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Hi ladies…been trying to find that post where people were talking about silver in orgonite, but can’t find it anywhere. Can’t see it really being negative..probably just another opinion,,,,just like reading about others refusing to use aluminum.. I use it often but not in pendants…why? Don’t know….probably just disinfo…,,,there’s been a bit of that around.

Silver..I use and make colloidal siver regularly, especially when have cold or flew coming on, Great for killing off infections, cold sores, tropical ear, etc Special silver impregnated bandages are used for burn victims…it promotes rapid healing. So to be honest, can’t see why it wouldn,t work well in orgonite…considering it’s excellent healing qualities . So next time I come across silver..I’ll try it.. On WM , people were stating they FELT negative from using Moldavite in orgonite, some would not even touch it..bad…ha ha

I made several pieces with moldavite…felt ok to me ..just as energetic…kids at school picked up on energy from little moldavite stones……a lot is said and people tend to make decisions from hearsay…without own research. I guess I,m guilty of that, concerning silver…although as I;ve stated, use it often in colloidal form, So go ahead and have fun…let us know how it turns out.