‘been there, done that’ over the years even to the extent of selling my excellent produce in our Country Market for  long number of years.  I had a great vegetable garden at that stage, including a poly tunnel and an ‘Agriframe’ which is a big metal frame with netting for keeping soft fruit safe from birds.  I used to just love going in there in raspberry season and coming out with 20 large punnets of delicious raspberries.  I also had a large area of strawberries.  No need to mention vegetables and cut flowers.

So now when my family had flown the next in this latest house I didn’t bother much about veggies, and will have a job to get things going again.  There’s not much can be done this time of year but I thought a start would be by letting light into the proposed veggie patch.  So I tackled a few trees before thinking of poor birds looking for shelter in the cold weather.  Same thing with weeding, no point having all the beds looking perfect while the birds pick off the crop of tiny froglets from this year.  So I stopped 😕