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I wasn’t very happy with the way yesterdays ‘Unicorn’ cone was hardening up, and this morning was nice and sunny so it was a good opportunity to pour outside, as I’d already got the kitchen back to normal.

These are the notes I made on what I used and additions. It’s really part of the fun of making Plasterite, deciding what to put into a particular piece. I find the best way is to let things almost decide for themselves.

Note re latest curly cone. I used Herculite hard plaster, a new bag: 7 litres/kilos of plaster, 6 litres crystal water, about 1.5 kilos of beach sand, 6 teaspoons of Mediterranean sea salt. Additions: drops of Terrashield; Geranium and Cedarwood Essential Oils and Mark O’Sullivan’s ‘Kitchen sink’.


I put in some small handfuls of crumbled dried Comfrey and Cannabis leaves, Self Heal buds, and a small handful of Life Pillow mix. A couple of teaspoonsful of melted cannacoconut oil. When all mixed and put into the mould I pressed in some tiny cones, 2 golden quartz crystals and the little paper intention sheet. While pouring I focussed on our intentions, but not too hard.