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8 Reasons Raw Foodies Are Dangerous Extremists (Satire)   This week, the United States government, working closely with local authorities, heroically raided and arrested raw-food terror kingpin James Stewart in Venice, California. Stewart, who runs the private healthfood cartel, Rawesome Foods, "posed a major threat to the establishment," claimed an unnamed but armed, undercover double-agent involved in the arrest.   After two SWAT-style stings in one year, Stewart now faces several felony charges including: conspiracy to sell milk to minors; conspiracy to operate a private club without paying protection money to the authorities; conspiracy to educate the masses; and conspiracy to make people healthy and independent.   The authorities warn that the news of Stewart's arrest and pending environmental tribunal may awaken his cult of followers, called foodies. These extremists typically come from the political left, once believing that boisterous regulations were actually for the public's safety. They are generally a peace-loving group, but with their bright smiles, chiseled bodies and fully-functional minds, they may prove to be a formidable threat in the war of ideas against the establishment. These foodies, hopped up on natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, no longer believe the FDA or the government is there to protect them. For our safety, such nonconformity must not be tolerated.   The establishment must do everything it can to make an example of Stewart and his accomplices before the contagion of natural health awareness spreads to critical mass. Food choice is a privilege that must be fully enforced with more firearms and badges in order to maintain the corporate-government monopoly over food. Anyone who demands food freedom should be considered a threat -- not just to themselves, but to society as a whole. And like animals backed into a corner, foodies who lose their rights should be considered dangerous extremists and monitored like al-Qaeda.   "Without the corporate-state food monopoly, we would all starve," warned Michael Taylor, former Monsanto executive and current head of the FDA. He added, "Therefore, these foodies are a direct threat to national and international security, and their freedom must be smoked out. You're either with us or against us."--Furthermore, so-called natural health experts challenging the State's health recommendations should be taken to re-education camps, or have their assets seized for intent to commit crimes against humanity. Likewise, normal citizens growing food for neighborly trade should face felony charges of "intent to sell." The loss of food freedom is a small price to pay for the safety and rule by the genetically modified majority.   Here are eight reasons why raw foods should be illegal, and foodies should peacefully give up their rights:   1. Big Brother knows best: Citizens aren't smart enough to make proper health choices. That's why they gave their rights and authority over to the State in the first place. The FDA protects them from their neighbor's eggs that come from chickens that eat bugs and worms, not the genetically-approved feed. Gross!   2. Amish farmers have pitchforks: Given the sordid history of peasants fighting their masters with pitchforks, Amish farmers should be considered armed and dangerous if a food revolution takes root.   3. Health Effects: Raw milk, like many other raw foods, is a "superfood," loaded with vital antioxidants. Healthy food makes strong independent humans who are difficult to control.   4. Economic Threat: The sick-care industry is about 20% of the U.S. economy. Big Ag and Big Pharma are utterly dependent on keeping the public away from healthy foods. Supporting underground organic food cartels is a risk to economic recovery.   5. BGH and GMO: Bovine Growth Hormone and GMO-fed milk creates more patients for Big Pharma than grass-fed raw milk. Dairy farmers that use BGH and subsidized GM feed maximize profits the American way. Natural dairy farmers hate technology and advancement.   6. Contagion: If more people are allowed to discover the benefits of raw milk, they may get addicted to other natural health foods and remedies not offered by central controllers. As such, raw milk should be treated as a gateway food.   7. Black Markets: Some food cooperatives operate as private clubs, or through barter systems. In other words, they operate outside of the reach of the corporate government. This is a shadowy world where illegal currencies are traded and tax revenues are difficult to extort for the public good.   8. Regulators: The staff of the FDA and CDC are people too. They need to pay mortgages and put processed food on the table. They wouldn't have such a generous budget without taking away the rights of small farmers and foodies. Naturally, this angers foodies and may cause them to revolt.   ********************************************************************** Flea Removal – Flea Extermination with Your Vinegar Home Flea Remedies Commercially available pet flea control products like Frontline flea medicine do not come cheap. If you have been spending a fortune on flea removal products ever since your pet has gotten flea infestation and building up your flea extermination arsenal like the dog flea collars, flea pills, pet flea spray, flea shampoo, flea comb, flea bombs, flea foggers etc you are probably unaware that there is one natural home remedy that you have conveniently overlooked.---If you have stubborn fleas which just refuses to go away and you are totally broke from spending on pet flea treatment to no avail, it is time to start looking around the house for alternative cures. That particular remedy is vinegar as fleas do not like the smell that vinegar gives, hence the parasites naturally shun away from them. Vinegar is very environmentally friendly and in some instances, works even better than your usual chemical based pet flea medication.   Pet Flea Control – Bathing Your Pets With Vinegar? You have bought bottles upon bottles of flea shampoos and Frontline flea medicine for your pet dog, but you probably did not know that you could create your very own vinegar shampoo for your pet dog. There is a simple recipe which you could follow to make your very own pet flea shampoo and never have to buy another bottle again. The ingredients you will need are half cup of white vinegar, half cup of dawn dish washing soap and fill up the entire tub with warm water. You can imagine your amazement when you watch the tubful of dead fleas after the bath. Subsequently, after the bathing, you could either use a clean comb to comb in after dipping it in diluted vinegar or do a spray in with diluted vinegar and water. The smell wears off within a few minutes but the effect does not. And this should help you say good bye to pet flea shampoo and flea combs for good.   Keeping Your Furniture And Drapes Flea Free With spray, you could use it on furniture, couch covers, bedding, carpets, draperies, cars etc. To rid the acidic smell of vinegar, you could burn essential oils or spread them around the house so that they could mask the vinegar and lighten the senses.--Be sure though, not to overuse the vinegar and ensure proportionate parts in the mixture so that your bedding, draperies, and all couch covers do not disintegrate.   Your Carpet Flea Removal Tactics If you do find fleas on your pets, chances are you will find them everywhere in the house, especially on your carpet. An easy way to get rid of them almost overnight is to prepare a bowl of vinegar water mixture, leave it overnight and you will have gotten rid of a lot of fleas by the morning. But if you still have stubborn fleas embedded deep inside the carpet, sprinkle salt on it, let it take effect and then vacuum them off for good.--It is obvious that you do not need to look very hard at home to find alternative flea remedies, salt and vinegar being such common items for home use. But that said, whether your pet flea control measures comprise of Frontline flea medicine or salt and vinegar, you need to be persistent in administering them on a daily basis. You have not won your flea extermination battle until the last flea has fallen.   **************************************************************************   Aerosols Affect Climate More Than Satellite Estimates Predict   ScienceDaily (Aug. 1, 2011) — Aerosol particles, including soot and sulfur dioxide from burning fossil fuels, essentially mask the effects of greenhouse gases and are at the heart of the biggest uncertainty in climate change prediction. New research from the University of Michigan shows that satellite-based projections of aerosols' effect on Earth's climate significantly underestimate their impacts.--- The findings will be published online the week of Aug. 1 in the early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.---Aerosols are at the core of "cloud drops" -- water particles suspended in air that coalesce to form precipitation. Increasing the number of aerosol particles causes an increase in the number of cloud drops, which results in brighter clouds that reflect more light and have a greater cooling effect on the planet.---As to the extent of their cooling effect, scientists offer different scenarios that would raise the global average surface temperature during the next century between under 2 to over 3 degrees Celsius. That may not sound like a broad range, but it straddles the 2-degree tipping point beyond which scientists say the planet can expect more catastrophic climate change effects.---The satellite data that these findings poke holes in has been used to argue that all these models overestimate how hot the planet will get.---"The satellite estimates are way too small," said Joyce Penner, the Ralph J. Cicerone Distinguished University Professor of Atmospheric Science. "There are things about the global model that should fit the satellite data but don't, so I won't argue that the models necessarily are correct. But we've explained why satellite estimates and the models are so different."---Penner and her colleagues found faults in the techniques that satellite estimates use to find the difference [U5]between cloud drop concentrations today and before the Industrial Revolution.-"We found that using satellite data to try to infer how much radiation is reflected today compared to the amount reflected in the pollution-free pre-industrial atmosphere is very inaccurate," Penner said. "If one uses the relationship between aerosol optical depth -- essentially a measure of the thickness of the aerosols -- and droplet number from satellites, then one can get the wrong answer by a factor of three to six."--These findings are a step toward generating better models, and Penner said that will be the next phase of this research.--"If the large uncertainty in this forcing remains, then we will never reduce the range of projected changes in climate below the current range," she said. "Our findings have shown that we need to be smarter. We simply cannot rely on data from satellites to tell us the effects of aerosols. I think we need to devise a strategy to use the models in conjunction with the satellite data to get the best answers."   The research is funded by NASA.   Story Source: The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by University of Michigan, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.   Journal Reference: Joyce E. Penner, Li Xu, and Minghuai Wang. Satellite-methods underestimate indirect climate forcing by aerosols. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, August 1, 2011 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1018526108   TOP E [U1]More Hype then reality----the element here is to put fear in the idea of again using animal based foods---the concept here should be what is being fed to the animals that cause this effect and eliminate this cause---could it be that feeding fecal matter from porcine and poultry after they have fed on dead cows could be an issue since these animals are after all herbivores not omnivores!!!! [U2]Wonder where they are getting the materials to make this---possibly aborted babies---people who have died potentially being renedered like dead animals—not to clear on the science or should I say Cannibalistic Science [U3]MORE GENETIC ENGINEERING---and what we have now is poisoning people then with this ---who knows maybe we will get some genetic abnormality or perhaps a dna strand from there GENETIC Manipulating then they will blame you for your Genetic code due to ancestry—when the reality is there genetic tinkering is disrupting your DNA!! [U4]MONSANTO—DUPOINT—NESTLE_CARGIL-AGROFARMA-ADM….al they see is dollars---NOT HEALTH!!! [U5]The Interesting thing here is that they are seing a climate change and it’s getting COOOLER not hotter as gore had said---but there is again a back peddling of information here to hide and keep in the dark the fact that particulates in the air ALL particulate s –which they are blaming on industry---and not the chemtrails themselves –is in of itself a smoke screen and again a means to distract people from what is really going on—Mis or Disinformation—look who funded the study!!! *********************************************************************************************************   TOP F HOME   Show of the Week August 22 2011   How to use iodine to sterilize water.   How to use ionic iodine to counter radioactive iodine contamination   Food Pyramid 1940’s- 2010   Once Rare, Infection by Tick Bites Spreads   Wine and Salt   ****************************************************************************   How to use iodine to sterilize water.   Put 4-8 grams of iodine crystals in a 1 oz. glass jar (must have glass or bakelite stopper otherwise the iodine will react with the plastic or metal stopper and destroy it.) Actually 0.1 gram is adequate for the job, but using a larger amount of iodine creates a saturated solution much quicker.---Put in 1 oz. (1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons) of water (at least room temperature, body temperature prefered).- Close stopper and shake for several minutes. You now have a saturated solution. A saturated solution is when as much solid has disolved in a liquid as it can. Carefully pour off 10ml (10cc, 2 teaspoons) of the saturated solution. REMEMBER, the iodine crystals are very potent! The reason that adding more water than needed is suggested is so that you need not tip the bottle over too far thus spilling some crytals. Add the 10ml (2 teaspoons) of saturated solution to 1 liter (1.06 quart) of water. Let stand at least 15 minutes at 77 degrees F. or higher. Make sure all of the interior surface including lid get treated.   ***************************************************************************   How to use ionic iodine to counter radioactive iodine contamination.   KI (potassium Iodide) (reagent grade is best) one pound of KI = 3,500 doses = treatment for 35 adults or children for 100 days. Purchase crystalline or granular KI (reagent grade). Fill a glass jar 60% full of KI (2 oz. of KI in a 2 0z. bottle *dark glass*) Fill with water (90%) Shake for two minutes. Some of the KI should remain undissoloved (proof of saturated solution!) 1 drop of saturated solution = 28 to 36 mg. of KI 130 mg KI per day (4 drops) for Adults (FDA recommended daily dose), 65 mg per day (2 drops) for infants under 1 year. Radioactive iodine has a 8 day halflife, so 80 days = .1% (1/1,000) Period of dosage, start dosage beginning of first warning of a radioactive iodine release from nuclear reactor accident or nuclear bomb detonation, continue until at least 10 days beyond most recent release of radioactive Iodine 131 is recommended minimum, 100 days would be the most conservative method of treatment. Having only doses for a day or two is VASTLY better than none at all. See Kearney -NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVAL SKILLS 1987 PAGES 111-115.   ***********************************************************************   Once Rare, Infection by Tick Bites Spreads   A potentially devastating infection caused by tick bites has gained a foothold in the Lower Hudson Valley and in coastal areas of the Northeast, government researchers have found.--The condition, called babesiosis, is a malaria-like illness that results from infection with Babesia microti, a parasite that lives in red blood cells and is carried by deer ticks.[U1] Though far less common than Lyme disease, babesiosis can be fatal, particularly in people with compromised immune systems.[U2]---Because there is no widely used screening test for babesiosis, its spread poses a particular threat to the blood supply, According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were six cases of babesiosis in the Lower Hudson Valley in 2001 and 119 cases in 2008, a 20-fold increase.[U3] In areas where Lyme disease is endemic, like coastal Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Long Island, babesiosis also is becoming very common, said Dr. Peter Krause, senior research scientist at the Yale School of Public Health.---In one study of residents of Block Island, R.I., Dr. Krause found babesiosis to be just 25 percent less common than Lyme disease. Babesiosis also is spreading slowly into other regions where it did not exist before, like the Upper Midwest, said Dr. Krause.[U4] Many people who are infected with the parasite have no symptoms at all, while others experience mild to moderate flu-like symptoms that may last for a few days or as long as six months. “But some people get so sick that they wind up hospitalized, put into an intensive care unit, or even dying,[U5]” said Dr. Gary Wormser, chief of infectious diseases at Westchester Medical Center in New York.--In states that track the disease, there are an estimated 1,000 reported cases a year, said Dr. Krause, but he and other experts believe this represents a fraction of the people who are infected. In the Block Island study[U6], researchers tested about 70 percent of the islanders and found that about one quarter of adults and half of children who were infected had no symptoms and were therefore not reported. Even people with mild to moderate symptoms may never see a physician. Even if they do, the condition may not be accurately diagnosed.---Experts fear that many undiagnosed patients may be donating blood. Currently, blood banks do not screen for Babesia because the Food and Drug Administration has not licensed a test for this purpose. [U7]The only way to screen a patient is by using a questionnaire, which simply asks blood donors if they are infected.--Babesiosis already is the most frequently reported infection transmitted through transfusion in the United States, responsible for at least 12 deaths. In New York City, six transfusion-associated cases of babesiosis were reported in 2009. Infection by this route can be serious: One study found approximately 30 percent of people who were infected by a transfusion died.---Between 1999 and 2007, several infants in Rhode Island developed babesiosis following blood transfusions. The Rhode Island Blood Center has become the first in the country to use an experimental new test to screen blood for the parasite.---Experts urge blood transfusion patients and their doctors to be aware of symptoms of babesiosis, which can occur up to nine weeks after a transfusion.---The symptoms can be vague (there is no tell-tale rash as there may be with Lyme disease) and include fever, sweats, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches and pains. In people who also have Lyme disease, doctors might suspect babesiosis if the symptoms are particularly severe or the antibiotics are not working, said Dr. Krause. A diagnosis can be confirmed through blood testing.---Infants and adults over age 50 are more likely to get moderate to severe symptoms if infected. People at increased risk of complications include patients with compromised immune systems (such as people receiving immunosuppressants), those who’ve had their spleens removed, and those with lymphoma or H.I.V. or who are being treated for cancer.[U8] --If not caught and treated early, babesiosis can lead to such complications as kidney, lung or heart failure. The infection can be treated with antimicrobial medications, but people with serious complications are less responsive to the drugs.Why the parasite is spreading and why it’s spreading more slowly than Lyme disease are not well understood. One theory is that Babesia may be carried primarily in mice, which don’t tend to travel far afield. The bacterium causing Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, can be carried by birds. **************************************************************************** Wine and Salt ---utilize 1-3 oz of wine and add about ½ tsp of salt ( sea salt or salt of choice—even table salt will work in this situation) when consumed you may find areas of the system that have poor circulation increase ---you may find pain will decrease substantially—you may feel strength and fortitude---the resaons maybe due to the way salt penetrates the cells and cleans the cells—making the blood cells hydrate more effectively, and the way it stabilizes fluids in the tissues as well---the wine will increase the reveratrol and polyphenol impact further reducing inflammation and increasing as well any free radical scavenging and restoring bad blood with a renewed blood---it appears to work fast---if adding slight amounts of black pepper the impact may increase sooner as a result of the piperine content in the pepper.   You can explore other venues such as iodine in this mix or adding arginine to this as well--- using small increments til you see the impact to how and what it is doing in you---     TOP F   [U1]Or spread by Gov’t experimentation on a populace [U2]Sounds like Just about everyone these days [U3]This is sounding fishier by the moment—More genetically engineered release [U4]Again looks Like a controlled experiment [U5]Again this looks like a controlled dosing of the pathogen [U6]Interesting Choice Of Words [U7]How Convienant that a Governing body Overlooking the experiment does not approve for testing of this pathogen yettttt people are receiving tainted blood---it would appear the whole concept of blood donating may in fact be a mean of spreading infectious diseases---in these times this is not necessarily a stretch to conceive this [U8]Again when looking at this –this would appear to be a controlled experiment targeting specific targets with specific symptoms!! ************************************************************************************************************** TOP G HOME   Show of the Week August 26 2011   Kill Off Human Race   Popular Herbal Supplements May Adversely Affect Chemotherapy Treatment   Danger of Combining Warfarin With Herbal and Dietary Supplements Revealed   Statin Induced Diabetes   HAWTHORN BERRY - ROSEMARY- MOTHERWORT   *******************************************************************   Kill Off Human Race   "The argument over the reality of Climate Change and Global Warming may rage around the world [proven hoax -ed.], but it is hard to find opposition to the concerns raised around over-population [There is no overpopulation, just misappropriation by the elite -ed.]". ---"So great is the problem that China, a country whose standing as a superpower is built on the size of its population, has conceded to implementing the infamous One Child Policy. This policy limits couples to one child and imposes fines and even forced sterilization in the events of subsequent successful pregnancies". ---"The Church of Euthanasia takes a “What’s done is done” attitude to children already present, but steps up the bizarre scale by promoting the use of suicide, abortion, cannibalism and, of course, sodomy as means of addressing the population issue". ---"Proclaiming itself as “a non-profit educational foundation devoted to restoring balance between Humans and the remaining species on Earth”, the Church of Euthanasia is a vocal opponent to everyone from anti-abortion groups to those Jonathon King described as giving “the rotting the dead the will to live, go on and never die". [U1]-- "Started by the Rev, Chris Korda in Massachusetts, USA, the Church of Euthanasia has only one commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Procreate”.   "However, it does stress that all of its principal pillars, suicide, abortion, cannibalism and sodomy, are only supported as voluntary means of achieving the Church’s goals[U2]. This means that the Church does not sanction murder, rape and involuntary sterilization and cannibalism is limited to only eating people who are already dead". ---“Save The Planet, Kill Yourself” is a standard slogan and bumper sticker, but this and other similar catchphrases paled into deathly insignificance against the Rev. Korda’s music video release, “I Like To Watch”.----"Using a blend of hard-core pornography and footage of the collapsing World Trade Center, Rev. Korda struck a discord with almost every level of society and provided invaluable publicity for the Church of Euthanasia". ---"Prior to this, the Church had only really come to prominence through its conflicts with anti-abortion activists, an appearance on the Jerry Springer Show entitled, “I Want To Join A Suicide Cult” and through the demise of a 52-year-old woman who followed the Church’s directions on committing suicide by asphyxiation through the use of helium". "In the wake of legal threats against the church as contributing to the death of the Missouri woman, the Church of Euthanasia removed the pages giving instruction in suicide from the website". "When asked why he doesn’t kill himself, Rev. Korda answered with the tongue in cheek manner that seems to throw a playful gloss over the many disturbing recommendations of the Church of Euthanasia and explained that, “I’ll kill myself when I feel like it. Suicide is optional, remember?” [U3]" (source: Listverse).--Even more bizarre is the fact that Rev. Korda is a moderate eugenicist. Most eugenicists advocate the genocide of millions, or billions, of innocent people (never their own friends or family, of course).   Famous eugenicists include: Plato (Republic), Charles Darwin, eugenics founder Sir Francis Galton (half-cousin of Charles Darwin), Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Winston Churchill, H. G. Wells, Theodore Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Margaret Sanger (racist founder of Planned Parenthood), John Harvey Kellogg (cereal magnate), Bernarr MacFadden (father of bodybuilding), Ayn Rand, the Wedgwoods (inbred with the Darwins), Aldous and Julian Huxley, Alfred Kinsey (The Kinsey Report), Bertrand Russell, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Jacques Cousteau, Anton LaVey, and more recently Al Gore, Bill Gates, Ted Turner (wants world population reduced by 95%, or about 6.4 billion. Often cited as the creator of the Georgia Guidestones), and Richard Dawkins (atheist author). Not a list of people I admire, to put it mildly.   Bill Gates [U4]video:   Persistent contrails (chemtrails) are a major part of the modern eugenicist agenda to reduce world population. This is why most eugenicists are not surface dwellers. They are poisoning our air, water, and food supply on a daily basis, but never their own. ---They do not call themselves eugenicists anymore because they do not want the public to notice their philosophical connections to monsters like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung. ---Everybody has value, including Terry Schiavo. May the Lord have mercy on us...and even the eugenicists.     **************************************************************************   Popular Herbal Supplements May Adversely Affect Chemotherapy Treatment   ScienceDaily (Aug. 17, 2011) — Acai berry, cumin, herbal tea, turmeric and long-term use of garlic -- all herbal supplements commonly believed to be beneficial to your health -- may negatively impact chemotherapy treatment according to a new report presented at the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago.[U5] Researchers from Northwestern Memorial hospital say there is growing evidence that these popular supplements may intensify or weaken the effect of chemotherapy drugs and in some cases, may cause a toxic, even lethal reaction.[U6] "With the growth of the Internet, patients have better access to information about alternative products and often turn to dietary and herbal supplements to treat their illness because they think they're natural and safe," said June M. McKoy, MD, geriatrician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and lead investigator on the ASCO presentation. "What people don't realize is that supplements are more than just vitamins and can counteract medical therapies if not taken appropriately."[U7] McKoy, who is also director of geriatric oncology at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, says more research is needed to understand which supplements interact with chemotherapy drugs and the extent of those interactions and encourages patients to openly communicate with their physicians about the use of supplements.[U8]-- "Patients need to tell their doctors what medications they are taking -- including vitamins and supplements -- to avoid any possible interaction," said McKoy who is also an assistant professor of medicine and preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.---Herbal supplements, defined as plant or plant parts used for therapeutic purposes, can interact with chemotherapy drugs through different mechanisms. Some herbs can interfere with the metabolism of the drugs, making them less effective while other herbs such as long-term use of garlic may increase the risk of bleeding during surgery. While culinary herbs used in small quantities for flavoring are generally safe, consuming large amounts for prolonged periods of time may have a negative effect on the body when going through chemotherapy. "-- Recent research shows that 50 percent of patients undergoing chemotherapy did not tell their doctor they were taking alternative therapies. "Some believe it's not important, while others are uncomfortable admitting they are pursuing alternative therapies," said McKoy. "The truth is, integrative approaches can be beneficial for cancer patients, but it's important to take these approaches at the right time and under the supervision of your doctor."[U9]--McKoy urges patients to stop taking herbal supplements while receiving chemotherapy until more is known about possible interactions, but encourages those who are interested in complementary approaches to have a conversation with their doctor about other approaches that may be beneficial.--"Integrative therapies such as massage, acupuncture and meditation can address important patient needs by alleviating stress, addressing pain and helping patients cope," said Melinda Ring, MD, medical director for the Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group's Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness.--No matter the course of treatment, McKoy stresses the importance of physicians and patients being more cognizant of this potential interaction and encourages communication about all herbal supplement intakes. "Patients should bring in labels and bottles to their appointments. This can help the doctor calibrate drug dosage with other supplements in mind in order to prevent toxicities," stated McKoy.--[U10]McKoy plans to launch a pilot study this summer to examine how frequently conversations about supplements come up between cancer patients and their doctors.--"By identifying communication barriers, we can take steps to improve doctor patient communication in order to prevent potentially dangerous drug interactions," said McKoy. Story Source--The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by Northwestern Memorial Hospital.   *********************************************************************   Danger of Combining Warfarin With Herbal and Dietary Supplements Revealed   ScienceDaily (Nov. 15, 2010) — Herbal and dietary supplements are popular. People claim they make their joints feel better, their bones stronger, and their hearts healthier. But a recent study by researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City shows that many of these people may not realize their favorite supplement, mixed with prescription medications, may be putting their lives in danger, especially if they are taking warfarin -- a blood-thinning medication commonly prescribed to patients living with atrial fibrillation to lower their risk of stroke.---[U11]Researchers and pharmacists from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute, along with registered dieticians from Utah State University, conducted interviews with 100 atrial fibrillation patients to determine their understanding of potential interactions between supplements and medications, such as warfarin.---Warfarin is a commonly prescribed drug used to prevent blood clots from forming. It is prescribed for people with certain types of irregular heartbeat, people with prosthetic heart valves, and people who have suffered a heart attack. Warfarin is also commonly used to treat or prevent venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.---Researchers found that of 35 patients combining warfarin with supplements, more than half (54 percent) were unaware of potential interactions. Researchers also found that of the 100 most-used supplements, 69 percent interfere with the effectiveness of warfarin.---The most commonly used herbal and dietary supplements among a-fib patients were: supplemental vitamins, glucosamine/chondroitin, fish oil and coenzyme Q10.---Researchers will present their findings at the American Health Association's annual scientific session in Chicago on Nov. 15.---"This is an alarming finding," said T. Jared Bunch, MD, a study author and heart rhythm specialist at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute.   Warfarin and herbal and dietary supplements "compete" in the liver. This competition changes the way the blood thinner works -- either intensifying its active ingredients, thereby increasing the risk of bleeding, or by reducing its effectiveness, increasing the risk of stroke, he said.[U12]--"This data is important because it demonstrates how important it is for physicians to understand our patients' knowledge about and use of these products," said Dr. Bunch. "We need to do a better job of teaching our patients about the dangers of mixing warfarin with these products."[U13]--- Those taking herbal and dietary supplements often experienced worse outcomes, possibly attributable to drug interaction, said Dr. Bunch. For example, those who take supplements reported higher rates of unexplained bleeding (23 percent vs. 17 percent) and a greater need for blood transfusions (14 percent vs. 10 percent). Two other notable findings suggest lack of understanding about warfarin use: Patients who reported taking supplements were more likely to skip their warfarin (34 percent to 17 percent) or take extra doses when it was missed.---"We have also learned that -- for whatever reason -- patients don't want to tell their doctors that they are taking herbal and dietary supplements," Dr. Bunch said. "Physicians must be active in asking about supplement use and not place responsibility on patients. We need to tell our patients that it's acceptable to use herbal and drug supplements, but important for them to tell us so that we can educate them about the benefits, dangers, and potential interactions with their other medications."[U14]---Story Source-The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by Intermountain Medical Center, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.   ************************************************************************** Statin Induced Diabetes---By Dr. Duane Graveline, M.D., M.P.H.   Study after study has documented that statins can cause diabetes or aggravate pre-existing diabetes. The JUPITER study (Ref 1) was one of the first major studies to document diabetes as a side effect.--In this study men and women with no significant cardiovascular risk on the basis of history and LDL cholesterol and who were positive when tested for elevated (hs)CRP ( high sensitivity C-reactive protein ) were selected for the study group and placed in either the test (treated with a statin) or control group (treated with placebo). Those treated with modest doses of a statin had such benefit in terms of fewer heart attacks and strokes after 18 months compared with the placebo group that the study was stopped by the ethics committee.---In the statin treated group a substantially increased (5-7 percent) incidence of diabetes was reported compared with the control group. These JUPITER findings are supported by two recent meta-analyses of large-scale placebo controlled and standard care controlled studies.---The placebo group reported a 9 percent increased incidence of diabetes. The standard care group reported a 13 percent increased incidence of diabetes. Similar increased risk of diabetes or aggravation of previously diagnosed diabetes was reported in a recent analysis of 345,000 patients in the Veteran Affairs Healthcare System (Ref 2).--- The evidence is in. There is no doubt that statin use is associated with a substantial risk of diabetes.---A study reported in the June 2011 issue of JAMA ( Journal of the American Medical Association ) (Ref 3) analyzed five earlier trials, involving a total of 32,752 patients, to tease out the effect of statin dosage. Those getting intensive treatment were 12 percent more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, the study found. Patients also were 16 percent less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or surgery to clear their arteries or to die from cardiovascular disease during a five-year period than those given a smaller amount, according to the researchers. ---Clinicians must be aware that they will be very substantially increasing the risk of diabetes with the use of statins and also that all evidence thus far indicates that cholesterol lowering is irrelevant. It is the anti-inflammatory effect of statin drugs that appears to be responsible for any benefit. ---Physicians no longer should be focused on cholesterol lowering. The old guideline that if your starting dose does not work well enough, increase it, will only increase adverse reactions. What doctors need today are guidelines for what constitutes a proper starting dose when inflammation suppression is the goal. My research over the past decade tells me that this dose must be one that does not block the mevalonate pathway significantly. -- From a practical viewpoint the risk of diabetes completely offsets any gain in cardiovascular disease control. Just as Uffe Ravnskov reported a decade ago in his book, The Cholesterol Myths, cancer deaths from statin use almost completely offsets the reduction in deaths from heart attacks and strokes.---Meanwhile Uchechukwu K and others of the Atherosclerosis Research Unit at Vanderbilt ask the question, "are statins diabetogenic?" (Ref 4) and suggest that a loss of the functional integrity of the islet b-cells may be central to this process. At the same time this research team is praising the effectiveness of statins in reducing cardiovascular complications so that even if statins cause a few cases of diabetes the total effect of statin use is beneficial because of improved cardiovascular status. ---Need I say here that 12 percent is not a few cases of diabetes. Most doctors would have a great deal of trouble accepting this degree of disease provocation when from the very beginning they are told, "First do no harm." Although this team of investigators cite the JUPITER study they completely disregarded the fact that the JUPITER study was the first to establish once and for all the irrelevance of cholesterol as a cause of atherosclerosis. The JUPITER study dramatically brought into public focus the powerful anti-inflammatory role of statin drugs. It is not cholesterol lowering that has contributed to statin benefit, it is this novel anti-inflammatory role. ---The focus on cholesterol lowering and the use of higher and higher doses of reductase inhibitors (statins) has resulted in increasing degrees of mevalonate blockade. With this has come inevitable inhibition of CoQ10 allowing mitochondrial DNA mutations from excess free radical formation.---This process occurs in every tissue of the body. The effect is much greater in those tissues requiring larger amounts of energy such as muscles, kidney and brain, but the same process occurs everywhere - the liver, lungs, gastrointestinal system, endocrine glands and the pancreas.----With sufficient mitochondrial DNA loss, cell loss must follow and with sufficient cell loss organ failure is the inevitable consequence. Many cases of pancreatitis associated with statin use have been reported. When the islets of Langerhan ( areas of the pancreas that contain the cells that produce hormones ) are involved in this process of free radical damage to mitochondrial DNA, frank diabetes will appear at some point. If the victim already is diabetic the effect will be aggravation of diabetes as vital structures in the insulin secretion pathways are gradually affected.--- Very few really understand this sequence of events. It is true that many people can take statins for years with no apparent adverse reactions ( emphasis on the word apparent ). Investigators have reported microscopic evidence of muscle damage in completely asymptomatic statin users. So who can say that they have been on statins for years with no problems?---Inability to measure due to lack of relevant testing material may also be at work with personality change, depression, aggressiveness, etc. In any of these behavioral and emotional attributes the range of normal varies greatly and substantial changes can easily be missed or blamed on other factors.-- Then we have the statin damage gene study report (Ref 5) that some 24 percent of North Americans and Europeans carry a gene that predisposes them to statin adverse effects. This effect is especially prominent with the use of simvastatin but is shared by all reductase inhibitors.   Additionally we have the fact that CoQ10, the critical protective biochemical involved in free radical damage to mitochondrial DNA, has a widely variable pattern of metabolism in the human body. Most of us lose completely the ability to synthesize this vital biochemical during mid-life. But there is wide variation from person to person in the metabolism of CoQ10.---From midlife on our source of CoQ10 must come from diet or supplements. Some of us lose the ability to synthesize CoQ10 much earlier in life, greatly enhancing the sensitivity to statins. This, too, is genetically predetermined.--We have learned that many factors contribute to the effect of statins and that lack of awareness of adverse effects does not mean no adverse effects. The bottom line is that if you spend but a few moments reviewing basic biochemistry, you soon realize that CoQ10 and dolichols must be blocked any time one uses a statin in sufficient quantities to inhibit cholesterol. It is inevitable. Do not fight Mother Nature - understand her. Back to diabetes and the use of statins. It is true that the incidence of diabetes will be increased by some 7 to 12 percent with the use of statins. To say that this monumental black mark is turned white because at the same time statins decrease cardiovascular risk makes no sense to me. Damage is damage.---It seems far better to understand that this increased incidence of diabetes is purely a function of mevalonate blockade and the gradual accumulation of mitochondrial DNA damage due to CoQ10 inhibition. Our programs to lower cholesterol will be regarded by historians of the future as one of man's greatest medical blunders.----The JUPITER study has enabled us to look beyond this blunder and see that a dramatic reduction in the statin dose, too low to block the mevalonate pathway, might preserve CoQ10 and at the same time be an effective anti-inflammatory dose. JUPITER was on the right track but the dosage was still far too high. Repeat this with a truly low dose statin and you could have a really good study.   Duane Graveline MD MPH Former USAF Flight Surgeon Former NASA Astronaut Retired Family Doctor   Ref 1: Ref 2: Ref 3: Ref 4: Ref 5:   *************************************************************************   HAWTHORN BERRY - ROSEMARY- MOTHERWORT ---make a tea or utilze 3 different tinctures with these and comb them in equal parts and utilize as needed or one dose 3 times a day same with the tea—portion out equal portions and add to a pot and make a tea or a FUSION ( this is where you combine several different types of herbs to formulate a remedy---and allow to boil then simmer and repeat this everytime you make the tea and add water to the equivalency of what you have used ---make this til it becomes almost transparent then renew with new herbs---here is what this one can do--- Heart Tonic, Antioxidant, Heart Strengthener, Cellular Proliferator, Anti­Spasmodic, Vasodilator. ---Antibacterial, Antispasmodic, Stomach Issues, Bronchitis, Liver Issues, Gallbladder, Anti Inflammatory, Analgesic, Cardiotonic---, Anti Tumor, Liver Protective, AntiMutagenic,, Anti Inflammatory, Brain and Mood Support, Estrogen Blocking, Lung Support, Nerve Growth Factors Support, DNA Support       TOP G [U1]Interesting---it would be dependent on the fiscal or wealth of a people to determine who is a candidate for life--and yet it is these moronic people that force people to live in conditions unsuited for life in the first place--and are the ones who back war [U2]Why don’t we just allow a hedonistic society to be promoted---this is a total violation of living almost a form of Human Sacrifice and what the sacrifice to ---is the other question---to another religion ---another element that is INHUMAN---or potentially not human At all--- [U3]it would appear that this church lacks credibility----in order for something to be of some substantitiated fact there first should eb a leader to show the way by exemplifying the methods being expressed---Jesus was willing to die for the church and set the setting of christiandom --he led by example an showed the cost of the fatih ---this fellow should in my opinion do the same---kill himself and lead by example butttt as per usualy the globalist wnat YOU and I dead and are unwilling to DIE for there cause but willing to SHED YOUR BLOOD not theres---seems like a flimsy group if you ask me [U4]Bill Gates Should be boycotted and his products revoked---but till there is a bettter system we are stuck supporting this @$$ hole [U5]what they are saying here is that these supplements are actually protecting people from the inducement iof the poisons that the chemo is doing---these supplements in nature protect from poisons and everyone knows that chemo and radiation are a means of poisoning the body soooooo what is essentially happening here is that these herbals and supplements are doing just that Protecting---this is a good admonission to the efficacy ( effectiveness of theses herbs and ther effectiveness to protect the system from toxins and posions) [U6]This is why whenever you utilize any herbal or supplement to understand the side effects of any pharmaceutical you are using to beeter understand the nature and side effects of those drugs---there are herbs that can actually intensify or increase the load of the drug in the way it allows for absorption and sometimes can magnify the potency by a factor of 10 --garlic -pepper ( either black or red) ginger-cinnamon--clove -feverfew--white willow-ginseng--salt--are some examples oof what not to mix --even grapefruit or the whites of citrus due to the narigen content can increase the uptake by 3 same as pineapple and papaya [U7]Meaning they can protect from the ravages and side effects of the Medical treatments--and save your from being broken or worse [U8]Never tell the medical field anything---thiswould be there way of censoring what is being used and eventually target that substance and ban it from public access--just like they have done with so many nutrients in the past and other supplements which never killed anyone ---no maimed but the access is denied---iodine crystals --ephederine --marijuana with it's ths content would protect against cancer but not accessible are a few that come to mind ---neither have killed anyone but are being denied access in some parts of north america [U9]WHAT A LOAD OF BS--Doctors do not have any idea none -zilch- nada in terms of herbalism or even vitamin health or use---so why would you tell them anything since they are totally ignorant of there effect---and it is just as well for the most part the medical industry via FDA will in fact take away the right s of the US and Canadian peole of access to herbs and remedies that work --just like the FDA ( EFSA ) did in Europe [U10]Better yet –learn how to Heal yourself and avoid Doctors altogether ---they are good at surgical procedures but the trouble is they are already knife happy and need to be avoided [U11]WARFARIN= RAT POISON—and the supplements may block the effect of this---does not sound bad to me!!! [U12]Here is the fear mongering now being applied---there are so many natural remedies you can use to do the same thing this drug does but it never is suggested or prescribed by any physician ---this is all due to our lack of responsibility to ourselves and taking care of ourselves and realizing what we are eating and to make the right changes to heal and avoid these issues--the Doctors know you have no will power so then they perscribe ther poison and you will take it as a result of lack of will and blind trust [U13]How about teaching people about the dangers of warfarin and not the supplements---supplements never have killed anyone—the same cannot be said about warfarin [U14]The Sly fox invading the chicken coupe---they need to get people healed and off the warfarin not to keep someone on a drug indefinitely—this is the pharma way **********************************************************************************************************   TOP H HOME   Show of the Week August 29 2011   In desert fields the sands blow GENETIC EXPERIMENTS THREATEN SOUTHERN ONTARIO   Vinegar Salt Wash   Coronary Calcium Beats C-Reactive Protein for Predicting Heart Attack and Stroke Risk   Regulator assesses code change for raw milk in Australia   *************************************************************** This poem has been modified to reflect today's reality, a world of deceit, evil and greed. I am confident that McCrae would appreciate the update.   In desert fields the sands blow Between the corpses, helter skelter low, That mark our place; and in the sky The vultures, still bravely fly Scarce heard amid the guns below.   We are the Dead. Short days ago   We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie, In foreign lands with blowing sands.   Take up our quarrel with the true foe:   To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though sands blow In foreign lands our bodies lie.   Now from above we see the truth   Our children poisoned by the needle   Our love ones die from poison foods,   We died for you and you have dropped the torch,   Our leaders wage eugenics against our people.     Now from above the evil we see   Our leaders spray poisons from the sky.   We died in vain and that’s the truth   Our leaders pockets sag silver coin   Our children mutilated and torn.     To die in vain, we were deceived   Our people radiated and enslaved   Our land controlled by Euro trash,   You dropped the torch faith was breached   Our trust misplaced, our leaders evil     To those faithful who remain   Remember us who died in vain,   Be not deceive, correct the wrong   Then can we rest thou our bodies lie   In foreign lands with blowing sands.   ******************************************************************   GENETIC EXPERIMENTS THREATEN SOUTHERN ONTARIO   During the past year gene tinkered crops have begun to flood the marketplace. These crops need not be labeled nor have they been tested to assure their safety both for humans and for the environment. Such production is going forward even though there is clear evidence that about one in ten tinkered genes escapes from its original crop and spreads to weedy relatives. The crops designed to resist viruses incorporate virus genes that recombine with wild viruses to create stronger (super) races of viruses. The greed of multinational companies that own most tinkered crops drives them to risk human and environmental injury from crops that are designed to grow obsolescent from spread to weedy relatives. [U1]-------Recently Agriculture Canada began testing a gene tinkered construction in Southern Ontario that has frightful characteristics. The population of this area are being used as white mice in a gigantic experiment. The experiment is a poor one because its results will not be clearly and carefully recorded and public relations experts from government and multinational companies will obfuscate the results and trick and mislead the public about them. ----The questionable experiment is to insert a gene for scorpion toxin into an insect virus then to spray the tinkered virus onto produce crops in the field. The tinkered virus is now highly potent in destroying insects both pests and their natural predators and the pollinators. ----The scorpion toxin may not be threatening to humans as a toxin when it is eaten but its impact on cuts and open sores is a concern. Such toxins are frequently allergens as well as nerve toxins. Food allergy causes effects ranging from migraine headache to death. -----The danger from a small field test is tangible provided the experiment is not well thought out and controlled. Genetic recombination is a significant concern in such experiments. The scorpion toxin gene can be spread by recombination to insects that suck blood as well as insects that suck plant juice. The virus that acquires a toxin gene will achieve a new ecological niche and is likely to be a formidable parasite. [U2]--- SCORPION TOXIN WILL BE SPREAD BY INSECT VIRUSES GENETIC RECOMBINATION CAN MOVE THE TOXIN GENE INTO WIDE RANGING INSECT PESTS OF PLANTS AND MAN --- Even though it is relatively inexpensive to monitor the scorpion toxin using a technique called ELISA and to monitor spread of the toxin gene using PCR (a highly sensitive technique used in genetic fingerprinting) such monitoring will not be done in Ontario. The reason that the experiment will not be monitored is the mistaken belief that the scorpion gene will not be an advantage to the insect virus which will die out and have to be continually replaced from the company store. Furthermore, it is equally clear that the agricultural authorities are not eager to have adverse monitoring reports slow the development of a product capable of enriching companies beyond their wildest dreams.   The use of a scorpion genes to enhance the killing ability of insect viruses is not new. Somewhat similar experiments on trees sparked violent controversy in the United Kingdom. Most of the tests on gene tinkered crops have been done in the United States and Canada and most of the marketed gene tinkered products have been released in the United States and Canada. While the issue has sparked extensive debate in Europe the extensive testing in North America has mainly been ignored by news media and government. Most of the huge North American population is unaware of the testing and marketing of unlabelled gene tinkered crops even though the populations are totally immersed in news media of rich variety but little diversity. ----The use of microbes to control insects is well established. A bacterium called Btp has been used to fight insects for many years. The bacterial toxin that kills insects has been added to the genes of potatoes and corn among a growing number of crops. Such gene tinkered potatoes are being marketed in Canada. The gene tinkered crops have two disadvantages, first the crops promote raid appearance of resistant crop varieties and second, the Btp toxin may cause allergies in some people or toxicity in people taking ulcer medication or antacids (the toxin is inactivated in the acid environment of the stomach). The gene tinkered insect virus bearing scorpion toxin will be sprayed on leafy vegetables such as lettuce. People eaten poorly washed lettuce will ingest modified virus. The toxin is known to cause allergic responses along with poisoning animals and people. Furthermore, recent studies show that people may take genes form viruses or modified food into the genetic makeup of their tissues. Vaccines are being created by injecting or feeding genes containing the information for eitoe creating the vaccination. However, gene products like scorpion toxin are very likely to make tissues autoimmune, in turn creating diseases related to arthritis, Lupus and a range of related conditions. If people are not made aware of their exposures they will never learn what caused their diseases. ----Gene tinkering has already caused profound alterations on the environment through the extensive testing programs in Canada and the United States. Current test are growing riskier all the time even though release of a carelessly gene tinkered health food product caused death of at least 37 Americans and crippled thousands. We must insure that gene tests and releases do not kill and maim thousands more.   ************************************************************************** Vinegar Salt Wash   Take 1 oz of salt add this to 5 oz of Vinegar and shake well til Salt dissolves---then take a handkerchief or wash cloth and allow for a dipping til wet and apply directly on to an area where there is an out break or infection   You can add Iodine to this as well by applying 10-20 drops of lugols in the solution to hit deep infected areas—   And for those areas that have a tough outer layer you may want o add 1 oz of Turpentine with the salt and vinegar solution to disperse and break up any hardened tissue   What this is doing is to assist the body in breaking down and dispersing contaminants out of the system—oxygenating the system and increasing Salt into the body working like a saline solution interveniously---this will cleans –disinfect and remove pathogens—microbes—parasites and break down bacteria and viral and fungal as well---   This can be applied topically anywhere and it can as well stop urinary tract infections as well—may increase circulation and increase hydration of tissues and cells   Can be used for : Acne-Infections-Skin-May alleviate Urinary tract-reduces Yeast-Antifungal-Anti bacterial-Anti microbial-Respiratory Relief ( breaks down flem and mucous in respiratory and intestines especially when adding the Iodine to this)   Taken Internally salt and Vinegar and 1-2 drops of lugols will remove and detoxify intestines and liver and may increase bowel release and volume—cleaning out the toxins more effectively—you would add 2 tablespoons of vinegar 4 oz of distilled water or RO water and ½ tsp of salt---this will again clear out respiratory as well as increase water volume and direct the water more so into the muscle—noticeably after several hours.. Wine can be used in place of the vinegar if there is no objection to wine use---use 1 oz of the wine   ************************************************************************* Coronary Calcium Beats C-Reactive Protein for Predicting Heart Attack and Stroke Risk   ScienceDaily (Aug. 20, 2011) — The presence of calcium in coronary arteries is a much better predictor of heart attack and stroke than C-reactive protein among people with normal levels of LDL cholesterol, [U3]according to a study of more than 2,000 people led by a Johns Hopkins heart specialist.---Results of the study, published in the August 19, 2011 issue of The Lancet, have important implications for deciding whether cholesterol-lowering statin medication should be prescribed for people who have heart disease risk factors but normal levels of LDL, the so-called "bad" cholesterol. An estimated 6 million American adults fall into that gray-zone category.----The goal of the new study, which followed 2,083 people for six years, was to further refine who was at higher risk and, therefore, might benefit from taking statin medications. Conversely, the study also looked to define which groups may be at low risk and not in need of the drugs. The participants in the study were volunteers in the ongoing Multi-Ethnic Study on Atherosclerosis, known as MESA, which is an NIH-funded Hopkins-affiliated study.---"This was a direct comparison to see which patients with a normal LDL level of less than 130 mg/dL would have the greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke -- those with evidence of calcium in coronary arteries, as determined on a cardiac CT test, or those with high levels of C-reactive protein, which is measured in blood and is an indicator of inflammation somewhere in the body," says Michael J. Blaha, M.D. M.P.H, a cardiology fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute, who is the lead author of the study.Blaha and colleagues found that 95 percent of the heart attacks, strokes or heart-related deaths in the study population occurred in people with some measurable calcium in their heart arteries. Meanwhile, 13.4 percent of those with the highest levels of coronary calcium (with scores greater than 100 on a calcium scoring test) had a heart attack or stroke during the study, whereas only 2 percent of those with high C-reactive protein in their blood, but no calcium buildup, had a heart attack or stroke.---In their study, the researchers determined that high levels of C-reactive protein in the blood, a score at or above 2 milligrams per liter, offered little predictive value after accounting for such risk factors as age, gender, ethnicity, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, smoking and a family history of heart disease.--"A calcium test directly looks for the disease we propose to treat with statins. Without measurable amounts of calcium, which indicates atherosclerosis, you are likely to be at very low risk in the short-term," explains Blaha.----This new study was designed to address some unanswered questions from a 2008 study called JUPITER, short for the Justification for the Use of Statins in Primary Prevention: An Interventional Tool Evaluating Rosuvastatin. That study found a 46 percent reduction in heart attacks among people with normal LDL cholesterol and a high level of C-reactive protein who took the statin medication rosuvastatin, which is marketed as Crestor.[U4]----JUPITER only included people with high C-reactive protein and none of those participants were tested to see whether they had evidence of calcium in their coronary arteries. So, Blaha says, it could not be determined from JUPITER whether people with low levels of C-reactive protein would benefit in the same way from statin therapy, or how the presence of coronary calcium may have affected the results.---All of the participants in the MESA trial had undergone coronary CT scanning, known as a calcium scoring test. Blaha and colleagues identified a group of participants in MESA who had high C-reactive protein levels and fit the criteria for JUPITER. The researchers also selected a group from MESA who had low levels of C-reactive protein. Then they were able to directly compare the prognostic importance of coronary artery calcium to C-reactive protein.----A statistical comparison of the results showed that among those with no measurable coronary calcium, it would be necessary to treat 549 patients with statin medication in order to prevent one heart attack. However, for those with high levels of coronary calcium buildup (with a calcium score greater than 100), the predicted number needed to treat to prevent one heart attack was only 24. "Statin medications, which are a lifelong therapy, should not be considered the same as other preventive measures, such as diet and exercise, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease," says Roger Blumenthal, M.D., a cardiologist, professor of Medicine and director of the Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease at Johns Hopkins. He also was a co-investigator on the new study. "All drugs have the potential to cause side effects in some people, although with statins, the side effects are rare," [U5]he adds. According to Blumenthal, "Many patients fall into the gray zone of being healthy with normal LDL cholesterol, but also having some risk factors, including being overweight, having elevated blood sugar levels or a family history of heart disease. Our study provides clear evidence that high levels of calcium in coronary arteries will increase the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. And the risk increases with the amount of calcium, whether or not patients have high levels of C-reactive protein."-----"While not everyone needs a calcium scoring test," Blaha says, "we believe looking for calcification in coronary vessels in certain patients makes sense in order to predict who may benefit from statin therapy because the test gets right to the heart of the disease we want to treat." "Our data support recent American Heart Association guidelines, which say it is reasonable to order a coronary calcium scan for adults who are considered to be at intermediate risk of a heart attack over the next 10 years. A high coronary calcium score would indicate that statin therapy would likely be a useful strategy to lower that person's cardiovascular risk," according to Blumenthal.---In addition to Blaha and Blumenthal, other Johns Hopkins investigators involved in this study were study senior investigator Khurram Nasir, M.D., M.P.H., who is now at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn.; Andrew DeFilippis, M.D., M.Sc.; and João Lima, M.D. Other researchers were Matthew Budoff, M.D., at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, Calif.; Juan Rivera, M.D., M.P.H., and Arthur Agatston, M.D., both at the University of Miami; Ron Blankstein, M.D., at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston; and Dan O'Leary at Carney Hospital in Dorchester, Mass.--Story Source-The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.   ************************************************************************ Regulator assesses code change for raw milk in Australia 19-Aug-2011   Food safety authorities are calling for public comment on changes that would allow raw milk (non-pasteurised) products to be processed and sold in Australia. --- The Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s (FSANZ) second assessment report: Proposal 1007 assesses whether current restrictions in place for raw milk in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) for milk and dairy products are appropriate. --- The regulator wants feedback on its recommendation to permit non-pasteurised hard to very hard cooked curd cheeses. This will involve changes to the Code relating to storage time and moisture content requirements. -- The main objective of the proposal is to enable a greater range of dairy products to be produced in and imported to the country. --- However, FSANZ said it wants to ensure an acceptable level of public health and safety will be achieved through the alternative processing and production measures.   Two categories   In the first assessment of Proposal 1007, FSANZ concluded that two dairy categories have an acceptable level of public health risk. -- The first category consists of products for which the properties and/or processing factors eliminate pathogens that may have been present in raw milk. The second category relates to products for which the properties and/or processing factors may allow the survival of pathogens that may have been present in raw milk but do not support the growth of these pathogens. --- However, P1007 concluded that category three products were deemed to have a risk that was too high to ensure safety. -- Category three consists of products in which the intrinsic characteristics and/or processing factors are likely to allow the survival of pathogens. FSANZ said there were no control measures for these products. The current exemption that allows raw goat milk will be reviewed separately, said FSANZ. -- Approvals are notified to the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council. -- After notification, the council has 60 days to either ask FSANZ to review the application or inform FSANZ that it does not intend to request a review. -- FSANZ is also calling for comment on Application A1051, which is seeking permission for food derived from a genetically modified soybean with a tolerance to the herbicides glyphosate and isoxaflutole, to provide a broader weed management strategy.[U6]   TOP H [U1]Here is where I disagree with this--it is not about greed---they already have all the money---and the lands and the legal system in there back pockets---this is a flagrant affront on creation in all it's aspects---to wipe out indegenious life in the land---to create a dna restructuring of the human race through food tampering through genetics and to exterminate life as wel know it!!! [U2]in other words if you get bit by something that has been genetically crossed with something the genetic codes will cause a new pathogen creating a whole new wave of infections that the likes we will not have seen!!! and the impact is again going to be lethal due to the fact that the carrier will be in great multitude and that the this pathogen could present itself as a new outbreak [U3]This is why the Vitamin D is such a farce today---the excess D will cause Stones in the heart due to the uptake of calcium and the unusual dumping in this area causing heart blockage---Especially when combined with Omega 3 [U4]STATINS are incredibly toxic and have more sideffects then benefits and anyone using them today are being exploited as a lab in a experiment [U5]Lets see--Brain Damage--RNA DNA permanent Damage-Changine the Vitamin E into a poison-Muscle Degeneration and Pain-Arterial breakage-Life Shortening----this would be considered SAFE!!! [U6]Imports from Canada and the USA are now being considered