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Very interesting…so cone charges up again when wetted down and dries again…that.s weird…appears that the drying
process generates the large orgone field…mmm.

Mate, the wet season up here is wet ! Regularly get 25mm in a downpour and when monsoon hits, can be weeks without seeing the sun. Still want to see if painting a layer of resin will waterproof and still radiate orgone field.

The Radiaonics Device works so well, I’m thinking of making a giant outdoor model…much bigger..running out of room in my shed/home.


So next time I pour, I;ll paint a layer or two of resin over one of these broadcasters and leave it out over the wet season
to trial…


Hey, this is fun being able to post photos….getting better at this computer mystery caper..ha ha
monsoon gecko

on Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:24 am