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You also find a source of copper salicylate tablets on the Internet or you may be able to obtain copper (II) salicylate crystals from a supplier of laboratory or fine chemicals. In this case you could divide a rounded teaspoonful into 100 equal parts, each part would then be approximately 50 mg.---For a potent anti-viral remedy you may produce copper ascorbate. This is not difficult either. The only problem is that ascorbic acid easily becomes oxidised in contact with metal. Therefore, it is best to exclude all air. Bring some distilled or de-ionised water to boiling and, as hot as possible, fill a 500 ml glass container nearly to the top. Immerse a piece of copper and add 4 to 5 g or about one teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder. Keep refrigerated and remove the copper after a few days. After part of it has been used minimise the air space by filling it into a smaller bottle or jar. As an infection fighter try a teaspoonful several times a day for up to 2 weeks.---Copper salicylate is a very stable complex and most of it appears to be excreted unchanged. Therefore, it may be regarded more as a remedy rather than a food supplement. Nevertheless, when taking this or other copper complexes, colloids or chelates over a longer period it is advisable to take additional zinc, about 30 mg a day, in order to avoid a zinc deficiency from developing.--Finally I want to stress that the use of copper salicylate and ascorbate, especially when you make these yourself, is strictly experimental and no one can take any responsibility for what you are doing. If in doubt, then use it only externally. Individuals who are sensitive to salicylates need to be extra careful but I believe that even then it will generally be well tolerated. Handle copper salicylate with care, it stains garments.--I believe that colloidal copper has similar beneficial properties as copper salicylate and you might alternate using both with some longer breaks in-between. You can make colloidal copper in the same way as colloidal silver, just use two strips of copper instead of silver electrodes. However, the use of colloidal copper is experimental as well and you have to find out by yourself how much to take and how beneficial it is for you.-- Copper –benefits and Deficits A deficiency of copper can result in gray hair, skin wrinkles, including crow's feet, varicose veins, and saggy skin. It has been claimed that Colloidal Copper has been able to return gray hair back to its natural color. It has improved the elastic fiber in the skin increasing skin flexibility, and can act as an anti-wrinkle agent. ---Old medical books stated that Colloidal Copper is effective against parasites, strengthens the blood and cleans the arteries. In addition it is reported to be effective against aneurysms and preventing strokes. The use of Copper in its Colloidal form is a comparatively new and major breakthrough because unlike earlier 19th century usage when copper was ground and used as a powder creating the potential for toxic build up; as a result of the colloidal breakthrough, the particle elements are smaller than the membranes of the human body and thus move freely throughout the entire system supplying the special needs that only elemental copper can provide without toxic build up. --We have observed that colloidal copper gently massaged into bruised or painful skin around sore muscles and joints, will relieve the pain and symptoms for initially four hours on the first application/first day; and thereafter the symptoms will decrease daily until gone for anything up to four years before returning (in the case of arthritis). It can be used on demand topicaly.---Our observations also showed a marked clarity of thinking when the colloidal copper was taken orally under the tongue, speeds up the synapses in the brain.--Copper was reported as the missing link in calcified bones of people who had suffered osteoporosis. It seems from Dr. Robert O Becker's experiments that it acted like the magnetic glue to hold the bone and cartillidge together. Since some of our own people have taken it in their daily regime and applied it topically to any sore joints, major improvements have occured.--The observations on colloidal copper are scarce and it is both interesting and gratifying to see all the various benefits emerging, even to the point of copper now being utilized as the active ingredient in expensive brand name skin creams. *************************************************************************************************************** Yogurt or Kefir Mix with Supplements B Vitamin Mix—Take either Single B vitamins or Capsules and pour contents into a 2-3 oz of yogurt or kefir—allow to sit over night on the counter---next day swallow it down-Make sure the yogurt used is not “fat free” “sugar free” or filled with any fruit this will impact the uptake and absorption and the utilization— and will either manufacture more or utilize what you have used--Some of the effects will be energy increase-brain returning-better effect of bowels-- ********************************************************************************************************************8 Hormonal Rest Here is a formula for women who endure the changes in life –can alleviate some of the hot sweats as well as balance off hormonal discomfort What you will need is- Fo Ti- Rehmannia-Peppermint-Green Tea-Schizandra Berry- Jiagolan- White Pine-Mix Components in a small pot and boil-- once boiled pour into a glass container and store in fridge--or drink warm and replace the water you use and re-boil as needed-This will aid with those who have hot flashes or endocrine imbalances-Liver Support—Spleen—Arterial—Respiratory-Hormone Balancing-Blood Make sure you are using iodine as well to reduce the estradiols to estriol this is mart of the hormonal removal in the body Make sure you are getting adequate magnesium as well this to assist in the reduction of estradiol Foods to consume or use are –rosemary-parsley-sage-peppermint-celery root-hawthorn berry or leaf –nettle root- tumeric and ginger to assist with elimination-support and energy Foods to avoid –all grains and grain like foods to be eliminated-ABSOLUTELY NO SOY IN THE DIET WHATSOEVER-SOYBEAN-TOFU-EDAME-PEA-AND GMO foods no vege oils or soybean oils –no margarine or any synthetic butter—no HFCS-brown or white sugar-no molasses-no rice –this will further corrupt your endocrine system If you are taking bioidenticals then make sure they are from either plant or animal based ( glandulars) if you are taking pharmaceuticals then every other day and every 4 weeks you cycle off them Fats to use are saturated fats evening primrose oils as well **************************************************************************************************************** Nebulizing---or Aerosoling your environment with essential oils-Iodine and Colloidal Silver---in the form of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles dispersed or suspended in air or gas---Microorganisms depend on a specific enzyme to breathe. Silver particles disable these enzymes and as a result the pathogens die. An ordinary antibiotic kills perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms; silver is known to disable more than 650 illness-causing microorganisms. Pathogens ( that have not been Bioengineered in a lab ) cannot develop a tolerance to it, making it a remarkable product for helping in the fight agains tColds Flu,pneumonia and bronchitis. But a study conducted last year by the Washington University School of Medicine may well pave the way for increased research into this astonishingly successful technique for healing colds, flu, pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections users have also found a nebulizing silver effect for reducing symptoms of allergies and in some cases, asthma---Silver-based nanoparticles may prove the most effective method yet of delivering pneumonia medications, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine and the University of Akron, Ohio, and presented at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society The great strength of nebulizers though is their capability of delivering medications and moisture directly to the tracheobronchial tree. Contrary to other treatment options, higher concentrations in respiratory secretions can be achieved with aerosol therapy. With the use of this localized delivery system effective antimicrobials can have a direct effect on surface organisms in the bronchial system. Nebulization thins secretions & mucus making it easier to expel pulmonary secretions 2) Nebulization makes coughing easier while lessening the need to cough 3) Nebulization keeps your windpipe & trachea lining and stoma moist & healthy 4) Nebulization moistens the air that goes into your lungs 5) Nebulization hydrates & moisturizes your nasal passages, mouth and throat Iodine potassium iodide to kill Candida albicans in vitro. Candida albicans is a fungal organism known to produce sinusitis. Waltimo et a/. reports that iodine potassium iodide is more effective than calcium hydroxide against Candida albicans. -- Topically, iodine has been used as an antiseptic to inhibit infection.- delivery of a nasal moisturizing solution containing iodine via nose spray at aerosolized particles having a mass median aerodynamic diameter in the range of about 1.0 to 4.0 microns.- Iodine or a salt thereof such as povidone iodine, potassium iodine, and sodium iodine, is the preferred iodine- Providing potassium iodide according to the present invention is believed to be a more effective way to provide the medication to a greater area within the sinus cavity resulting in relief of bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores, protozoa and yeasts infections.-- Iodine is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent that has bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal properties. Essential Oils—Depending on the property of the essential oils you will get a more potent impact from them—most of the oils are anti microbial-anti viral-anti-fungal-anti-bacterial-and some anti parasitical---they all have some kind of antioxidant effect---you can use these in a mix to purify the air as well as assist in fighting of topical and internal infections ---Just by breatheing in these elements can see a recovery time sped up--- In all of these add 10 drops of any of the materials suggested---and allow the humidifier to disperse this in the air---it may take several days for the materials to accumulate in the air –but when they do the air particles that maybe carrying different pathogens may become neutralize and inert before they can have a effect on the system ****************************************************************************************************************** PIRACETAM-DMAE-CHOLINE- Recipe -- NOOTROPIC RECIPE 70 grams of Piracetam-30 grams of DMAE and 30 Grams of Choline--mix in blender then add to capsule of choice if 00 then each capsule will have 350mgs of piracetam 175mgs of choline and 175mgs of DMAE Brain Restorer—Brain Connection Renewal—Memory Enhancer—Cognitive Enhancer—Brain Energy——Rebuilds Acetylcholine—Improve Brain Endurance--Counteracts Raynaud’s Disease -- Accelerates the Brain’s recovery from Hypoxia and also helps to prevent Brain Hypoxia-- improves Memory in persons afflicted with Age Associated Memory -- Improves Alertness-- Improves the condition of Alzheimer's Disease patients and Dementia patients-- Restores Brain Waves patterns (EEG) to normal-- Enhances Creativity -- Improves the condition of Parkinson’s Disease— Piracetam -nootropics have also shown the ability to improve learning and memory in healthy individuals not suffering from disease or severe age-related degeneration. In 1976 Dimond and Brouwers reported the results of some of a series of seven double blind trials, involving 16 second and third year college students "in excellent health and good physical and mental condition."---------Subjects received either 4.8 grams a day Piracetam or placebo for 14 days. In three different measures of verbal learning and memory, the results showed a highly significant difference in favor of the Piracetam students over the controls, with confidence levels of P=.01, P=.02 and P=.01. The authors stated "the fact is that Piracetam improves verbal learning and in this it would appear to be a substance which is.. capable of extending the intellectual functions of man.. our subjects were not senile, suffering from generalized brain disorder, confusional states, or any other pathology of the brain… It is therefore possible to extend the power which [individuals gifted with high intelligence and good memory] possess to still higher levels despite the fact that the range of their achievement is a high."---Giurgea and Salama report the confirmation of Dimond/ Brouwer’s work by Wedl and Suchenwirth in 1977. Wedl found significant improvement in mental performance in a group of 17 healthy young volunteers given 3.2 grams per day Piracetam for five days. DMAE-- DMAE alleviates the behavioral problems and hyperactivity associated with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) [DMAE increases Attention Span, decreases Aggression, improves Learning ability and sometimes increases Intelligence in 70% of ADD patients].--increases attention span [after 6 weeks of DMAE supplementation students were able to concentrate at lectures and on exams better].--E increases Intelligence (especially in children). - improves Learning and Memory. decreases the accumulation of Lipofuscin within the Brain.- improves the Interhemispheric flow of Information in the Corpus Callosum of the Brain (thereby improving Creativity and verbal fluency).-increases Acetylcholine levels within the Brain-extends the lifespan of mice by 27-49%.-facilitates the removal of the waste product Lipofuscin from Neurons. --- inhibits and reverses the Cross-Linking of proteins.-decreases the incidence and severity of Hangovers in people who consume excessive amounts of Alcohol [after 6 weeks of DMAE use subjects reported freedom from the depression or headaches associated with hangovers].- increases the body's production of energy and persons using DMAE subjectively report increases in their levels of energy.- mildly stimulates the Central Nervous System (CNS).-Most people who use DMAE supplements report that after 3-4 weeks of DMAE use, they notice a continual mild stimulation of their CNS without side effects.-- increases alertness. DMAE alleviates anxiety [subjects administered 1,200 mg of DMAE per day for 5 days exhibited better control of anxious reactivity].-increases assertiveness [after 6 weeks of DMAE supplementation subjects reported having a more outspoken personality].--reduces apathy and increases motivation in persons afflicted with Depression.-- improves the behavior and Mental Function of children afflicted with Down’s Syndrome.-- exerts favorable effects on those chronic Dyskinesias (including Tardive Dyskinesia) that occur as a result of long periods of use of Major Tranquilizers.-- elevates Mood [after 6 weeks of DMAE supplementation, subjects reported more affable moods].- reduces the amount of Sleep required by about 1 hour per night [this effect noted after 6 weeks of DMAE use].- causes Dreams to become more lucid (vivid).- users experience a sounder Sleep [after 6 weeks subjects reported waking earlier and having a clearer mind upon waking].- increases daytime motivation and physical Energy in persons afflicted with Insomnia.-- increases Willpower [after 6 weeks of DMAE use, subjects who previously were unable to stop smoking reported success].- removes Lipofuscin (age spots) from the skin.-Medical researchers have speculated that the means by which DMAE increases Brain Acetylcholine levels is by inhibiting Choline metabolism in peripheral tissues, thereby allowing free Choline to accumulate and subsequently enter the Brain where it is converted to Acetylcholine.- increases the content of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) in the Brain [research - rats].- increases the concentration of Choline in the bloodstream because it enhances the rate at which free Choline enters the blood from other tissues:- increases the levels of Choline in the brain due to DMAE’s superior ability to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier. Choline Choline may increase Alertness (due to its participation in the endogenous production of Acetylcholine). Defective Choline transportation combined with an increased propensity to autocannibalize Phosphatidylcholine from the Cell Membranes of Neurons activates the conversion of Amyloid-Beta--Protein Precursor (APP) to Amyloid-Beta Protein (ABP) within the Brains of persons afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease--This abnormal conversion of APP to ABP is theorized to occur when Choline transportation and Phosphatidylcholine autocannabalism is disturbed to the extent that APP is exposed to Proteolytic Enzymes (which APP is normally protected from) which catalyzes the conversion of APP to ABP -Alzheimer's Disease patients usually exhibit defective transportation mechanisms for Choline within their Brains.--The vulnerability of Cholinergic Neurons that occurs during the course of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is speculated to occur as a result of defects in Choline transportation and a tendency for Cholinergic Neurons to autocannibalize Choline from Phosphatidylcholine present within their own Cell Membranes.--------Choline may alleviate Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. -Large amounts of Choline concentrate in the Brain and impaired Brain function may occur as a result of Choline deficiency. -Choline may increase Concentration ability (due to its role in the production of Acetylcholine). -Choline deficiency may lead to impaired (Muscle) Coordination (due to Choline’s role in the production of Acetylcholine, a Neurotransmitter responsible for Coordination). -Supplemental Choline may increase the number of Dendrites within the Cerebral Cortex.--Supplemental Choline may alleviate Cluster Headaches- Most people who are affected by cluster Headaches exhibit deficient Red Blood Cell Choline levels. The vulnerability of Cholinergic Neurons that occurs during the course of Huntington's Disease is speculated to occur as a result of defects in Choline transportation and a tendency for Cholinergic Neurons to autocannibalize Choline from Phosphatidylcholine present within their own Cell Membranes. -- Choline may help to keep an individual asleep after they have fallen asleep (via its role as a precursor for Acetylcholine, the Neurotransmitter that may help to prevent unnecessary interruptions to Sleep from non-threatening stimuli). It is therefore useful for the treatment of Early-Waking Insomnia. may improve some aspects of human Intelligence and Mental Function. Supplemental may improve Learning ability. -- may alleviate (both the Manic and Depression phases of) Manic Depression (especially when Choline is used in conjunction with iodine). -Memory loss may occur as a result of Choline deficiency (due to Choline's role as a precursor for the production of Acetylcholine) and supplemental Choline (3,000 mg per day) may improve Memory- supplementation during Pregnancy may cause long-lasting Memory enhancement in offspring (the developing fetus and newly-born infants utilize large quantities of Choline for growth-related membrane and myelin synthesis). -- is a component of the Myelin Sheaths that insulate the Axons of Neurons of the Nervous System.- may alleviate Parkinson's Disease. -may improve the quality of Sleep. It may help to keep an individual asleep after they have fallen asleep (via its role as a precursor for Acetylcholine, the Neurotransmitter that may help to prevent unnecessary interruptions to Sleep from non-threatening stimuli)- may help to govern Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep (via its role as a precursor for the production of Acetylcholine, the Neurotransmitter that governs REM Sleep). is useful in the treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia (due to its ability to stimulate Acetylcholine production). Choline may alleviate Tinnitus. may improve Verbal Fluency. ******************************************************************************************************************** Turpentine Therapy Recipe- 1 oz of turpentine to 5 oz of either oil or honey---mix well in blender and then store in glass container and use 1 tsp - 1 tablespoon increments ---if dealing with yeast or a fungal then go the oil route---if dealing with respiratory then use the honey method   Description This section is from the "A Practical Treatise On Materia Medica And Therapeutics" book, by Roberts Bartholow. Also available from Amazon: A Practical Treatise On Materia Medica And Therapeutics Turpentine Therapy Flatulence may be quickly relieved by a few drops (three to five) of turpentine, on a lump of sugar. This remedy is especially indicated in flatulence persisting from a paretic state of the muscular layer of the bowel. There is abundant evidence to prove the curative power of oil of turpentine in chronic intestinal catarrh. It is especially indicated when the tongue is dry and glazed, when there is tympanitic distention of the bowels, and when the alvine discharges consist either of fluid faeces or scybala, mixed with mucus and pale, watery blood. It is best administered in an emulsion, with almond- oil and opium, Rx O1. terebinthini, 3 j; ol. amygdal. express., oz ss; tinct. opii, 3 ij ; mucil. acaeiae, 3 v; aquae laur.-cerasi, oz ss. M. Sig.: A teaspoonful every three, four, or six hours. The same remedy, in a similar combination, is very effective in acute dysentery after the subsidence of the more acute symptoms. The following is probably the true explanation of its action in these cases: it gives tonicity to the vessels, and to the muscular fiber of the intestines; arrests the putrefactive and fermentative processes which take place in the vitiated mucus and articles of food, and increases the cutaneous capillary circulation, thus relieving congestion of internal organs. Stimulating enemata are made of turpentine, mucilage, oils, etc. These are especially indicated in constipation, and in impaction of the rectum. Rx O1. terebinthini, 3 ij— oz j; ol. ricini, oz ij; vitell. ovi unius; decoct, hordei, oz viij—Oj. M. Sig.: As an enema. Such injections are frequently used in tympanitic distention of the large intestine, in flatulent colic, in impaction of the caecum, etc. A combination of equal parts of turpentine and ether constitutes the well-known remedy of Durand for the solution and cure of biliary calculi. Notwithstanding the unquestionable utility of this remedy, we can not admit with Durand that its efficacy depends on its solvent power (Trousseau). During the attack of biliary colic this remedy may be administered with a view to its anodyne and antispasmodic effect; but, as Köhler states, it is by no means equal to morphine and chloral hydrate. In the after-treatment, clinical experience is in favor of the occasional administration of Durand's remedy during a course of Vichy or Carlsbad water. Turpentine is one of the most effective remedies which we possess in the treatment of taeniae. Full doses ( 3 ss— 3 ij) are required, and the rules for preliminary treatment already laid down (see Anthelmintics) should be adhered to. Turpentine should be combined with a purgative, in order to insure prompt cathartic effect. If absorption of any considerable part of the turpentine takes place, violent intoxication will follow, and irritation of the kidneys, haematuria, and strangury, will be produced in the efforts at elimination. The oleo-resin of filix mas may be combined with turpentine. Rx O1. terebinthinae, 3 j; oleo-resinse filicis, 3 j; vitell. ovi no. ij; ol. ricini, oz j. M. Sig.: A draught. This is an effective, but by no means an agreeable, mixture. An ounce each of turpentine and castor-oil may be administered, as the cathartic, after the use of the decoction of pomegranate. Turpentine being a cardiac stimulant, and an excitant of the capillary circulation, is contraindicated in hypertrophy of the heart, and when advanced atheroma of the cerebral arteries may be presumed to exist. It is a serviceable cardiac stimulant when the action of the heart is weak, and the arterial tension low. In the passive haemorrhages we possess few agents more generally useful. The indications for its use are a condition of debility, relaxation of the vessels, and an impoverished condition of the blood. Transudations on the free mucous surfaces—epistaxis, bronchial haemorrhage, haematemesis, intestinal haemorrhages, hematuria—when associated with the state of constitutional depression defined above, are forms of haemorrhage in which turpentine should be used. Rx O1. terebinthinae, 3 iij; ext. digitalis fl., 3 j; mucil. acaciae, oz ss; aquae menthae pip., oz j. M. Sig.: A tea-spoonful every three hours. The hemorrhagic transudations which take place in purpura, in scorbutus, and allied states, are also arrested by turpentine. It need hardly be stated that active haemorrhage and a condition of plethora contraindicate the use of turpentine. As a stimulant to the vaso-motor nervous system, turpentine is indicated in fevers when the action of the heart is feeble, the arterial tension low, and the peripheral circulation languid. Ten drops in an emulsion is a suitable form, and every two hours is a proper interval for its administration in this condition of things. According to G. B. Wood, a dry tongue, peeling off in flakes, leaving a glazed surface beneath, is a special indication for the use of turpentine in fevers. The intestinal haemorrhage of typhoid may be restrained by turpentine. Clinical experience is in favor of the use of turpentine in puerperal fever and in yellow fever. The indications for its employment in these maladies are just the same as those mentioned above in typhoid. Cardiac weakness, depression of the vaso-motor nervous system, a dissolved state of the blood, are the conditions requiring turpentine. Tympanitic distention of the abdomen is an additional indication in puerperal fever. Similarly, turpentine is used in epidemic dysentery, traumatic erysipelas, hospital gangrene, etc. In these various states, employed with a well-defined conception of its real powers, this remedy is more generally serviceable as a stimulant than alcohol. As respects the dosage, in febrile diseases, a rule may be formulated as follows: for the intestinal complications, small doses frequently repeated (ten drops) ; as a stimulant to the vaso-motor nervous system, larger doses (τη x— 3 ss) at somewhat longer intervals. In the article on "Phosphorus" attention has been called to the utility of turpentine in poisoning by this substance. The physiological effects of turpentine indicate its utility in certain disorders of the nervous system. As an enema, turpentine has been used for its derivative effect in insolation or sunstroke (Levick, Wood), and in cerebrospinal meningitis (Hirsch). So accurate an authority as Topinard maintains the utility of this remedy in the cystic complications of posterior spinal sclerosis. Turpentine has long been used successfully in epilepsy, but in those cases only in which the seizures were due to the reflex impression of intestinal parasites (taeniae). Tic-doidoureux and sciatica, when rheumatic in origin, or when produced by fecal accumulations, have been cured by the vigorous use of turpentine, but we have now other means of treatment more generally useful and less disagreeable. As turpentine is largely eliminated by the bronchial and renal mucous membrane, decided effects are produced at these points. In diffusing outward, a change in the tonicity of the vessels, and in the character of the secretions, must necessarily be produced. Clinical experience confirms the deductions of theory. In chronic bronchitis, with profuse expectoration (bronchorrhcea), especially when the expectorated matters have a fetid odor, turpentine is an excellent remedy (Oppolzer). In gangrene of the lung, although it is not curative, it acts beneficially in diminishing the fetor. In pneumonia and capillary bronchitis, when the vital powers are depressed and the peripheral circulation is feeble, turpentine is one of the best stimulants which we can employ. The depression which occurs during the period of crisis in pneumonia, and the condition of purulent infiltration, especially indicate the use of this remedy. In the so-called humid asthma, and in emphysema with profuse bronchial catarrh, good results are obtained by the use of turpentine. In these various pulmonary maladies, the action of turpentine is largely local, as already explained, but it should not be forgotten that the powerful stimulation of the cutaneous circulation which it causes must contribute no small share of the curative action. In hydro-nephrosis and pyo-nephrosis turpentine is used as in bronchial catarrh, viz., to alter by actual contact the relaxed condition of the vessels, and the pathological secretions of the mucous membrane. It is, of course, contraindicated during the existence of acute symptoms. Chronic catarrh of the bladder is not infrequently much improved by the use of this agent. It is most serviceable in those cases resulting from a transference of urethral inflammation, or due to prostatic disease. Incontinence of urine, the result of atony of the muscular layer of the bladder, is sometimes removed by small doses of turpentine. Chronic gonorrhoea, gleet, spermatorrhoea, and prostorrhoea, when the discharges peculiar to these maladies are due to a relaxed condition of the affected parts, are not infrequently remarkably benefited by moderate doses of turpentine. External Uses of Turpentine The author long ago pointed out the fact that turpentine is one of the most efficient applications in hospital gangrene. The mortified parts are first removed with the scissors, and the remedy is then applied directly to the affected surface, by means of a piece of cotton cloth saturated with it. Fetor is removed and sloughing is arrested, and but little pain attends the application. Turpentine-stupes are much employed as a local and external means of treating internal inflammations. A piece of spongio-piline, or of flannel, large enough to cover the affected part, is first moistened with hot water, and then a few drops of turpentine (five to ten drops only) are sprinkled on it. As very severe smarting, inflammation, and vesication of the skin may occur from the application, and be experienced, indeed, some time subsequently to the removal of the stupe, care must be used not to continue it too long. Liniment of turpentine is a convenient counter-irritant in cases of myalgia, superficial neuralgia, lumbago, etc. An excellent counter-irritant application is made by mixing equal parts of oil of turpentine, acetic acid, and liniment of camphor (Stillé). The most successful treatment of severe burns is by the plan of Kentish, which consists in first washing the injured surface with turpentine, and then applying an ointment made by mixing basilicon-ointment with turpentine. Erysipelas has been treated by the same measures by Meigs, and the same applications are generally in use in chilblains. Inhalations of turpentine-vapor, or atomized turpentine, is an efficient means of local treatment in chronic laryngeal and bronchial affections. As a matter of curious therapeutics, it may be mentioned that gonorrhoea has been successfully treated by having the patient inhale the vapor of turpentine in an apartment filled with it. ***************************************************************************************************************** Electrolyte Drink- Take glycerin or glycerol ( palm or coconut base ) and add 1 tsp of this with either salt ( sea salt )or potassium ( citrate or chloride ) or magnesium ( citrate or malate ) or all 3 in a distilled or Reverse Osmosis water- Or a home made juice—ratio it out so that per 8 oz serving you are getting adequate amount of the nutrients---so if you add any ratio of supplements this is what you will get when utilizing this--- The other way is to take something called tri salt ( health food store product) and mix this instead of the other suggestion adding 1 teaspoon/tablespoon as per usage or tolerance –and utilize this as a way of offsetting fluid loass and heat exhaustion when strenuous activity is required in that type of environment---can be utilized during winter to assist in maintaining appropriate body heat a well ******************************************************************************************************************* Floaters---we all get them what to do—take 5-8 oz of distilled water –add 1-2 teaspons of Colloidal silver ( 100ppm) and add a1/2 tsp of sea salt---shake well till everything is either dissolved or mixed---pour into a glass container—allow the eye to be saturated and open and close eye—rotate the eye—and repeat to the other side---you may see things pop right out---including morgellon dust particles *********************************************************************************************************************** Meat Zapping---take a cattle prod and allow the prongs to touch the meat onseveral ends and hit the button this will overlaod the current in the meat further killing of unwanted pathogen that may have gotten by the meat inspectors---and as well in preparing the meat allow to be marinade or filled with herbs that can offset the negative effects of a potential issue ***********************************************************************************************************************8 Protein Mixes- take 2-3 eggs and add to a blender—season it according to taste or health perspectives—I use onion-savoury-red and black pepper-sea salt and citric acid –then take a pot fill with water and allow to boil—add 25-30 grams of gelaton to this—bring to a boil—I add other herbs to this such as thyme salt ( sea) onion-saffron—or even rosemary or sage-once boiled- then turn the blender on with the egg in it then open the centre piece and add the hot gelaton to it while blending—allow to blend for 4 minute or so---stop the blender and drink as need— Ø Take a 2 oz of yogurt ( 6 grams of protein) add 125 grams of cottage cheese ) ( 12 grams of protein )—add to it flax oil or olive oil or even ghee or wheat germ oil Add blueberries—mix all together and consume when you stop the blender—add water to it if you need it thinner Ø Consume 2 eggs ( 12 grams of protein) 3 oz og yogurt ( plain and with fat ) 18 grams of protein—top of with ghee or coconut oil---consume Ø Take Unpasteurized raw Milk—add melted coconut oil or MCT oil—add gelatin 1 tsp add wheat germ oil-1 -2 drops of cinnamon essential oil-1 drop of iodine and 1 tablespoon of wine---add about 16 oz of the unpasteurized milk and add 1 raw egg to it ( you can add more if you like ) Blend and when done mixng ( about 3 minutes) then consume the ahole thing the egg/milk/gelaton/=26 grams of protein Ø Take 1 scoop of your powdered protein ( egg-16 grams-all beef 23 grams) add to blender—add berries—add water or almond milk-sweeten with maple syrup 1 table and vanilla add fat of choice---blend and consume As you can see we have options for protein ***************************************************************************************************************** Making Maple Sugar---heat the maple syrup from any Grocery or health food store---this will have to evaporate all the water out of the syrup and mix it as it gets low---and when done pour into a bowl---as it cools take a knife and keep flippng it over as to allow the bottom to escape and then to cool—when it all cools down it will harden---take it and then add to a blender and blend to a powder--- Ø You can modify this by adding herbs and allow the herbs to boil down with the sugar this way the water is out and the sugar then is bound with these herbs and will transport the properties more effectively---for instance adding ginseng—or green tea---or any herb you decide take 3 oz to about 6 oz of the syrup—this will make it a medicated sweetener and when needed you can take a small portion orr add to a tsp and add water to re hydrate and consume Diabetes—what to do- a lot of people want to know how to beat diabetes- what we give are several methods—1st as a supplement—Utilize alpha lipoic acid 200 mg and 400 mgs of acetyl L Carnitine use 2-3 times a day- Herbal Remedy Cinnamon bark ( real bark )3 oz- Clove-1 tablespoon-Juniper berry 1 tablespoon-Bitter Melon 3 oz- Neem 2 oz-Ginseng 2 oz-Peppermint 2 oz and bay leaf 7 of them- add ingredients to a slow cooker and add 1 bottle of wine and add equal part of Distilled water and allow to simmer for 3-5 days---after 5 days strain through a handkerchief or pillow case or Jelly bag and allow it to strain and when done squeeze out the rest---bottle it and utilize 1 tsp/tablespoon increments 3-5 times a day--- Diet is essential here—all grains must stop all soy based products must cease—all canola and processed foods are to be eliminated—No exceptions---even the High Glycemic fruits are not to be consumed at all---this will only further the damage to what is already there ********************************************************************************************************************** STS—Sodium ThiolSulphate AntiAging- Detoxifier-Intestinal Support-Anti Parasitical- AntiFungal-Insulin Regulating-Removing Toxic Materials from the body-Removes Calcium deposits-Used in treating arsenic and cyanide poisoning-treats copper poisoning-Topical Uses –mixed with aspirin can treat lesions and sores –Will increase Glutathione levels –Add Vitamin C with this to boost immune support-Suggested Dose – 5 grams 1 or 1 tsp in 3 oz of water ( add vitamin C for added times a day – or as needed ************************************************************************ Baby Protection---a simple mixture to assist the protection for a baby’s backside and front would be a lanolin combination with either essential oils orr a mixture of coconut oil with the lanolin and antioxidant-such as cq 10 or Vitamin A-Side note- Lanolin is a type of Wax comprised of esters of Cholesterol and Fatty Acids - it is extracted from Sheep Wool. Pure Lanolin is the Sheep equivalent to human Sebum---So we take Lanolin-3oz ( you can adjust to more or less depending on your needs) AND ADD 1-2 Capsules of vitamin A—1 capsule of BHT- and or the essential oil of rosemary –or cypress-or any citrus2-4 drop mix and allow to sit for a few hours with the other materials---by then should be well fused---and then apply when a baby is in need of a change