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    an Irish Gifting report
    anonymously of course…
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    You’d be a great addition to our page if yo could get yourself unblocked somehow. wish you could.:-(
    On Thu, Jul 2, , zzzzz wrote:


    BVM in this case is the Blessed Virgin Mary :-) Another quote from M today:
    ‘Gifting the northside liffey today again – two half kilo bottles of selenite at
    O’C….. and Ha’….. bridges to follow the pair of orgonite TB’s earlier in the
    week at the same locations. Tb’s at J….. stop. More Selenite in Lotts. The
    gridding continues’

    Added by J ; ‘Nice quote from ER ( Healer – USA ) from a couple of months ago – ‘Im finding that gifting waterways with big soda/juice bottles filled with plaster makes it impossible for them to keep a steady spray going, and the orgone energy flows with the water, turning however far downstream it reaches into a type of cloudbuster too. That along with gifting towers makes big poofy clouds with bright golden sunshine and birds flitting around everywhere.’

    Then from M: Orgonite tb underneath the Dart lines exiting Connolly

    – this is also on a bridge spanning heavy traffic. I put a selenite TB
    at the far …… end of the same platform which set to work immediately.
    9 mins •
    M A curious thing happened just after I “gifted” the north side of
    the Ha’penny bridge – the bottle made a thunk and a splash – these two young
    wans came straight over to me and asked me what was that I threw in. I said it
    was a bottle. She asked me why I threw it in and I said to see what kind of
    noise it would make.

    She looked at me and narrowed her eyes for a second – “you love this water
    don’t you?” she said and she slowly poured three times into the liffey from her
    own bottle of water, libation style, as if blessing it. We chatted away for a
    minute, as you do and then they crossed the road away.

    Fantastic work M.

    Don’t forget to try to use up the plaster, as it goes off a bit
    when the bag is opened.

    I thought this was a pleasant ‘interchange’ Don’t know if you want to use it or edit it somehow, it’s from our page, Orgone Appreciation xxxxxx today.
    On Thu, Jul 2,> wrote:


    Quote from M who has been gifting around Dublin City
    Centre: Noticing the quality of the selenite energy today now I’m not surrounded by it at home. I took a few pieces into town this morning
    with me on a whim and ended up gifting in …….. Station – pegging sTB’s onto the ……. and leaving half a kilo of it behind one of
    the ……. machines. All a bit of diverting lunacy on the humdrum commute. I sensed a response in the fields of the various locations to the pieces – a
    good one – but no chance to hang around for any further observations. A the school where……., however there’s been a noticable shift since
    D……. gifted his pal F…… in the office with some plasterite which he’d hand painted for her. F…… used it as a stand for a holy picture of
    the BVM!

    Selenite feels “higher” – gentler but more pervasive than brassy, intense orgonite. I can sense that today upon taking a few pieces into the city.

    There’s more chance for them to work on the “acute”, situational disharmonies which probably dont happen much at mine any longer
    On Thu, Jul 2