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    What is tuberculosis?
    Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by bacteria whose scientific name is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB most commonly affects the lungs but also can involve almost any organ of the body. Many years ago, this disease used to be called “consumption” because without effective treatment, these patients often would waste away. Today, of course, tuberculosis usually can be treated successfully with antibiotics.
    There is also a group of organisms referred to as atypical tuberculosis. These involve other types of bacteria that are in the Mycobacterium family. Often, these organisms do not cause disease and are referred to a “colonizers,” because they simply live alongside other bacteria in our bodies without causing damage. At times, these bacteria can cause an infection that sometimes appears as typical tuberculosis.
    How does a person get TB?
    A person can become infected with tuberculosis bacteria when he or she inhales minute particles of infected sputum from the air. The bacteria get into the air when someone who has a tuberculosis lung infection coughs, sneezes, shouts, or spits (which is common in some cultures). People who are nearby can then possibly breathe the bacteria into their lungs. You don’t get TB by just touching the clothes or shaking the hands of someone who is infected. Tuberculosis is spread (transmitted) primarily from person to person by breathing infected air during close contact.
    There is a form of tuberculosis, however, that is transmitted by drinking unpasteurized milk. Related bacteria, called Mycobacterium bovis, cause this form of TB. Previously, this bacteria was a major cause of TB in children, but it rarely causes TB now since most milk is pasteurized (a heating process that kills the bacteria).
    What can be done naturally??
    Watercress has been use in South america as a remedy for tuberculosis, by making a syrup out of the vegetable. Some of the other qualities of watercress are, Copper, Potassium, Magnesium, SODIUM, and iodine. it can also be used for arthritc issues, thyroid issues, Pancreas, liver, blood restorer, AND calcium deficiency. The asians will include this in their diet, usully following a day after eating soy to cleanse the body of soy contamination. the chinese are the ones who do THIS; theIr perspective is to take an antidote, for the poison to avoid an issue. it is a good concept to adapt to.
    another food that can be utilized in the defence against tuberculosis, this vegetable has many other hidden benefits as well, one of these benefits are the fact that those who eat cabbage has the lowest rates of stomach cancers, and it seems to heLp with the restoring of the stomach from ulcers as well, whether by juicing or consumption. the koreans ferment there cabbage and as a result there is very little concern with avian flu or any other type of flu viruses. it apparently has been studies as well and found that those who consumed the most cabbage had the lowest death rates from cancer.
    Herbs for tuberculosis
    mountain ebony is used in india for tuberculosis, it is taken in several different ways. here is a list of some of those ways to use this herb. for tb they would mix rice water and ginger as a tea, for a tumour the would make a paste with the herb and the bark and apply to the area., they would also use this bark in combination with ginger, black pepper, long pepper, cardamon, cinnamon and cinnamon leaves, blended as a tea with triphali. the TRIPHALI IS a cleanser combo, mixed with the bark and other herbs/spices/ will have a very powerful effect in ridding the body of this. each one of these herbs has a specific and a multiplex effect on the immune system and the way they carry the compnents through the body and the way they target specific things, the eliminate or kill the causes and the triphali actually cleans the system of the toxins and strenghtens the body.
    essential oils used for tuberculosis
    essential oils are EXTREMELY powerful healing AGENTS THAT are the very essence and life energies from plants and minerals. they are extracted in such high strength that very little is required to see some spectacular results. I incorporate them all the time in all I do with myself as a means to ward off unwanted diseases or pathogens that might be airborne or in my food, or in my drinking water. I will give you a list of these oils that you can apply to yourself that are easy to use and can be very healthful. cajeput, clove, eucalyptus, garlic, hyssop, lavender, lemon, nialoui, origanum, PEPPERMINT, pine, sage, terebinth, and thyme. now I will mention a few that if you wore on yourself, by applying this to your feet ( 1 drop blended in a carrier oil) the impact is impressive to say the least. here are some oils that will prevent contagion: clove, eucalyptus, hyssop ( which can neutralize the tuberculosis bascilli) lavender, has anitvenomous properties, in the alps if a dog gets bitten by a adder, hunters will get the flower of lavender, crush it and put into where the dogs were bitten and it immediately NEUTRALIZES THE VENOM. it will kill the bacteria of tuberculosis as well as the pneumonia bacteria as well as typhoid and diptheria…..peppermint, kills the the tuberculosis bacteria , thyme, the inhalation was effective as an antibacericidal against tuberculosis
    teas that can be used to treat tuberculosis
    hyssop, iceland moss, irish moss, this is a trio that can keep you and your families strong all year long, no matter where you live, or what climate you are in. I will give you a brief insight on this, hyssop has been used in the past for respiratory issues, and asthma and congestion, it has been found to be an effective anti viral against herpes and hiv in vitro (In Vitro biological study is one which is carried out in isolation from a living organism) ICELAND MOSS, this is used for dry cough, and a tendency towards infection. it has been histrically used for lung disease. irish MOSS SOOTHES membranes of the LUNGS THAT are irritated by coughs, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. this you would make a tea with of equal parts and consume regularly, this can be made into a refreshing ice tea, drank warm and at anytime
    I will mention some other herbs that have ben used as well…Tormentil, used in russia for emphysema and tuberculosis, st john’s wort, prescribed in russia for tuberculosis, nettle, which can be applied to exterior wounds by crushing the leaves and seeds and adding salt to apply to wounds, this too is used for the reatment of tuberculosis when added to other herbs. Marjoram, lady’s mantle (A remedy made with wine as a fusion, boiled together for 5 MINUTES) let cool and drink 1/3 cup before meals. COMFREY IT heals damage mucous membranes and is USED FOR tuberculosis.
    Supplements that can reinforce the lungs
    nac with vitamin c (ASCORBIC ACID) 2:1 ratio with the vitamin c being the higher. (EXAMPLE of this would be 1000MGS OF vitamin c to 5oomgs to nac) alpha lipoic acid, vitamin b6, dmg, wheat germ oil, quercitin, piperine, an aces formula (VITAMIN a, vitmin c, vitamin e {NON soy} zinc and selenium) and iodine
    foods that will definitely strenghten lungs
    apple, cherry, garlic, white wine, onion, thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, watercress, seaweed, cabbage, fermented broccoli, safflower, pepper {red and black and white}