Just to compare the difference in cost of making a CB (this one may be sold to someone who wants one) Resin 40 euros, copper + joints/caps 56 euros. Crystals – hard to say, maybe 10 euros. Beach sand – free. Metal swarf – kindly provided by nice but puzzled people in a Metal Factors. “Are you doing some kind of artwork’ Me ‘It’s hard to explain but let’s try”
Thanks for adding the photos. Apart from making a CB, the participants also made lots of TBs with resin, swarf, added crystals, some metal coils, all looked great and people very happy. Murielle explained about her Life Pillows during lunch. Such a lovely day, after a lot of rain last night. After lunch plasterite was covered, by the students getting ‘stuck in’ straight off, making cones with shells and pine cones, and lots of small pieces were poured. A lot of powerful essences and intentions were added. And lastly Mark gave a demonstration of making an obolix. All the participants went home with lots of supplies for gifting. We all enjoyed the lunch break too, people brought food to share, bean and turmeric soup from Mark, Murielle’s delicious tomato bread, veggie lasagne from me, salad from Ann and delicious strawberries and raspberries with yoghurt from Alison.