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    Directory of info in regarding Assimilation and Mutation by NanoGentic Engineering

    Nano Aerosols

    These have been with us since the industrial revolution and since the early 50’s these particulates were called ultrafine particles that were released into the environment~ and over the years through increased releasing of chemicals these particulate matter have interacted in the atmosphere producing chemistry that is not even listed in the periodic table. The EPA hijacked the research when doing the enviromental test~ when the tested for specific pollutants they hid the facts that when you combine the different pollutants they can react and change and interact with the host of chemicals that were being released ~ the carbon the sunlight( photonics) the EMF of the planet~ the bacterium and mold and fungi and algae and viruses all would react and share ions and mutate  and eventually return to the earth impacting the environment through different pathological ways and would alter or mutate the planets genetic code even in different life forms. The aquatic~ the earth based life would eventually consume the vegetation or each other if they were carnivorous and would then to begin the mutations in the genetic code

    Fullerenes and NanoAssmebly

    These are constructs and templates that are utilized in several fashions to construct~ repair~ assemble~ and deliver it’s program to a designated area to fulfil a building or an assembly of materials or to to deliver materials and or pharma agents to embed them further into the DNA of the host . The repercussions on this is that it causes Mutations to occur in the system to imbalance the communications with the cells and over load the cells with the particulates~ consider these are on a nano scale meaning thousands can fill a cell and oxidize the cells eventually killing the cells and utilizing the dna from the cells to further the mutating effects of it’s replication. The reality is that this is also coming down from the sky as a aerosol from the past and the current chemtrails which are all sefl assembling carbon nanotubes that perpetuate there spread and with it the payload of materials embedded in the fullerene such as thorium~ strontium~ barium~ aluminum ~ lithium~ nanosilver~ styrene~ polymers~ liposomes~ hydrogels which both act as a transport mechanism into the fats ( lipo) and into the fluids ( hydro)

    Nano Assimilation and Replication

    This is an image on how the assembling and and developing a network of assembling using origami DNA to construct a more centralized construct or a nucleus where conduits of graphene form to make tunnels and  venues for self assembling of bots or to further the construct and to increase the network where quantm dots can move and moderate and monitor and with the differing lights they can express would show the areas of monitor and information being collected. This will collect in the cells causing furhter mutations and as a result cause damage from anything to a lupus like effect to cancer to oxidative stress to genetic or dna damage or assimilation~ this attaches to the myelin sheath and the mitochodria causing this to be integrated into the netowrk using the energy for the body to go into this. DNA can now be programmed with a  over a trillion bytes of data and this would use this tech to create a network using the graphene conduits it creates and transport the information throughout it parameter