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    Ways And Means to Offset the effects—

    Brain and Body Support

    Supplements to Assist With Brain Restoration

    Chelating Components

    Ways to Eliminate the Topical and Reduce

    Breatheing—To Assist in Clearing this From Lungs

    Health Foods that can assist in Reduction and Repair

    Soaps To use

    Things to Avoid

     One thing we have to under stand is the need to reduce the over load of the exposure —so in this I am going to suggest methods to assist in the removing of the load—the aluminum is but one thing—not the only thing to be dealing with—and at the same token as you are on your endeavor to work on yourselves —then there is a need to corroborate your data with other people and exchange the ideas so that we can all receive the benefit—ease off on being snappy—it will be difficult due to programming and exposure—learn to be apologetic and tolerant—we are all inflicted and through this we can come up with a solution

     Brain  & Body Support—these are things you can do to re connect  the brain or to stave off the damage—

    Foods such as Eggs-Walnuts-Black Berries-Blue Berries Yogurt and Kefir ( definite must these will restore the balance of bacteria to being healthy as a result if the balance is there the brain functions—80% of brain issues is directly tied to this-Cottage cheese mixed with ghee or other oils-Saturated Fats( ghee-butter-coconut oil-tallow-lard-palm oils-shea-coco butter) would be good oils

    Evening primrose-sunflower-almond-avocado-olive (non counterfeited or convoluted ) Wheat Germ Oil –when utilizing these fats make sure you use Rosemary—brain support, heart support, liver support-powerful anticarcinogen- hormone balancer-Sage-protects the acetylcholine from breaking down-lung support Hormonal support –anti carcinogen- Iodine ( lugols-Iodoral-IOSOL-nascent) binds with mercury and aluminum to remove from the brain and body –make sure 5% or higher-use 4 drops a day minimally in divided doses-endocrine balancer-and an STD remover-Thyme– DHA support and promoter-powerful lung support-strong anticarinogen-powerful immune booster ( stronger then oregano )-Tumeric– Liver support-Brain Support  Anti carcinogen – anti estrogenic-Ginger-immune builder-digestive protector-stimulates circulation-has anti blood clotting capabilities for damages arteries as a result of build up from chemtrails-Adaptogenic-Garlic and Onion –High Sulphur this will also assist in the removing of the load of metal build up-will support liver-lung and is an extreme anti carcinogen –and stamina and hear support—Pectin from fruits—Orange and Grape fruit and Pommelo inner skin—when you peel off the outer layer the inside is the thick white—consume this with  apples as a sauce to assist in the purging of the body-apple and pear sauce-again in conjunction with the peeled skins— Eggs with Nutmeg sprinkled on them is an excellent brain food as well

     Supplements to Assist With Brain Restoration

     Piracetam-reconnects the right and left side of the brain –can reverse dementia in some cases when combined with choline  and dmae and aricept

     Folic acid and B12 —mix then in a powdered form in either yogurt-kefir-sour cream or cottage cheese—allow to ferment this over night and proceed to consume in morning hours –again will help slow down the degradation

     Use Black Coffee—to stimulate oxygen flow—add rosemary or sage to this to increase the effect of the herbs—add 1 drop of essential oil of peppermint to increase alertness—

     Chelating Components- sodium thiolsuphate-edta-serrpeptase-trypsin-ascorbic acid and  NAC—Salt Baths( critical to reduce the load entering from the surface and allowing the body to flush out of the system the build up)—Salts required are: Epsom salt-Baking Soda-TSP-Borax-these are at ¼ cup-sea salt  1 cup-turpentine ½-1 cap –dmso 1 cap—mix in hot water as hot as you can bear—soak for 3 minutes

    Niacinamide to assist in Sleep and Moods due to the metal over load the B3 in this form can reduce drastically the swings and assist with sleeping—tak with glycine—or taurine-or gaba-or tryptophan—this way these aminos will respond better

    Essential oils –Rosemary-Sage-Thyme-Laurel Bay-Summer Savoury-Cinnamon-Nutmeg-Pine-Spruce-Thuja—these can all assist in either removing waste or bringing in antioxidants

    Ways to Eliminate the Topical and Reduce

     Bathes— These are the ingredients for this to remove excesses

     Baking Soda ¼ cup

    TSP-1/4 cup

    Borax-1/4 cup

    Epsom Salt-1/4 cup

    Sea Salt 1 cup

    Turpentine ½-1 CAP

    Hot Water as hot as you can handle—soak 30 minutes minimally—when  done observe bath water—you may see polymers and crystals floating in the tub—you may even want to get them examined by a reputable laboratory

     Breatheing—To Assist in Clearing this From Lungs

     Get a cool Mist humidifier ( warm will work as well the cool mist just does not allow steam to flow ) and add to it distilled water—Iodine ( lugols or even the tincture of iodine) 1 or 2 droppers full-essential oil of peppermint  20 drops—turpentine ( about a tsp)- essential oil of thyme 10 drops and colloidal silver ( 100ppm or higher ) 2 dropper fulls turn on in bedroom with door closed about 1 hour before sleep—( to increase the impact turn on a space heater at the same time-this will cause the vapours to be even more vapourized) you can turn of the space heater if you wish but allow the humidifier to run throughout the night-this will break up polymer build up in the nasal cavity as well as lung and cells—may see a vast improvement in oxygen uptake as well while sleeping

     Another thing you can do is just add straight 3% peroxide-fill your container—this will definitely increase oxygen in the body again while sleeping—

    You may find a lot aches and pains will diminish and as well you may find a release in the build up of the metals and polymers and biofilm that you are breathing in

     Adding Aspirin to the humidifier will reduce inflammation with those who have any respiratory issues and will allow for an analgesic ( pain relieving effect on the body as well ) this will not hurt you since you are not using this orally then it will not cause any internal bleeding—this can be mixed with the mixes with essential oils and other elements

    EXPERIMENT with different oils  as well

     Health Foods that can assist in Reduction and Repair

     Fermented Foods need to be at the top of the list to restore the damage bacteria or renew the colon since these can restore and rebuild the colon—the dairy ferments should all have fat and be plain nothing added inside when buying—if you wish to add fruit or other supplements then do so at home where you have better control of quality and assurance then what is already pre mixed

     Yogurt-Kefir-Cottage Cheese-Sour Cream- Cheese-Fermented Veggies-Fermented Fruits all should be incorporated in  your eating—Never Mix with Meat proteins at the SAME TIME should be eaten separate—this can hamper animal protein digestion and assimilation—

     Do Not CONSUME any SOY OR SOY DERIVED FOODS THAT ARE FERMENTED these will have been processed in aluminum and sprayed with glyphosates during the processing from the fields no form of soy is safe and would have used some form of fluoride as well in the process AVOID ALL SOY FOODS-FERMENTED OR OTHERWISE-

     Pectin as a good source of removing build up—utilize the white part of the citrus by peeling off the skin of the citrus and then stripping of the meatier white —use fresh or dry—then add with it an onion and a peeled apple and ¼ cup of water ( distilled ) and mix til mush—consume this throughout the day—this will furthr draw out of your insides the nanoparticles and other metals and radiatin you may be acquiring from the fall out—consume 3 oz daily for children add 1 tsp of maple syrup to there mix to sweeten

     Soaps To use—use simple castilles unperfumed or basic soaps made with different oils –olive-evening primrose—etc—if you have lesions or outbreaks on skin the baths will assist tremendously to get this off—but a good kerosene or turpentine rub on the outside may assist in the removing of any build up occurring–

    Things to Avoid

     Fish oil-all contain mercury and arsenic

    Canola Oil-scars thyroid and causes dna damage and cellular degradation of the skin

    Soybean Oil-destroys brain-thyroid-pancreas-intestines-oesophagus

    Vegetable oil ( soy)- destroys brain-thyroid-pancreas-intestines-oesophagus

    Burnt Oil-break down of body

     Do Not CONSUME any SOY OR SOY DERIVED FOODS THAT ARE FERMENTED these will have been processed in aluminum and would have used some form of fluoride as well in the process AVOID ALL SOY FOODS-FERMENTED OR OTHERWISE-

     DO NOT CONSUME Canola oils in any form-vege oils soybean oils—these will further break down your DNA and your glands and cells and can further cause Mutations and Break down—when combined with the chemtrail fall out this would Be equated to a binary attack on the body from without and within

     Any Vegetable or Fruit- consumed will need to be either peeled off ordouble peeled thoroughly due to the nanosilver and other nano metals being rained on the plants or trees—this is imperative in order to reduce the build up of these metals and to minimize the penetration into our bodies tissues and organs-fruits to be eaten are citrus and meatier fruits with the fibres like apples peaches plums pears tangelos-mandelos-oranges-grapefruit pomello’s etc

     Fruits to avoid –the high glycemic ones such as Bananas ( unless fermented black will offer no potassium benefit but a sugar rush this sugar rush will cause pancrease and insulin issue when consuming grains and soy) Watermelons-Grapes-Raisons-Dates- Cherries since you cannot remove the nano and potentially other berries

     Foods in Plastics-xenoestrogenic and may contain nanoparticles

    Bagged in Blastic- xenoestrogenic and may contain nanoparticles

    Microwave cooked anything not even water-destroys the biology of the food and dnaNo Artificial or Natural Flavours—can be anything that could further damage the body( aborted baby extract-soy-anal glands of beaver..etc)

    Grains—no grains non are edible and have been cross contaminated with GMO or are GE in the process of making substances called foods                                                                                                                                              Grains- Total abstinence is strongly suggested due to the cellulose and genetics and cross genetics these foods no longer break down in your body but in fact grow within causing a deterious effect on colon and stomach and pancreas—this allows this fallout to have a deeper and stronger impact further escalating the break down of neurol functions as well as physical connection within the body–No rice or quinoa-amaranth either

     Nothing sugar free or fat free—these have either added sugars or synthetics-which either overload your body causing internal damage and break down of organs –or will strip away or block any use of the nutrients they are mixed with

     Any Packaged foods in metals– in metal bags or other wrappings there is a absorption of these that will get into the food and can as well exasperate the body which is already overloaded with chemtrail and other poisons ( vaccine—flouridated water etc-)

     Processed Sugar Brown or White-these have a drug like effect that ccan cause a addiction—and opens you up to more addictive substances

     Minimize to the best of your ability over consumption- regulate your food intake to a minimal intake maximal nutrition will find that appetite will go down and body recovers

     Eliminate-junk foods—all sealed in either metals or contain nanoparticles

    TATOO’S—the chemical mixes of these drawings have nano metals in them that will penetrate the blood brain barrier and wreak havoc on the liver—this will combine with the air particles already coming down—if you have them then you nust increase Vitamin C ( especially with all the reds and oranges and yellows ) due to the fact they impact further break down of the lungs and liver and again they penetrate the brain causing further issues with mental cognition—if you feel the need to draw—use a canvas or paper—or take a picture