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    Ban on parents smacking children considered

    Ireland: Illegal downloading to be curbed by Government order

    Ireland: Minister insists children’s rights referendum to go ahead next year

    Dramatic increase in number of people sleeping rough in Dublin

    Bailey appeal to be heard soon

    Coalition reflects on ambitious referendums target after defeat

    Irish Assembly plans ‘own police force’

    Irish DPC to investigate Facebook

    We need a proper debate before voting on handing over our rights *

    Merkel insists treaty change may be used to bolster euro

    ESB picketed over jailed pensioner

    Ireland: Pension fund lost €3.7bn on banks

    Ireland: Woman jailed over land access

    Ireland: Cabinet to discuss State asset sale

    Ireland: Revealing the horrific past of psychiatric hospitals

    Ireland: Airport staff to trial body scanner

    Families in modern Ireland skip food to pay the mortgage

    How Do You Feel After Your Flu Jab Mr. Smith?

    Joan Burton: make child benefit payments dependent on receiving vaccinations

    Reilly says Government could ban all smoking in cars

    Toll booth levy to be imposed on all motorways in Republic of Ireland

    News of the World man worked for Met while editor of Irish paper

    French police seek Bailey interview

    Court finds JLC system unconstitutional

    Man ‘was attacked by gardai in bed’

    David McWilliams: ECB is happy to let Irish banks go bust by stealth

    Expert group to ascertain if abortion law changes needed

    ‘Substantial’ new public service job losses imminent – Howlin

    AIB deemed in default as €2.6bn buyback offer launched

    Ireland has two years to put its house in order, says ratings agency

    Face-recognition technology to monitor school attendance

    Horse traders threaten to block city over clampdown

    The Government, the EU and a great swindle

    Ireland: Herbal remedies risk removal from shelves

    Eurogroup chief: ‘I’m for secret, dark debates’

    The HSE are trying to overrule parents rights

    Ireland: GPs must return flu vaccine over narcolepsy fears

    Bailey appeal ruling reserved

    Ireland: New Government only by name

    Court grants Bailey extradition

    Cashless society is coming but cheques will be the first to go

    Hydrofluoric Acid spill in China causes mass evacuations

    Ireland: Census must include state of health

    Non-EU parents of citizens entitled to residency, court rules

    Families hit by €1,000 petrol hike bombshell

    Bertie is out of public sight but it’s important to keep an eye on him *

    Ireland: Drivers facing car ban in major towns under new transport plan

    Ireland: House repossessions ’set to soar’

    Bailey extradition decision due March 18th 2011

    Ireland to bring GM crops onto home market

    Last-minute rubberstamping of Public Service Cards

    Begging crackdown law comes into force

    Gardai let undercover UK officer protest here

    Bailey extradition judgement delayed

    The Irish Recovery Plan – Is It Too Late to Default?

    Bench warrant issued for woman

    VHI price increases ‘will drive elderly out of market’

    Inspectors seek review of high use of sedatives in mental units

    Ireland: Banks to hit all customers with raft of new charges

    Irish (RFID) ID card promoted as way to stop welfare fraud

    Dáil votes to approve EU-IMF bailout package

    European court to rule on Irish abortion laws *

    Bailey to fight extradition over death of Sophie

    The final insult is being visited on a conned generation

    Draconian budget to pass after Lowry gives backing

    Protesters can be Jailed for Nothing and are a Potential Terrorist Gang in Ireland *

    Jim Corr: March from Wood Quay Dublin to the GPO at 11am Saturday 27th

    The people must act or we will remain irrelevant

    Ireland: Unemployed to have their mobiles tracked under new social welfare system


    Ireland leaves door open to bail-out

    Ireland: Peaceful protest turned to violence in an instant

    Free Court Case Experience – Nov 11 – 7/7 DVD Legal Precedent Trial

    Ireland: Environmental packs for schools issued

    Ireland’s EPA says the recession has helped to reduce carbon emissions

    Four gardaí beat youth and detained mother against her will, court told

    Irish Government is trying to force out TUI members

    Torture was used to get people to confess to crimes they did not commit in Northern Ireland

    UPC wins file-sharing action

    Wrung out Ireland to be downgraded

    Minister Ahern uses bank robbery as excuse to introduce a cashless society

    Unemployed ‘may work for benefits’

    Reckless L-drivers may get car ’speed limiters’

    Cervical cancer jab researcher warns of risks

    Ireland: Pressure for inquiry into trials of vaccines

    Irish study promotes electric shock treatment

    Government urged to accept greater EU scrutiny

    ESB cutting off 30 homes daily

    Number jailed over fines soars

    Mask slips on pious humbug of child rights

    Gardai will say ‘no law was broken’ by Anglo 10

    Asylum appeal case referred to European justice court

    It would appear the IMF are getting more involved in Ireland’s economic polices

    ECB backs treaty change for EU’s ‘economic government’

    A look at how the Ian Bailey case could change the rules on sovereign jurisdiction *

    Charlie Weston: Property-tax hardship will only pile on the pressure

    EU budgetary proposals draw immediate rebuke

    Will Ireland finally awake from its fluoride induced sleep to become the next Greece?

    Carbon tax is an expensive fraud

    RTE: Prisoners to be tagged on temporary release

    Much legally at stake in French attempt to extradite Bailey

    Irish High Court allows Eircom to cut off internet access to illegal Filesharers

    Gardai want fingerprinting change

    French bid to extradite Briton for Irish death *

    Irish Independent: 170,000 homeowners are hit with negative equity

    Uncertain public sleepwalking into Nama

    Anglo Irish Bank wants up to 9 billion Euro from Irish taxpayers

    Irish Police begin work-to-rule for the first time in their history

    Wonderland Of A Real Court Trial *

    Govt: Low Carbon Society Law Need For Ireland *

    Irish DNA database will be shared with EU states and could bring in mass screening *

    130 objections lodged against Shell licence application

    New EU consumer rights directive and harmonised regime for contract law could undermine national laws *

    Leading garda to investigate scandals

    NFC payments tipped to surpass contactless cards in five years

    Pre-Crime: Irish Govt Snatch Baby Because British Said The Mother Is ‘Not Clever’ *

    Irish Government to offer free HPV vaccine to 30,000 girls

    The European Union: The Land of the Blind *

    Irish High Court grants 72 possession orders in last two months of 2009

    Slovakian security plant real explosives on passenger bound for Dublin *

    National identity card for all over 16, the Irish Government are on a roll

    Irish to introduce British style biometric ID driving licence *

    Irish to introduce British style biometric ID driving licence *

    Irish Banks start the move towards a cashless society *

    Why are the IMF so happy about Nama?

    Suspects forced to give DNA samples under new legislation *

    U.N. chief weighs in on climate talk expectations

    Vast majority of Irish firms shun voluntary register of EU lobbyists

    It’s a return to the Star Chamber as Europe finally tramples Magna Carta into the dust *

    What will the true cost of the green agenda be on Irish households?

    Irish Times: Psychiatric patients still given ECT treatment without consent *

    Lisbon’s Constitutional Revolution by Stealth *

    The Herald pushes for the Irish army to be on our streets all the time

    Nigel Farage reprimanded for criticising new EU foreign minister

    An in-depth look at the climate change situation *

    Charlie Weston: Help needed now more than ever for homeowners

    Vaccine injury payouts urged

    Top candidate debates EU tax at elite dinner

    Despite attempts to downplay the Copenhagen Treaty, Obama admits it will have immediate operational effect *

    Irish army could deploy for crowd control on our streets *

    WTO Director-General Lamy speech on global governance *

    EU reform that sweeps British justice aside

    Half of Shell’s route for its Corrib pipeline is ruled unacceptable on safety grounds

    Irish Independent promotes eugenics and depopulation again


    EU to Monitor Deviant Behavior in Fight against Terrorism

    Britain ‘forced to take more asylum seekers’ under EU common asylum plan

    Irish Minister reveals private bank IMF could make Government decisions *

    MEPs call for compulsory ‘EU lessons’ in schools *

    Gardai arrest a man for sitting on public park grass

    Irish swine flu vaccinations will begin on Monday 19 October 2009

    What do you know about the EU “Stockholm Programme”? *

    EU draws up plans to establish itself as ‘world power’

    EU intervention in Irish referendum ‘unlawful’

    Anthony Coughlan’s Letter To Frank Clarke Chairman of the Referendum Commission

    Long Live The New Union? *

    Brussels lobbyists have £445,000 whip-round to push Irish ‘Yes’ vote

    Exploited Immigrants Used To Legally Abuse And Deplete Social Welfare *

    Wall Street Journal: Fear And Loathing Created By Lisbon Yes Side In Dublin


    Exclusive Video Interview With Jim Corr – The Lisbon Treaty (video) *

    Examiner: Irish Government Protects Corporations From Swine Vaccine Damage And Death Lawsuits *

    Irish School Fingerprints Pupils

    The Referendum Commission’s Failure to do its proper job on Lisbon *

    Vaccines Far More Dangerous Than Swine Flu Itself *

    Rüffert Case – EU’s declaration of war on hard-won workers’ rights

    Lisbon Tweety Cartoon

    Under Lisbon: Citizenship of a New Federal State (Video)*

    Brussels Commission involves itself in Irish Lisbon referendum re-run

    Eircom to block internet access to Pirate Bay as other firms refuse

    Do Irish finance firms prey on the elderly?

    Irish politicians show desire for a police state, and believe Irish politicians are corrupt*

    Elderly patients abused in nursing home scandal

    Irish Judges: new bail laws make it impossible to do justice to people seeking bail

    Irish Taxpayers Pay 98 million A Year More Than The UK For The Same Drugs

    Constitution Con Can Be Used By The Corrupt For Controversial Bill

    New Law Will Give Irish Authorities Access To (ISP) Customers Internet Records

    For Europe, Against the EU – Vote ‘Yes’ or the economy gets it *

    Leading lawyers call for extremely fascist Bill to be withdrawn *

    13 Critical Lisbon Treaty Facts – Must Read *

    New laws psychopaths would be proud of *

    Irish Times: New dangerous bill sends us back to the dark ages *

    Irish Independent: ‘Banksters’ should be put behind bars’ – Retirement funds have collapsed *

    EU Commissioner said most EU voters would reject Lisbon

    Jail term for bad personal debts against the Constitution *

    IMF wants almost bankrupt Irish to pay for more kinds of toxic loans

    Former MEP – EU ‘guarantees’ for the treaty just as stage show performance

    European Trade Union Confederation Speak Out Against The EU’s Lisbon Treaty And False Irish ‘Guarantees’

    Cause of increased cancer and infertility proven *

    BBC – Population In The East Of England Was Sprayed With Poisonous Compound *

    Irish Times: Students learn NOT to think for themselves but to pass tests

    Plans to deal with the swine flu are more dangerous than the flu it’s self *

    Mass Vaccinations Set For Or After This Autumn *

    Irish Times: Shell accused of sinking an Irish boat at gunpoint

    Proof that over 80% of EU nations’ laws come from the EU *

    Irish Daily Mail: Pedophilia and the dark heart of the EU’s parliament *

    EU will elect 18 extra MEPs despite Ireland’s no vote on the Lisbon treaty

    All regulators and sub-authorities in danger of collapsing after food firms take constitutional case

    Mother takes case to fight our debtor prison laws

    New Irish escape/entry border control system and the UK rolls-out national IDs *

    Independent: State has full powers for mass forced vaccinations and detentions *

    Justice Minister good for the Humanist Society? Devious or not? You be the judge *

    Government compensation for vaccine-damaged children *

    New Law: Non-jury trials and covert surveillance evidence

    Farmers furious at EU’s sheep microchip scheme

    EU ‘contempt for democracy’ – Illegally implementing the Lisbon Treaty

    TD says Ireland should drop neutrality to fully ‘play’ in EU defence and EU wars

    Extradition judgement of the information mailer *

    Outcome of the first unusual DVD court case *

    Obama and Cowen read each other’s speech writer’s speeches

    Message from Mr. Hill arrested for mailing a DVD

    Unbelievable odds of 36 hours out of 12 years – Soldiers shot 36 hours after Chief Constable confirms covert British Operations *

    Irish Police Protest And Call The Government A Criminal Accessory (video) *

    Irish Times: Ireland Not To Opt Out Of EU Security And Defence Policy But To Push False Lisbon Guarantees *

    Eircom Agrees To Block Websites, Automatically, Chosen By Corporations

    120,000 March On Dublin And Close Government Sources Talk of Seizing ‘Exceptional Powers’ *

    Irish Times: Irish Man, Aged 60, Arrested for Posting a London 7/7 DVD to a Judge

    EU Orders Ireland To Keep All Internet, Email And Phone Information For Two Years

    Irish Minister Bans Global Warming Adverts

    UK Police Get Authority For Covert Infiltration Of Political Groups *

    How Google’s Public Phone Tracking System Finds You And It’s Irish Competitor

    Irish Times: Real Economy Debt Stands AT €1.6 Trillion, Worse In Europe – Perhaps The World *

    Cancerous Irish Pork Still Not Destroyed – China Returns Over 23 Tonnes

    EU Extradition Laws Enforced In Ireland

    Irish Woman Imprisoned In ‘Slow Euthanasia’ Nursing Home System

    Tyrannical litter bylaw ‘nightmare’ for Dublin retailers and protesters *

    Horror Emergency Laws Set To Kill *

    Law To Eliminate ‘Double Jeopardy’ That Protects Us From Endless Trials

    ENDGAME screening @ Pravda, Jan 5, 8pm

    The Lisbon Treaty 2 Resurrection – The Agenda Does Not Take A No (video)

    Poisoned Irish Pork FSAI Conference – Uncut (video)

    EU proposals for angling quotas for ordinary people

    Government’s First Ever Airwaves Emercency Exercise Just Took Place

    Jeremy Clarkson Sees Economic Breakdown Of Law And Order

    Irish Public To Vote Twice On Identical Lisbon While Others Have Not Voted Once *

    PCB Pork – Prof James Heffron, Biochemist (video) *

    How Political Parties Unconstitutional Usurp Democracy With Our Money *

    All Irish Pork Destroyed – Poisoned With PCBs 19,990% (200 Times) Above Safety Limit

    President Gracefully Brushes Off Illogical EU Assault *

    Deception of Declarations – The Lisbon II Con *

    Useful Email Addresses – Dail & News Papers

    Many Pension Funds Face Collapse Says Govt Memo

    Ahern to introduce €700 fine, jail term for begging

    Minister’s Plan To Ban Irish Handguns Is Shot Down

    U.S. Carlyle Group Banking Coup Helped By Irish ‘Leaders’ *

    EU Nations Handover Private Info (Sexual Preference, Political Opinions…) Of All Citizens For US Visa Deal

    Irish Times Lisbon poll fools public – Deception has set in for referendum 2 *

    Submission To Govt On Ireland’s Future In The European Union *

    Fianna Fáil candidates to be selected by interview

    Mobile fingerprint scanners for gardai database

    Hell Hath No Fury Like A Eurocrat Scorned *

    Garda chief asks mobile phone firm to retain web-browsing data *

    Politicians Meet To Ban Newspaper For Giving Publicity To Lisbon No Side *

    Proof To Ireland That Opt-Outs Are A Con – EU Set To End British Work Hours Opt-Out *

    Times: Leaked EU Minutes – Ireland Will Vote Again On Lisbon AND EU Membership *

    Truth Rising Screening @ Pravda, Nov 10, 8pm

    Phone Mast Top Suspect For Giving A Large Number Of Poor Dubliners Brain Cancer *

    Independent: Lisbon No Pushes The End Of Votes & The Illusion Of Democracy *

    EU To Recondition Ireland (Reality Perception Management) *

    Over 15,000 Elderly And 10,000 Young Join Against The Government *

    Irish Threatened With ‘Disastrous Consequences’ Over Rejection of Lisbon Treaty *

    What Ireland’s ‘leader’ should do now on Lisbon *

    Bunreacht Na hÉireann: A Study Of The Irish Text by Micheál Ó Cearúil *

    Inflation (Savings Taxation) Set To Blast Off As Germany, France & Others Extort Euro *

    Irish Army Officers To Study Global Strategic Leadership To Work For World Bank & NGOs – War Is Peace

    Great EU Move, If Health Dangers And Money Wasting Are The Goals – EU Ban *

    Euro Crumbling Faster Than The Dollar

    Titanic Bailouts to Sink Ireland And The West *

    Irish Nationwide Exploits Irish Taxpayer To Entice British Clients

    Naked Searches For All At Irish Airports *

    The Irish €400bn Blank Cheque – The New Era of Control And Manipulation

    Respect The Vote – Brussels, 15 Oct 2008

    Fascist Ireland – €4,500 levy for ‘removal of private cars from city centres’ urged report *

    Sly EU Claims The Irish Worked With Pro-Lisbon U.S. To Vote No

    Freedom to Fascism Screening – 23rd Jan @ 8pm

    Lisbon’s Lack of Checks And Balances

    Abolition Of Double Jeopardy A Huge Risk To Justice *

    Irish Independent: British/American Sponsored Terrorism In Iraq and Omagh (NI) *

    Yahoo Warns Of Run On The Bank – You Could Lose Your Life Savings *

    Politicians Beg Shell To Stop Death of Irish Woman

    Prime Minister Psychopathically Links Irish Lisbon ‘No’ To Global Meltdown *

    Nothing To Hide – Part 1 – Privacy Protects From Tyranny *

    EU Document Exposed – Ireland Will Be Forced To Vote Twice On The Lisbon Treaty

    Irish Govt And The StratAG Project – Full Spectrum People Tracking Based Technology *

    Carbon Footprint Food Labels – Unhealthy Food Is Greener *

    Irish Prime Minister Committed to United Nations Depopulation Agenda and Savors Ireland’s Dying Society *

    Armed Gardaí Units Hit The Streets

    EU ruling means people could be convicted in absence and without charges being known *

    Irish Independent: Orwellian Media Monitoring Unit to be run by private corporation for all government departments *

    The Scandal of the Referendum Commission in the Lisbon Referendum

    EU law risks bakery exhibitions being consigned to history

    Govt Garda house break-ins, to silence alarms used as excuse *

    Irish Government Nazi Policy ‘Hampered’ by Constitutional Freedom *

    Irish consumers escape Life-Giving-Gas Tax ‘the second year in a row’ but may have to drive slowly

    Anxious Irish ‘expert’ says be afraid, be very afraid, now you’re ready to pay for water

    Prepare For Lisbon II Publicised – Propaganda Translation

    Record numbers face court for unpaid bills in Ireland

    Irish ‘Rapid Response Corps’ on standby for Georgia mission

    BBC reports on Global Dimming – What is it? And what could be causing it? *

    An Open Letter To Stephen Collins (Irish Times Treason Article) *

    Irish Government Funds Drug Company’s Dangerous GM Cancer Virus Jab For Young Girls *

    One World China Rally Swamps Dublin City *

    Wild EU Federalist Contempt For The Electorate (Video Clip) *

    Irish Times: Ratify Lisbon Treaty regardless of referendum

    Sarkozy Comes To Dublin – Tyranny On The Street (Video) *

    County Council Criminals: Fahy Paid In Prison

    Irish Judge Overrules Driving Ban And Fine Because It Breaches Constitutional Rights

    Irish Council Staff Tracked by Satellite System worse than ‘big brother’

    Another Lisbon Vote would be Suicide shows Irish Poll *

    Irish Independent Promotes Eugenics and Depopulation *

    Taoiseach backs plans to use bugged information for prosecution evidence in court

    Taoiseach backs plans to use bugged information for prosecution evidence in court

    Irish Independent: Fluoride in our water: are we brushing with danger? *

    50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation by Dr. Paul Connett – presented to the Irish Government *

    Mass Medication of Ireland (Video Clip) *

    EU’s French President calls the Irish ‘Bloody fools’

    Vote Again on the EU Lisbon Treaty, Nicolas Sarkozy Orders to the ‘Bloody fools’ [Irish]

    Birth of Mediterranean Union which includes ALL EU members *

    Mediterranean Union Created By 43 ’states’

    End The Recession By Leaving The Euro – Scared Even To Suggest It? *

    Proposal for EU police in all large cities *

    Irish Government Props up Mugabe with 1/2 Billion of Taxpayer’s Money

    SOS – EU’s First Step Towards Chinese Style Internet (threat to internet neutrality) *

    We didn’t need a ‘full’ vote on Lisbon: FG

    EU Star Wars – Lisbon Treaty Battle for the Republic (Comedy Clip) *

    EU Constitution Kingpin: We Will Ignore Referendums

    The End of Double Jeopardy *

    Aftershock in European Parliament (video clip) *

    EU “Democracy” Unveiled *

    Cyanide Explosion Plan for the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains

    U.S. Military Drop-off Undisclosed Cargo at Dublin Airport *

    Thank you Ireland for having saved our nation states today!

    The Results: Irish Voted No to the Lisbon Treaty

    Irish Constitution Vs EU Lisbon Treaty / Constitution

    Double Trouble On Fuel, House Prices

    Jim Corr Speaking About The Lisbon Treaty And The New World Order

    Gombeen Park – Bertie Force 1

    Dail ready to use ‘yellow card’ in EU watchdog role “yes propaganda”

    Tough times all round as sales drop and fears rise

    Lisbon Treaty Not An Easy Sell, Admits Irish EU Commissioner

    FAS says 50,000 job losses to hit construction sector

    The Referendum Commission is failing to carry out it’s statutory duty!

    The Civic Society Enters the Fray *

    RTE’s Sean Whelan: ‘Enough is Enough’!

    Republic or Democracy? *

    Is IBEC Pushing to End Workers Rights and Distort the Competitive Balance Even Further? *

    The Lord giveth… and the EU Charter of Rights taketh away *

    Alex Jones – MSM Lies About We Are Change Ireland attacked by MEP De Rossa (audio) *

    EU wipes England off the map, and unites the Republic of Ireland with Wales *

    RTE SELLING the Lisbon Treaty! *

    MEP Assaults Activists, Media Reports Opposite In Giant Smear Attempt *

    Telegraph: Deal to persuade Ireland on EU treaty *

    Richard Oakley: minion of Murdoch ‘News’ – Sunday Times article on We Are Change Ireland *

    The Lisbon Treaty amendment on EU harmonized taxes *

    Mr. De Rossa Attacked? The Facts Footage (video) *

    The EU & RFID Chips: Springing the Trap (video) *

    Property crash hits asking prices by 7% in 3 months

    In a so Called Democracy why do the Minority make all the Laws? *


    Britain’s Cover Up of the Genocide in Ireland

    New EU – Irish Amendment Bill for the EU Lisbon Treaty (video) *

    Who’s who in the EU commission *

    New EU Presidential Favourite as Irish Prime Minister Resigns

    Irish Government Sold Our Nation To The UN *

    Opposition attacks spiraling costs of new ’super-prison’

    Ireland’s National Media RTE Reports Clinton, Obama, McCain, Bush, & Cheney are related *

    Extracts from END OF NATIONS – EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty *

    Gardai Retirement Age Threatened by the European Court of Justice *

    Council of Europe Wants Total Decriminalisation of Abortion

    What Does The European Court Of Justice Think Of Trade Unions & Workers? *

    Irish Independent Reports ‘Botched’ Translation Spawned St Patrick Lie *

    Ireland Powerless to Prevent Banking Collapse and Severe Downturn *

    Unknown Music Crimes 2008 – what does it mean for you & me? *

    Irish Govt Will Begin Mass Internet Surveillance of All Innocent People by end of March 2008 *

    END OF NATIONS – EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (Film) *

    End of Nations – EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (trailer 2) *

    Shocking Vote not to Respect Ireland Exposes the EU, but Ireland can Still Save Europe *

    EU Commission to vote on GM potato used in Ireland

    WHAT THE EU TREATY OF LISBON DOES (legally accurate) *

    Council Announced that Covert Agents To Prowl Dublin City *

    IRA/British Intelligence Group Member Exposed as MI5 Agent *

    EU target on global warming to ‘change Irish lifestyle’

    EU court ‘opens door’ to cuts in Irish wages

    Spin masters – “Irish property fundamentalists”

    House prices plummeted by more than 7% last year

    Repulsive Green Party Abandons Vote & Eire

    Developing the EU War Industry – Enterprise Ireland Profits – Patricia McKenna (Audio)

    Is Kathy Sinnott Ireland’s Ron Paul?

    Grassroots Group Changes Top Department Store’s Fur Policy

    Ireland forced by EU not to ban light bulbs until all members are told to

    Irish Stock Market Crash & Global Depression *

    Ireland thrust into the driving seat of history!*

    Help Save Europe!*

    Irish National Flag has Developed a Fourth Colour

    EU chaos as British MEPs chanting ‘referendum’ ordered to leave Parliament

    Alex Jones & We Are Change Ireland

    We Are Change Ireland confronts Gerry Adams (head spokesman of the IRA & Sinn Fein)

    Dimwits: Why ‘green’ lightbulbs aren’t the answer to global warming

    McCreevy exposes himself as propagandist EU servant

    Shell’s Irish Cops

    Police State Ireland

    We Are Change Ireland Attempts to Confront Bill Clinton