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GALANGAL galanagal Did you know that this herb/spice is the equivalent as nitroglycerin that they use for heart patients, but without the side effects??? amazing eh, how God and Creation...have a way of knowing what the actual programs and chemicals really work for us and keep us alive.... Here are some of the other actions that Galangal has.... Main Actions Other Actions · lowers blood pressure · relieves pain · kills bacteria · kills insects · kills fungi · relieves spasms · kills candida · antioxidant · reduces pain Rhizome   This can be made into a tea...a tincture.....taken as a spice....mixed with food.....or blended with wine....taken with honey....and a host of other combo's as well as uses. Here is a quote fro the past: "Whoever has heart pain and is weak in the heart should instantly eat enough galangal, and he or she will be well again" is it not amazing that for all our expertise and our technology, that the past can still give us a blast as to what really has been tried and true.....and did you also know that they tied "gastric distresses" to heart conditions and that galangal addressed successfully....this is really a profound statement...that the foods that linger in the intestines can cause a heart condition ....hmmm....foods that can linger in the gut...GMO's....GE's....SOY ( really bad for this) BEANS....high dense insoluble fibers.....anything!!!! and this was in the 12th century...makes you feel sort of humble eh!??imagine if the Doctors and Dieticians today could actually be aware of what they knew in the past, you think we would have heart issues?? here is another tidbit on Galangal "Antifungal:Research indicates that galangal is distinctly effective against Candida albicans." again this ties with intestinal debris not moving and fermenting, creating an excess sugar which will eventually bring out fungus which feeds on sugar, to try to balance the system from excess sugar.... here is what the chinese found out as well " had an antibacterial action against a number of pathogens, including anthrax".....So here you have it....a herb/spice...that is a pharmacy all it's time you see this ....pick it up and start a tea has other qualities as can have aphrodisiac properties ....hmmm heart health....intestinal fortitude...and sex...what more can one ask for!!! ---Here is something you might want to try...make a tincture ( see the home page for that!!) andcombine in equal parts with calendula, hawthorn, and savoury, tinctures and use 1-3 drops 3 times a day or as will see healing in areas of yeast, fungus , bacteria, visual strength, hearing acuity, HEART, digestion, Sexual, stamina, and internal circulation and vascular health.--- To your health!!!