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Thank you Josh, MonsoonGecko, Sacred, I feel such a kinship with you 3 … :D

I think you have the perfect handling solution for the gold leaf Josh, I’ll do that. I have a few ideas where the gold will need to be placed precisely. For that stuff I can just “pick” a speck out of the mixed stuff and tap it into place. I guess I could let the rest cure and incorporate it later into something else. I don’t resonate with Iron either- I have too much longtime association between it and the Roman Empire’s warlike ways. I thought Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) is iron, though. Isn’t it? Does that mean you wouldn’t use Pyrite in making Orgonite?

I ordered a string of chips of Pyrite, thinking to crush it and incorporate it, but the stuff I received feels very heavy and dark and…sluggish. I think it’s a different material.

Thank you for your input, Monsoon. I make my own CS too, and have for years.

It’s great stuff. I *have* succeeded in wiping out my flora with it a few times though, and that is the only reservation I’d have about being around it 24/7. I guess I don’t know enough about it yet.

You guys are great .

I have so much to learn…

Mitakuye Oyasin, Linda