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Stephen Geddes

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Josh’s Life Pillow.
G’day … while cleaning up my parents’ home , for sale , my sister found a couple of Josh’s original Life Pillows plus a heap of other stuff which she sent to me .
Back in the day , I was in regular contact with Josh , concerning developments and trials with Plasterite and the Life Pillow, of which I bought several for family and friends .. they weren’t cheap at $60usd each , but not enough to break the bank ..ha
I have a couple of my own original LIfe Pillows so am offering these two at $50 each plus postage …. They still have great energetics, pendulum indicating around 800K Bovis , so a lot stronger than most orgonite you see these days on FB … and still serve the function of polarizing (changing the spin) of anything harmful in food , water, medications etc along with reducing pain and cleaning EMF.
Message me if interested …




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What an exciting day for you. It’s great everything arrived safely, no trouble with Customs (well except having to pay but surely expected); The pendants are lovely, I’m so lucky to be going to get one. Gorgeous work from Stephen Geddes. The little disks look very interesting too, looking forward to checking them out.




The Josh Pillows have arrived and been collected, all went smooth. It was complete.
An important happening.
Like climbing mount everest, just better.
Before I opened it , Jenn started nagging, sorry, “politely asking” me for part of the loot. Crowbar in hand.
Stephen Geddes mentioned a pendant for Jenny Mortell
so I am kinda stuck, cant weasle my way out of it and have to fork it over… 🙂
She wants more than the pendant , doesn´t she .?..oh yes..that baby hand is not easily filled can tell ya that, jenn is expensive to maintain, I know all about it, through experience. Do you want to see my scars ?
Have her brand – stamp of approval on my , well…somewhere.
Some say everywhere but those are unconfirmed rumors.
One of the main bottlenecks is , as ALWAYS, there is no money in it, not really. When it was invented you could buy such a pillow in the 1960s for 400 bucks, nowadays that would be 1000 bucks
if not more
sounds strange but has a meaning, if you offer a pillow for a normal price the normies will ignore it, cant be much for 100 or 50
that is the reasoning of the zombie.
they prefer a pill from doc for a fortune, all poisonous rubbish
which only treats, not heals the affliction. Etc etc
the whole essence of josh is to give us the reasons why it works so we can make it ourselves, create freedom or independency if you like
even the german inventor or plasterite confirmed to me Josh´s method worked much better, more powerful and easier to make when it come to the plasterite. Plasterite did not fall from the sky on monday morning between nine and ten
it did not
it was only through the work of four , five, maybe six individuals it even exists now, otherwise most of you would still be sucking thumbs and prattle on those geo engineering forums posting pics of ” lines in the sky” maybe not use the other words , nowadays, as the AI Sees all…
If stephen and tony were not around in those days the whole thing would have been stillborn, no question about it, no question about it at all , it would not even lift off.
it is mainly through stephen s work, and later mine, that folk even know about this. Honestly.
I mean literally.
It also is an example that they , you know, them, those behind the curtain cannot control everything, that is an important point to make. It should ring some bells.
the secret here is creativity as that is one of the ways to beat the system, they cannot cope with that at all
one thing they hate it would be that, creativity, you coming up with ideas that are outside the norm, you are not playing on their field
they can´t deal with that
the whole point of this demonic control grid is to erase that
the free individual
the free thinker
that is the real enemy
they already own everything
they make money out of thin air
it is not about that
it is about erasing the free thinking individual
I mean this literally
that is the biggest enemy
someone with a ” big idea”
that can upset their apple cart
they cannot handle that
at all
also it is about predictability
most folk are predictable
some folk are not
they can make connections
they do not like that
most folk you meet are composites
they are not real free thinking people
they are like programmed robots
they cannot think outside the norm
or grasp the concepts of those who do
Could prattle on and on…..really….
won´t torture you with my hoopla…be mild on ya
maybe I copy and paste stuff from control book up to the website, to keep it safe
also, it gets it out of the enclave or ghetto as all those things like ” telegram groups” are a sort of ghetto
meaning no one sees it, only the choir , but that is no the point
you want the normies to see it
or those who are searching to give them tools to work with
I am content
oh please call someone , ek s happy , something s up….