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    BLACK PEPPER…..this is something we all eat and consume, on a daily basis, but did you ever consider what it is good for? or why it is even used? Some of you will say ” it makes the food taste better!” others will say that it gives food life….good reasons as any, but I will share with you some of the healthy aspects of pepper, and how to use it to see a healing or at the very least relief, and other times when not to use it. I have been in the USA for about 1 year and 3 months, and in that time I have seen more BS on health thanks to the marketers that sell ” health” I have also seen some real good things here as well, on health, that the marketers don’t touch….the things they don’t touch, work and work effectively….but I digress. The reason I am making this statement is that Black pepper has had a bad knock just like salt, but the knocking is based on a half truth, to sell more BS….Now pepper is a spice and a herb….depending on how it is used, in foods it is a spice, in healing it is a herb…and in supplementation is used to assist supplements to be absorbed Black Pepper has an ingredient in it called piperine ( a chemical in pepper that can cause a higher absorbability of drugs supplements or herbs, it has been known to increase the effect of curcumin by 2000% ), this is believed to be what causes us to absorb our food and nutrients more effectively… Now here are some of the other things that Black Pepper has been known or used for: Black Pepper stimulates the thermal receptors, increases the releasing of saliva and gastric juices. Other properties of Black pepper are, Abortifacient ( causing abortion), analgesic ( pain relief ), diaphoretic( producing perspiration), diuretic ( removing fluids via kidneys ), sedative ( calming ), emetic( to help you vomit), hypnotic ( inducing sleep ), mydriatic ( causing dilation of the pupils), narcotic( soothing or numbing effect ), sudorific( causing to sweat), insecticidal ( to kill insects ), and antimicrobial ( to kill microbes ) effects. Black pepper has been used as well for killing pain in teeth , by boiling black pepper in a pint of boiling water for 5-7 minutes and used as a gargle, it is used orally to treat CANCER, Here are some more uses for Black Pepper, Nicotine withdrawal, gonorrhea, asthma, diarrhea, bronchitis, constipation, tuberculosis, arthritis, dysmenorrhea ( painful menstruation ) externally it is used for scabies ( a parasitic mite that causes severe itching ) and neuralgia ( a sharp pain in the nerves ) scarlatina ( scarlet skin eruption and high fever ) as you can see this is a herb/spice that is a wonderful boon to your health!!! Now the only time to avoid this, is if you are taking a prescription drug, Do not take this at the same time as you take the drugs, it can have a heavier impact of the drug if you take it with the Black Pepper…. it can be used after the drug ( about 2 hours or longer) depending on the drug. if you are Eating foods that are processed and packaged, chances are that when you use Black Pepper , with the artificial chemicals, you might have a reaction, if you are going to use this spice/herb, use it with foods that are real, unprocessed, and as clean as possible. In all truth you shouldn’t eat microwaveable, processed, packaged, synthetically added, foods anyway, all they will do is shorten your health vitality, and essentially cause you to have a shorten life span filled with ill health. Here is an everyday food, with life giving properties, that you should use, to augment, enhance, maintain, or to recover your life energies, keeping you fit, active, and healthy
    HERE is a recipe you can utilize….add pepper to apples or anything with fats. This will assist the body to remove unwanted toxins in the body and will act as an insect repellent due to the piperine content. It can be used to neutralize viral attacks in the stomach region as well ( combine apple sause with cinnamon and pepper for this) it will definitely have a heating effect on you so if you feel a chill this can be utilized to heat you up.