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    Climategate Bombshell: Did U.S. Gov’t Help Hide Climate Data?

    Global climate change treaty in sight after Durban breakthrough

    ‘Green’ air fares levy is just a tax grab admits Osborne

    Smart cities get their own operating system

    EU: Internal energy market in doubt as 18 states face court

    The Future of Leadership: Leading Through Systemic Change

    Nobel Prize Winner Resigns Over Stance on Global Warming

    Prince Charles warns of ’sixth extinction event’

    Climate change deniers will be despised just like racists one day, says Al Gore

    CFR: Libya Now Needs Boots on the Ground *

    EU may propose plan to extend Kyoto

    Citi’s Top Economist Says The Water Market Will Soon Eclipse Oil

    Green agenda has parallels with communism

    UN security council to consider climate change peacekeeping

    Beckhams a ‘bad example’ for families

    Australian kids are living in climate of fear

    Merkel pushes for binding agreements at Berlin climate talks

    Internet freedom ‘is a matter for UN’

    IMF tells EU: Stop ‘unproductive debate’ and integrate ‘now’

    African leaders launch talks on ‘Cape to Cairo’ trade bloc

    Controlling the water supply is now at the forefront of the global political agenda *

    World Bank to suggest CO2 levy on jet, shipping fuel

    Sarkozy prioritises internet regulation at G8 summit

    THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION: A Single Unified North American Regulatory Regime

    EPA Whistleblower Criticizes Global Warming in Peer-Reviewed Study

    Lobbyists who cleared ‘Climategate’ academics funded by taxpayers and the BBC

    Interpol chief calls for global electronic identity card system

    Chatham House: The Future of Cities 2011

    UN: Global Governance and Democracy *

    G20 and EU ‘posturing’ could exacerbate future banking crises

    UN mulls internet regulation options

    Scientists call for rationing in developed world

    Chris Huhne says the world is within shouting distance of a climate change deal

    Atheist Psychology in a Scientifically Rational World *

    IMF chief urges leaders to cede more sovereignty to EU

    The climate change scare is dying, but do our MPs notice?

    Sony pulls out of 10:10 climate change campaign

    United Nations above the law, Supreme Court rules

    ‘Global Internet Law Enforcement’ Proposed By Interpol To Fight No Crimes

    EU’s Own CIA That’s Above National Security *

    New Oxford school of governance will ‘groom future world leaders’

    Global Warmist Ad declares adults the enemy, spoken by angry child (video)

    The CDM delivers the greatest green scam of all

    Oh Canada! – Great Film On The Global Banking Con (FILM) *

    World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes

    Maurice Strong wants Global Governance not a Global Government, there is a difference *

    No crisis for Cowen as he keeps the economic big-wigs waiting *

    The annual meeting of the Trilateral Commission this weekend in Dublin *

    Gordon Brown calls for global climate fund

    Earth Bureaucracy – An Educated Review Of Global Governance *

    Telegraph: Welcome to the New World Order *

    £60m bill for the CO2 of our political class

    Former Taoiseach says nation states and national sovereignty are no longer viable *

    2009 UN policy brief on how to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries *

    Gordon Brown calls for new group to police global environment issues

    U.N. chief weighs in on climate talk expectations

    What links the Copenhagen conference with the steelworks closing in Redcar?

    Use IMF funds to fight climate change, says George Soros

    Despite attempts to downplay the Copenhagen Treaty, Obama admits it will have immediate operational effect *

    WTO Director-General Lamy speech on global governance *

    New EU-US energy council to be set up early November

    Irish Minister reveals private bank IMF could make Government decisions *

    Introduction to Machiavelli – Keeping Elite Control Using Freedom and Revolutions * * *

    U.N. climate meeting was propaganda: Czech president

    The continued push for an interdependent world

    Sarkozy imposes carbon tax to ’save human race’

    EU’s International Military Police Force (EGF) Can Squash Public Disobedience *

    Exclusive Video Interview With Jim Corr – The Lisbon Treaty (video) *

    Carbon-rationing for everyone because of legally-binding targets to cut emissions *

    From FDA to GSK: Corporations’ Partnership With Government *

    Cartel Of Private Bankers Are The Government *

    Remarkable Senate Speech On Global ‘Free’ Trade And The Destruction Of Society *

    The $531 Trillion Dollar Derivatives Time Bomb *

    Your carbon footprint’s dust in the wind *

    Obama’s Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization as Population Growth Solutions

    Bill Gates backs open borders and national ID cards

    The True Face Of Global Warming *

    Federalists Accused Of ‘Hijacking’ European Parliament Opening

    Great Britain, Embryo of World Government – 1938 RIIA Report *

    Times: G8 leaders agree to control the weather

    Institute Releases ‘New World Order’ Security Strategy Report *

    U.N. to Emerge as Global IRS *

    Obama resurrects the not so nice UN’s ‘rights’ of the child *

    IMF wants almost bankrupt Irish to pay for more kinds of toxic loans

    Obama Leads The Green Global Revolution With Major Shift In U.S. Policy

    Mikhail Gorbachev calls for a Global Revolution *

    Guardian: UN’s WHO agrees with IAEA to lie to the public about radiation risks *

    Examples of laws impossible for voters to change – thanks to the EU *

    The great carbon credit con: Why are we paying the Third World to poison its environment? *

    NGO with forty-five authors call for a global referendum for world government

    Beginning of the End of the internet AS YOU KNOW IT from October 2009? EU wants ‘Internet G12′ to govern cyberspace

    NATO mission creep & EU creeping integration *

    Jim Corr on Today FM exposing the controlled financial collapse (video) *

    Telegraph: Dormant IMF global currency awakened by G20 clause *

    The Soviet Story – Socialism (Film) *

    Former EU commissioner tells the media that Bilderberg helped create the Euro *

    Telegraph: Gordon Brown announces the creation of a “new world order” *

    Gordon Brown calls for EU-US Global Rule at the European Parliament (video) *

    Wall Street Journal: How realistic is a North American currency? *

    Architect of the Euro backs UN global currency *

    EU to ‘print’ money causing massive inflation aka savings theft/tax *

    Sky News: Global Governance deal requires ‘all continents’ and ‘all countries’ to conform

    Independent: Anti-terror fight ‘will need privacy sacrifice’

    1974 Time Magazine Article on Global Cooling and More *

    Former Canadian Prime Minister, ‘give up a little bit of our sovereignty to make the world work’ (Video)

    G7 sets sights on new world order

    United Nations’ threat: Child Rights = No Parental Rights *

    Recession is the ‘birth pangs of a new global order’, says Brown

    EU to propose €150bn climate tax on rich nations

    Herald Tribune – Accept the New World Order or suffer more chaos *

    Sarkozy, Merkel, Blair Call For The Long Anticipated Global Communist-Capitalism Blend *

    Russia switches off supply to 12 freezing European countries – Interdependency stranglehold and price manipulation

    North American Army created without OK by Congress U.S., Canada military ink deal to fight domestic emergencies *

    Financial Times: Global Governance

    Know About An EU Navy? They Set Sail For Somalia *

    Chavez Wants South American Currency – The Left Corner Of The World Order ‘Wrestling’ Match

    International Green Court Backed By Lawyers And Prime Ministers *

    Regional Currencies Set To Takeover – Pound To Be Replaced Says EU

    States & NGOs Launch Massive World Land Grab For Food Control *

    EU Nations Handover Private Info (Sexual Preference, Political Opinions…) Of All Citizens For US Visa Deal

    74 Years Since Oct Snowfalls – Deprogramming Global Warming *

    Independent: Lisbon No Pushes The End Of Votes & The Illusion Of Democracy *

    UN announces ‘Green New Deal’ for transformation of world economies

    EU Calls For ‘New World Governance’ (video) *

    Irish Threatened With ‘Disastrous Consequences’ Over Rejection of Lisbon Treaty *

    European Central Bank Sees Global ‘Tri-Polar’ Currency System Evolving

    A Second Look at The Federal Reserve – The Creature from Jekyll Island *

    Icelandic Shoppers Splurge as Currency Woes Reduce Food Imports

    Inflation (Savings Taxation) Set To Blast Off As Germany, France & Others Extort Euro *

    Irish Army Officers To Study Global Strategic Leadership To Work For World Bank & NGOs – War Is Peace

    Destroying the old to bring in the new *

    Euro Crumbling Faster Than The Dollar

    Bank Stops Withdrawals Of 200,000 British Customers And Iceland Is About To Collapse *

    Kosovo Protests Against EU Police, EULEX Mission

    Titanic Bailouts to Sink Ireland And The West *

    Constant Conflict – Source: U.S. Military – Attack On Human Culture *

    Carbon Tax Provisions Hidden In U.S. Bailout Bill

    The Grand Chessboard – Part 4 – Interdependence and the Luxury of War *

    Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change

    The $40 Trillion Company And The Financial Coup d’état *

    Bloomberg: ‘New Financial World Order’ As Lehman Fails, Merrill Sold

    EU Document Exposed – Ireland Will Be Forced To Vote Twice On The Lisbon Treaty

    Irish Prime Minister Committed to United Nations Depopulation Agenda and Savors Ireland’s Dying Society *

    New Subjects In School Shake-Up: Credit Card Debt, Climate Change, Obesity, And Responsibilities As World Citizens *

    EU ruling means people could be convicted in absence and without charges being known *

    Wars And Lies On The World Stage (Film) *

    Sustainable Development – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing *

    The Grand Chessboard – Part 3 – Supranational Unions As A Stepping Stone *

    The Grand Chessboard – Part 2 – Cultural Decay and Motivating Empire *

    The Grand Chessboard – Part 1 – America’s Role as the First, Only, and Last Truly Global Superpower *

    Irish consumers escape Life-Giving-Gas Tax ‘the second year in a row’ but may have to drive slowly

    The Scientific Outlook – Part 9 – Two Examples of Scientifically Created Artificial Societies: Japan and Soviet Russia

    Agenda 21 – The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century *

    The Scientific Outlook – Part 8 – Free Trade and Labour in a Scientific Society

    The First Global Revolution – Green Agenda *

    The Scientific Outlook – Part 7 – Freedom and Equality in a Scientific Society

    One World China Rally Swamps Dublin City *

    New Controversial Car Parking CO2 Tax *

    EU To Become Union Of European Regions *

    British Kids Encouraged To Become “Climate Cops”

    Irish Independent Promotes Eugenics and Depopulation *

    Doctors: Limit families to two children ‘to combat climate change’

    Global Warming Conclusively Debunked As Gore Calls For CO2 Tax

    ‘Greens’ are the enemies of liberty *

    The Scientific Outlook – Part 3 – Scientific Technique and Education *

    Birth of Mediterranean Union which includes ALL EU members *

    South American Union Will Also Have Common Currency

    The Reece Committee: Social Science as a Tool for Control *

    Proposal for EU police in all large cities *

    G8 leaders’ UN pledge to create global poverty by enforcing the reduction of life giving gas (CO2) levels by 50% *

    Children as young as three should be reported for ‘racism’, Government-funded group claims

    Official South American Union Created *

    BBC Report: Call for better ‘global literacy’

    ANH and Irish Delegation Urge the EU to Stop Codex Alimentarius (food code – due Jan 2010) *

    The Scientific Outlook – Part 1 – Scientific Technique and Power

    Oklahoma Claim Sovereignty Under the 10th Amendment – A Blow to Globalisation & the U.S Federal Gov *

    American Intelligence To Access Your Bank Accounts, Travel Plans, Salaries… *

    UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy – Part 5 – The Mass Media Division of UNESCO

    UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy – Part 3 – Education for World Government *

    Reshaping the International Order – Part 6 – A Glimpse into the New Order

    Former Soviet Dissident Warns of EU Dictatorship (interview) *

    Czech President Klaus Discussing the Irish No Vote & EU Hypocrisy *

    Personal Carbon Credits Backed by MPs

    The Global Crisis: Food, Water and Fuel

    UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy – Part 2 – The Task of Unifying the World Mind

    Jim Corr Speaking About The Lisbon Treaty And The New World Order

    European Parliament to ban Eurosceptic groups

    UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy – Part 1 – World Evolutionary Humanism, Eugenics and UNESCO

    Heart of the Global Famine *

    Reshaping the International Order – Part 5 – Population Control and a World Food Authority *

    Eugenics and Environmentalism: From quality control to quantity control *

    Ted Turner: World Needs a ‘Voluntary’ One-Child Policy for the Next Hundred Years – Billion Eugenicist Confronted on Calls for 95% Population Reduction *

    Rockefellers urge action on climate change

    Reshaping the International Order – Part 4 – Reshaping Public Opinion and the White Coated Propagandists *

    The Lord giveth… and the EU Charter of Rights taketh away *

    Reshaping the International Order – Part 3 – “Functional” Sovereignty and the Common Heritage of Mankind *

    EU wipes England off the map, and unites the Republic of Ireland with Wales *

    Reshaping the International Order – Part 2 – Reshaping the International Financial Order *

    The EU & RFID Chips: Springing the Trap (video) *

    Daily Mail Reports that Met Police officers to be ‘microchipped’ by top brass in tracking scheme *


    World Bank Climate Profiteering *

    Big Brother: Radio frequency identification (RFID) *

    Reshaping the International Order – Part 1 – What Does a World Governed by Humanistic Socialism Look Like? *

    New EU – Irish Amendment Bill for the EU Lisbon Treaty (video) *

    The Next Million Years – Part 5 – Over-Population and the Sanctity of Life

    Irish Government Sold Our Nation To The UN *

    Ireland’s National Media RTE Reports Clinton, Obama, McCain, Bush, & Cheney are related *

    Report: EU Must Build Military in Face of Climate Change *

    Leading Economic Writer: Financial Meltdown A “Gigantic Fraud”*

    How collectivists create their own opposition and how not to be fooled by it *

    EU threatens sanctions on CO2 “rebels”

    END OF NATIONS – EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (Film) *

    UK Guardian: Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future *

    Mankind at the Turning Point – Part 3 – A Planned World Economy

    Kosovo: The US and the EU support a Political Process linked to Organized Crime

    Opening a Pandora’s Box: Kosovo “Independence” and the Project for a “New Middle East”

    Mankind at the Turning Point – Part 2 – Creating A One World Consciousness

    Impact of Science on Society Part 2 – Limits to the Stability of a Scientific World Empire

    We Are Change Confronts NAU Minion Vicente Fox

    Larry McDonald on the New World Order *

    WHAT THE EU TREATY OF LISBON DOES (legally accurate) *

    EU target on global warming to ‘change Irish lifestyle’

    EU plans to see our economy blown away

    Last Stand Against EU Tyranny

    Who Will Control Your Thermostat?

    Ireland forced by EU not to ban light bulbs until all members are told to

    Help Save Europe!*

    Irish National Flag has Developed a Fourth Colour

    EU chaos as British MEPs chanting ‘referendum’ ordered to leave Parliament

    Consensus Shattered As Major Scientific Study Says Global Warming Is Natural*

    Australia – lifelong child tax for CO2 emissions!

    Elite Depopulation Agenda Gains Ground*

    ENDGAME – Blueprint for Global Enslavement (Film) *

    No EU – Common Purpose Government Infiltrators

    No EU – Common Purpose Government Infiltrators

    “Man-Made Global Warming” Smashed in 3 minutes (video) *

    Shell’s Irish Cops

    Fears over pan-EU electronic identity network

    The Real Face of the European Union

    Judge rules Gore’s film an inconvenient catalogue of errors