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That must be unforgettable for whoever made it, Stephen Geddes ?


Stephen Geddes

Ha .. yes monsoon coil , I created a few years back .. Next generation to the mobius coil , which has the same twisted, insulate copper wire loop, wrapped around a quartz point with a repeated knot .. hooked up to a 15Hz zapper and used as a succour punch or in powered orgonite worked a treat , but turned out to be old school energywise .


Monsoon coil is awesome in comparison ..After discovering Tensor rings, incorporated in orgonite, jumped up the energy substantially, compared to either alone , So I started sharing examples/photos and folks trialed for themselves … Funny eh … that technique took off worldwide … that still blows me away .,


The monsoon coil is wrapped around a Tensor ring …(incidentally, Tensor rings have one of the highest paramagnetic values according to Phil Callahan) , I found the monsoon coils is way stronger , much larger scalar field ……stand alone , in the millions on the Bovis scale… but when incorporated as a powered orgonite was just awesome .. I remember the first one I had to step back from … was fair pumping ,, took a day or two to acclimatize to the high energy/scalar field …. much like the first big plasterite cones that I made …..they were a big rush.. ha ha ,,, gotta love this energy caper , … so addictive , not to mention the intuition and synchronicities that manifest (y) cheers