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    ****Recipe for Raw Milk— Add 12 ounces of raw milk ( more if you like) into a 20 ounce blender—then add 1 raw egg ( free range from a farm not store bought) add  1-2 drops of lugols iodine—2 tablespoons of unpasteurized honey—1 -2 drops of the essential oil of cinnamon or clove  or nutmeg-or even oil of oregano or the use of either propolis or balm of gilead 1-2 drops—Blend til all components are totally saturated—stop blender and pour and drink ( as much as you like) this will give approximately 18-22 grams of protein ( complete ) with the fats from both egg and milk –all the nutrients needed—with the iodine and the essential oil of choice this will increase protection and antioxidant and nutrient balancing  as well.—With the Unpasteurized Honey you increase propolis and peroxide as well to insure better health and protection—and with the propolis or balm of gilead you further boost your immune system  Now if you combine this with a potato you can literally live on this—you have a complete diet
    About PROPYLENE GLYCOL: Propylene glycol is practically non-toxic when taken orally, i.e. added to food. However, it has been found to provoke skin irritation and sensitization in humans as low as 2% concentration, while the industry review panel recommends cosmetics can contain up to 50% of the substance——PROPYLENE GLYCOL has reported used in the following product types: facial moisturizer/treatment (849); hair color and bleaching (673); moisturizer (671); anti-aging (533); facial cleanser (444); sunscreen spf 15 and above (431); conditioner (422); styling gel/lotion (366); shampoo (365); body wash/cleanser (344)