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I had such an enjoyable time today, the first time the weather was really pleasant enough to make it worthwhile messing up the patio area – which I inevitably do if I’m making anything at all large. I had half a bag of Skimcote in the shed over winter, sometimes they deteriorate so I wanted to see whether it would set, (before I throw it onto the garden). And I’m going to Spain for a week in a few days, of course I needed some ‘pretties’ as gifting for there. Some of the pieces I’ll hide, others I’ll leave in full view so hopefully children happily find them. I might do a little stick-on label saying ‘paint me’ what do you think?


I started at about 11.30 and now at 14.30 with lots of breaks in between and lunch, this is what I’ve achieved. So please don’t think that it is a very lengthy process.

I got some ‘new’moulds at a stall last year, this has been my first chance to try tyem. I’m not very optimistic about how gorgeous they’ll be, but they might appeal to children, little animals for example. I’ll need to let them set a bit longer.

I’m delighted to say the large cone turned out very well, even with the Skimcote it came out of the traffic cone with two hard bangs on the tiles. I try to keep the size to about 18 kilos (40 lbs) for relative ease of handling or lifting for us females.


It seems lifting 25 kilo bags of plaster is getting to be more of a strain for me, and I do treasure my back.
More photos to follow fingers crossed.