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    Advisory Panel Urges CDC to Push Gardasil on Young Boys
    Government advisory committee that advises the Centers for Disease Control on vaccine recommendations has urged the CDC to recommend the HPV shot Gardasil to be given to boys between the ages of 11 and 12[U1]. Gardasil is already recommended to young girls, and in California girls as young as 12 are able to receive the shot without parental consent. [U2]The recommendation falls perfectly in line with Merck’s latest campaign to expand the Gardasil demographic to young boys, with their deceptive ad campaign marketed specifically towards boys. What the government advisory committee is not discussing is the fact that Gardasil was linked to 3,589 harmful reactions between May 2009 and September 2010 alone.—-They also fail to mention that previous legislative decisions regarding Gardasil were found to be corrupt and riddled with monetary incentives on behalf of Merck, the maker of Gardasil. Perhaps Merck has the almighty dollar included in this decision as well. The few thousand dollars given to each key legislator in the California decision is nothing compared to what Merck stands to gain from the legislation. The same is very true with the advisory committee. A CDC recommendation will vastly increase profits, way beyond the recent California legislation. In addition, health insurers typically cover vaccines that are recommended by the CDC.— In addition to routinely administering the HPV shot to boys between 11 and 12, the advisory panel is also calling for Gardasil to be given to boys as young as age 9 and for males ages 13 to 21 who have missed the “ideal vaccination age window” of 11-12.—The Gardasil scam is unraveling—–The news comes just days after FDA documents were uncovered by Judicial Watch revealing an additional 26 deaths as a result of Gardasil use through adverse-reaction reports. In addition to the 26 deaths, the documents also detailed a number of severe side effects including seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short-term memory loss and Guillain-Barré Syndrome.—Of course the average consumer would not know about this information, as Merck fails to mention any tidbit of truth on their website or in their popular ads.—In fact, on the official Gardasil website death is not listed as a side effect of Gardasil. Instead, Merck lists only minor side effects that conflict with mainstream reports of the extreme side effects associated with Gardasil. In Merck’s ad, they market Gardasil to young boys, showcasing their desire to expand the market to the male gender. Here is the list of side effects Merck provides consumers—-Pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site—Headache–Fever—Nausea—Dizziness—Vomiting—Fainting—-
    These phony symptoms are purely deceptive. As previously mentioned, Gardasil was linked to 3,589 harmful reactions and 16 deaths between May 2009 and September 2010 alone. Of the 3,589 adverse reactions, many were debilitating. Permanent disability was the result of 213 cases; 25 resulted in the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome; and there were 789 other “serious” reports according to FDA documents. Not only should the CDC ignore the suggestion to make Gardasil a recommended vaccine, but they should call for the immediate discontinuation of the shot due to the massive amount of evidence linking it to death and serious side effects.
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    Gardasil Exposed – Deadly Vaccine Pushed on Millions of Young Boys and Girls Worldwide
    Deceptive Gardasil Ad Campaign Omits Death Link, Numeric Facts
    California Gardasil Law Signed | Children to Receive Deadly Shot Without Parental Consent
    49 Dead, Others Hospitalized After Gardasil HPV Vaccine
    Uncovered FDA Documents Reveal 26 More Gardasil Deaths
    Edible Estates
    Many people would want it for the food unless Uncle Sam takes it away! Maybe it should by offered by contractors too. Everyone needs food, win-win.
    Great news!: People who have started businesses transforming lawns into food producing gardens always report being overwhelmed with requests right away. Edible Estates is featured here, and they’re on a mission to transform lawns around the country. Lawns cover an estimated 30 million acres in the US. They account for 20-50% of all residential water use. Why not grow food?
    Video: 2.42 minutes
    U.S. Goals in Promoting Ag Biotech
    In a leaked U.S. State Department cable, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlined U.S. policy around biotech. Clinton’s outlined objectives are not materially different from those described the year before by outgoing Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.[1] Clinton wrote:[2]”Our biotech outreach objectives for 2010 are to increase access to, and markets for, biotech as a means to help address the underlying causes of the food crisis, and to promote agricultural technology’s role in mitigating climate change and increasing biofuel production. We will pursue these objectives by: Encouraging science and technology to play crucial roles in unleashing additional agricultural productivity, particularly in the developing world. Many international organizations have called for a second Green Revolution in Africa, and biotechnology will be a central part of that effort[U3]. Biotechnology is being used to increase crop yields and enhance the ability of food crops to sustain climate shocks.[U4] Publicizing the fact that agricultural biotechnology can help address the food crisis and serve as a development tool by increasing food productivity, reducing crop input costs, and helping to alleviate poverty.[U5] Recognizing the role biotechnology can play in mitigating climate change by increasing the efficiency of land already in production and by increasing adoption of agricultural practices such as low till agriculture that trap carbon in the soil. Reinforcing the environmental gains from decreased insecticide use, reduced soil erosion, and increased plant efficiency, stressing the potential for improved nutrition and disease prevention, and encouraging the development and commercialization of ag-biotech products that meet the unique needs of developing nations. Encouraging countries to abide by global trading rules and accept science-based evaluation of food production methods.[U6] The U.S. will continue its effort to open markets and advocate responsible regulation. We will continue to seek full EU compliance with the 2006 WTO ruling against the EU de facto moratorium on approving agricultural biotechnology products. Taking full advantage of the WTO biotech ruling by explaining the significance of the case, particularly to developing countries, and by stressing the global scientific consensus on the safety of ag-biotech products noted by the final WTO panel decision. Some countries, especially in the developing world, lack the opportunity to utilize advanced crop technology due to concerns that the EU will not accept their agricultural exports if produced with the aid of biotechnology. The U.S. should support developing countries that seek access to biotechnology, and reaffirm the WTO’s 2006 panel ruling on this issue.
    Ensuring that activities taken pursuant to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and the Codex Alimentarius are in line with those countries’ obligations under international trade agreements. Promoting the understanding that ag-biotech contributes to production of biofuels through increased yields and improved feedstocks, and helps ensure food security.”
    Target Countries
    In a leaked 2008 memo, Rice wrote: “Although our biotech strategy is global, we plan to pay particular attention to advancing this strategy through active engagement with key countries, with the medium-term goal of establishing models of ag-biotech trade and development success that can be a powerful demonstration to others.”—Countries targeted in 2009 included:[4] Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, Vatican, and Vietnam.
    U.S. Ag Biotech Promotion Efforts by Country
    Efforts by the U.S. to promote biotechnology have been documented in the following countries
    Czech Republic
    Hong Kong
    The Philippines
    South Africa
    Sri Lanka
    United Arab Emirates
    TOP A
    [U1]Lets make sure not one gender is sterile let’s make sure both are—we don’t want to discriminate in this issue of population management—besides if any of these kids survive there will be a war that cannot be stopped –because they will remember how they have been violated —this would be a consensus
    [U2]In other words the State has taken over California children acting as there parent rather then allowing the parents to be the guardians—it would appear California has led the way to a government controlled state right into the homes of the citizens in the state–
    [U3]Africa Is now going to be further genocided with the new introduction of genetically engineering of there land—It will be done through fiscal aid through the IMF just like they did to Haiti and other places—strong arming them into consuming this type of poison
    [U4]Never has ever measured up and in fact the reverse has been the case
    [U5]Another Myth and another Sales pitch to an unsuspecting people
    [U6]In other words we will shut down your economy if you do not comply
    TOP B
    Show of the Week November 7 2011
    Recent topics related to testosterone deficiency syndrome in Japan.
    Beetroot-hawthorn berry blend may boost heart health
    Recipe with Beet
    The Rice with human genes
    Serrapeptase’s Uses
    Recent topics related to testosterone deficiency syndrome in Japan.
    Asian J Androl. 2011 Jul;13(4):558-62 -Authors: Tsujimura A, Nonomura N
    Androgens, the levels of which decrease with ageing, play many physiological roles in various organs. Testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS) has received widespread attention in the last several years. First-line treatment for TDS should be testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which is reported to improve several TDS symptoms. Recently, a clinical practice manual for TDS was written and published by a collaborative team from the Japanese Urological Association and the Japanese Society for the Study of the Aging Male to recommend standard procedures for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and monitoring of adverse reactions to TRT and for post-treatment assessment. In this manual, intramuscular injection of testosterone enanthate or human chorionic gonadotropin and the testosterone gel ‘Glowmin’ were recommended as TRT. Currently, two topics related to TDS are being focused on in Japan: the relationship between TDS and metabolic syndrome and treatment options for eugonadal patients with TDS symptoms. In this review, the possibility of TRT for metabolic syndrome as well as the relationship between testosterone and adiponectin, which is a key molecule in metabolic syndrome, is discussed. Finally, the possibility of herbal medicines as a treatment option for patients with TDS is addressed, especially for eugonadal patients, because eugonadal men with TDS symptoms account for approximately 30% of the general population. The increase in the levels of several cytokines, such as IL-8, IL-13, interferon-γ and tumor necrosis factor-α, after herbal medicine treatment may be the reason for this efficacy.
    PMID: 21460860 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE
    Special Note
    An Alternative to this would be celery seed and mustard seeds and as well as pine and deer antler and tongat ali mixed in a good proportion can as well elevate testosterone with out the shots—there are several other things as well would be to reduce estrogens—to avoid foods that would break down the body’s cycle of testosterone production and to increase the foods that will support male physiology
    Beetroot-hawthorn berry blend may boost heart health
    A proprietary blend of beetroot and Hawthorn berry may boost the activity of an enzyme linked to improved heart health, suggests a new study from Texas.
    Researchers from the University of Texas and Neogenis Laboratories report that the herbal blend could improve the status of nitric oxide in the body – nitric oxide (NO) is a potent vasodilator, or compound that promotes the dilation or relaxation of blood vessels, thereby easing blood pressure and boosting heart health. —“The strategy of formulating a combination of natural products and botanicals chosen specifically for their NO activity shows promise in restoring NO [control] in human subjects at risk for cardiovascular disease for use as a dietary supplement,” wrote researchers in Nutrition Research. –The researchers used a ‘unique formulation from intellectual property’ developed by the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, and licensed exclusively to Neogenis Laboratories. The formulation is called Neo40 Daily. —“The formula is based on a proprietary blend of NO active herbs that act to replete and restore NO production in the human body by exploiting the nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway,” explained the researchers. –Recent study of the nitrate-nitrite-NO pathway has highlighted its importance in biological processes, including regulation of blood flow, blood pressure, cellular signaling, glucose control, and tissue responses to low oxygen levels (hypoxia).
    The first study of many? —The study’s corresponding author, Nathan Bryan, PhD, assistant professor of molecular medicine at the University of Texas, told “This is the first human study of the supplement although we have several more studies planned and in the process.” —Dr Bryan explained that the product has been commercially available since August 2010. “What makes our product unique is the system we have developed to produce nitric oxide where beet root and hawthorn play a unique and critical role.” Beetroot was chosen because it was found to contain high levels of nitrate, while hawthorn berries have a high activity of the enzyme nitrite reductase, which converts nitrite to nitric oxide. —Dr Bryan acknowledges a financial interest in Neogenis and adds that such conflicts of interest are managed by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Conflicts of Interest Management Plans.
    Study details
    The researchers recruited 30 people with a median age of 56 with at least three cardiovascular risk factors, including a family history of heart disease, smoking, elevated blood pressure (hypertension), obesity, or high blood lipid levels (hyperlipidemia). –Participants were randomly assigned to receive either the herb blend or placebo for 30 days. —At the end of the study, Dr Bryan and his co-workers found that blood nitrate and nitrite levels increased in the herb blend group, compared with placebo, and these increases were indicative of “an increase in systemic NO availability”, they said. —In addition, 72 percent of the herb supplement group experience statistically significant reductions in the blood triglyceride levels, compared with their levels at the start of the study.
    Proof of concept
    “Although these studies were simply designed to show proof of concept for restoring NO homeostasis through a dietary supplement, therefore modifying risk factors for CVD, more studies are needed to more clearly define the role of NO dietary supplement for optimal health and nutrition,” explained the researchers. —“Future studies will determine if such strategies using NO active dietary supplements can help reduce the progression of [cardiovascular disease] and the incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke,” they added.
    NO Index
    Dr Bryan added that his group “continues to investigate the NO activity of certain foods and have developed an algorithm for predicting and quantifying the nitric oxide activity of foods,” he added. –“We call this the Nitric Oxide Index.” –Source: Nutrition Research–Volume 31, Issue 4, Pages 262-269
    “All-natural nitrite and nitrate containing dietary supplement promotes nitric oxide production and reduces triglycerides in humans”
    Authors: J. Zand, F. Lanza, H.K. Garg, N.S. Bryan
    Recipe with Beet
    Beet and Hawthorne Recipe—juice 1 or 2 beets and add the juice in a jar—then take Hawthorn Berry ½ cup and add to a blender and add red wine to it and blend for 10 minutes — then strain and then take what is strained and add to the beet juice and blend together for 5 minutes high speed—and pour into a container—Utilize 1 tablespoon 3 times a day
    Recipe with Tumeric & Beet—take 1 or 2 beets and peel and add to a blender add ¼ cup of tumeric and add ½ cup of aloe vera-1/8 cup of black pepper—and 1/ 4 cup of honey —water as well—blend til fused ( 5-7 minutes high speed _
    This will definitely work on several different types of cancer – support liver—regulate hormone—reduce and remove excess plaque—increase healing of wound speed as well as deal with stomach issues
    Beet and Pineapple—take ½ pineapple and 2 beets—add 1/8 sup of cinnamon—aloe vera juice ½ cup-honey ¼ cup-chlorophyll 1 oz and blend all til fused—7-10 minutes high speed—and use 1-2 oz especially with meals for a great digestive aid—will increase circulation-potent digestive aid—blood flowing agent-reducing stomach and intestinal issues—potent bacteriacidal-
    The Rice with human genes
    The first GM food crop containing human genes is set to be approved for commercial production.–The laboratory-created rice produces some of the human proteins found in breast milk and saliva.–Its U.S. developers say they could be used to treat children with diarrhoea, a major killer in the Third World. The rice is a major step in so-called Frankenstein Foods, the first mingling of human-origin genes and those from plants. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture has already signalled it plans to allow commercial cultivation.–The rice’s producers, California-based Ventria Bioscience, have been given preliminary approval to grow it on more than 3,000 acres in Kansas. The company plans to harvest the proteins and use them in drinks, desserts, yoghurts and muesli bars.[U1]–The news provoked horror among GM critics and consumer groups on both sides of the Atlantic. GeneWatch UK, which monitors new GM foods, described it as “very disturbing”. Researcher Becky Price warned: “There are huge, huge health risks and people should rightly be concerned about this.”–Friends of the Earth campaigner Clare Oxborrow said: “Using food crops and fields as glorified drug factories is a very worrying development.[U2] “If these pharmaceutical crops end up on consumers’ plates, the consequences for our health could be devastating. “The biotech industry has already failed to prevent experimental GM rice contaminating the food chain. “The Government must urge the U.S. to ban the production of drugs in food crops. It must also introduce tough measures to prevent illegal GM crops contaminating our food and ensure that biotech companies are liable for any damage their products cause.” In the U.S., the Union of Concerned Scientists, a policy advocacy group, warned: “It is unwise to produce drugs in plants outdoors. “There would be little control over the doses people might get exposed to, and some might be allergic to the proteins.” The American Consumers Union and the Washington based Centre for Food Safety also oppose Ventria’s plans. As well as the contamination fears there are serious ethical concerns about such a fundamental interference with the building blocks of life. Yet there is no legal means for Britain and Europe to ban such products on ethical grounds.[U3] Imports would have to be accepted once they had gone through a scientific safety assessment. The development is what may people feared when, ten years ago, food scientists showed what was possible by inserting copies of fish genes from the flounder into tomatoes, to help them withstand frost. Ventria has produced three varieties of the rice, each with a different human-origin gene that makes the plants produce one of three human proteins. Two – lactoferrin and lysozyme – are bacteria-fighting compounds found in breast milk and saliva. The genes, cultivated and copied in a laboratory to produce a synthetic version, are carried into embryonic rice plants inside bacteria.–Until now, plants with human-origin genes have been restricted to small test plots.
    Ventria originally planned to grow the rice in southern Missouri but the brewer Anheuser-Busch, a huge buyer of rice, threatened to boycott the state amid concern over contamination and consumer reaction. Now the USDA, saying the rice poses “virtually no risk”. has given preliminary approval for it to be grown in Kansas, which has no commercial rice farms.[U4] Ventria will also use dedicated equipment, storage and processing facilities supposed to prevent seeds from mixing with other crops. The company says food products using the rice proteins could help save many of the two million children a year who die from diarrhoea and the resulting dehydration and complications. A recent study in Peru, sponsored by Ventria, showed that children with severe diarrhoea recovered a day and a half faster if the salty fluids they were prescribed included the proteins. [U5]The rice could also be a huge money-spinner in the Western world, with parents being told it will help their children get over unpleasant stomach bugs more quickly. Ventria chief executive Scott Deeter said last night: “We have a product here that can help children get better faster.”
    He said any concerns about safety and contamination were “based on perception, not reality” given all the precautions the company was taking. Mr Deeter said production in plants was far cheaper than other methods, which should help make the therapy affordable in the developing world. He said: “Plants are phenomenal factories. Our raw materials are the sun, soil and water.”
    Serrapeptase’s Uses
    Serrapeptase is known in several other names such as serralysin, serratiapeptase, serratia peptidase, serratio peptidase, or serrapeptidase and is derived from the microorganism called Serratiopeptidase which is found present in the intestines of silkworm which allows the emerging moth to dissolve its cocoon. Serrapeptase is produced by purification from culture of Serratia E-15 bacteria.
    It is an enzyme that eats or digests non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque, inflammation, internal scar tissue as well as help with new external scars by either converting it into amino acids or excreted in the normal manner. Here are a few uses for Serrapeptase:
    As a natural solution to pain & inflammation:
    With Serrapeptase, chronic inflammation can be resolved or minimized in a natural and balanced way. Symptoms of inflammation disappear within 1 to 2 weeks but health practitioners normally recommend administration for up to 4 weeks to reassess the condition.
    As a natural alternative to NSAIDs:
    Since the discovery of Serrapeptase and its wonderful healing properties with inflammation, it has become the favored choice compared to salicylates, ibuprofen and the more potent NSAIDs. Because Serrapeptase is naturally occurring, there fore no inhibitory effects on prostaglandins have been recorded and is devoid of gastrointestinal side effects.
    As an alternative to Warfarin:
    Warfarin is known for its blood thining properties that is why the proper dosage each time is sued and monitored. Serrapeptase also has blood thinning properties though not as potent as Warfarin. Many natural remedies and dietary improvements will thin the blood naturally that is why a doctor’s recommendation is always needed. Though that, blood thinning at certain levels is good as it makes the blood healthy if the blood is already too thick and the platelets are sticking together. Serrapeptase does not thin blood in an unhealthy way, rather it promotes healthy production of blood cells to stop chronic inflammation.
    As treatment for arterial blockage:
    Dr. Hans Neiper’s findings for serrepeptase is probably the main reason why serrapeptase is popular. Dr. Hans found that Serrapeptase has properties of treating arterial blockage in his coronary patients. It works by dissolving blood clots and shrinking varicose veins. Several of Dr. Hans’ patients who were scheduled for amputation recovered quickly through treatments of Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is always known as a natural anti-inflammatory and as a strong protease that can dissolves the dead proteins that bind the plaque blocking the arteries.
    As a natural inflammation treatment for:
    Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, Lupus, Diabetes, MS
    Headaches and Migraines caused by inflammation
    Lungs – Emphysema, Bronchitis, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Bronchial Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis etc
    Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s, Colitis etc
    Inflammation in joints or muscles e.g. Fibromyalgia
    Repetitive strain injuries
    Breast Engorgement, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Cysts
    Cardiovascular Disease, Arterial Disease, Angina, Blood clots, Varicose Veins
    Eye, nose and throat problems from inflammation or blocked veins – ear infections, hayfever, swollen glands, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, runny nose
    Sports Injuries, traumatic swelling, post operative swellings, leg ulcers
    Post operative healing
    Enlarged Prostate
    Serrapeptase – can safely remove inflammation and dead tissue that causes pain, blocked arteries, varicose veins, lung problems and other common symptoms.
    Serrapeptase, serrazyme, Serraplus+, serraplus+, inflammation, blocked arteries, varicose veins, dead tissue, lung problems, scar tissue, scars, Pain, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Arthritis, back problems, Diabetes, Leg Ulcers, Osteoporosis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Prostate Problems, Repetitive Strain (RSI) Carpal Tunnel, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Breast Engorgement, Cystitis, joints or muscles, Fibromyaligia, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Headaches, Migranes, Inflammatory bowel diseases, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, Lupus, Lung, Chest, Asbestosis, Miners and Farmers Lung, Bronchietasis, Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Eye Problems, Blocked veins, Multiple Sclerosis, MS, Neurological problems, Damaged Nerves, Ear, Nose, Throat problems, Chronic ear infections, Catarrhal Rhinopharyngitis, Hayfever, Sore Throat, Swollen Glands, Laryngitis, Runny nose, Rhinitis, Sinusitis problems, Trauma, Sports Injuries prevention.
    Serrapeptase Reference
    l.. Kee WH. Tan SL, Lee V. Salmon YM. The treatment of breast engorgement with Serrapeptase (Danzen): a random ized double-blind controlled trial. Singapore Med J. 1989:30(1):48-54.
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    TOP B
    [U1]Good idea to avoid junk foods eh!! These so called foods are not again intended for human consumption but rather to be left on the shelf—unfortunately this is another form of biological warfare ongoing and those in the cultures where this is being exported to are going to be victoms of the pharmaceutical companies due to this level of genetic infection
    [U2]BIO terrorism—and then you wonder why we are having terrorist activities
    [U3]What a load of nonsense—no legal means—this is incredulous that we would allow a element—such as this to be hampered because of some legal standing?? Truly this is madness—it should be removed on basic and moral issues—with the science to back this up and other evidence on research —this should be removed
    [U4]OH well who is going to notice anything in Kansas eh!!! Middle of now where and easier to bribe and cheaper–
    [U5]This is based on what??? The people who will get this grain will be given to those ho will pay for it—the poor cost to much to maintain and will not be necessary to sustain—you can always design a new poor—it has always been when you hear this kind of things that we are doing things for the poor that what usually happens is gov’t’s take these resources –sell them and then use the money for weapons to kill off the ones that this was intended to save
    TOP C
    Show of the Week November 11 2011
    USA Moms are Demanding Raw Milk Access of FDA
    U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) have announced their formation
    Starving Farmer’s Strength Fades As He Awaits Meeting With Premiere
    Farm-to-Fork Dinner Fiasco
    RAW MILK & Recipe for Raw Milk
    USA Moms are Demanding Raw Milk Access of FDA
    The U.S. FDA and Health Canada have been working in concert on their anti-raw milk activities. Just so you know, folks aren’t happy about it. Here is a peaceful civil disobedience protest being staged by moms at the FDA HQ.–Kimberly Hartke, Publicist
    Press Release–October 27, 2011
    “Milk and Cookies” Could Get Moms Arrested
    Mothers to Break Federal Raw Milk Transport Ban
    Washington DC – The beloved American tradition of milk and cookies is a crime for some mothers, according to the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, organizers of a planned civil disobedience on November 1. A US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation makes the transport of raw milk intended for human consumption across state lines illegal, even for individuals purchasing it legally in one state and carrying it into the states where they live. —On Tuesday, November 1, 2011, a group of moms will challenge the FDA s ban on interstate transport of raw milk by picking up fresh milk in Pennsylvania, transporting it to Maryland, then distributing it, along with cookies, in front of FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland at a rally from 12:00 -3:00pm.—After numerous armed federal assaults and undercover investigations on farmers, coops and buying groups that supply their raw milk, mothers across the country are disgusted with the FDA�s aggression and ready to take action to protect their families� food.—By criminalizing me for the food choices I make for my family, the FDA is effectively saying that I have no right to feed my family what I, as the parent, know is best for them,� says Suzy Provine, one of the raw milk freedom riders who chooses fresh milk for her family. �It is one thing to inform me about my choices, but the FDA goes too far by forcing what they think is best on my family.–The FDA is disrupting thousands of families’ food supplies by pressuring states to restrict access to raw dairy. States like Wisconsin and California are shutting down family farms by threatening penalties and jail for farmers.
    U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) have announced their formation
    TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA (January 10, 2010)? U.S. and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk (ARMs) have announced their formation. These Alliances for Raw Milk (US ARM and Canadian ARM) and Family Farm and Food Freedom are to promote connections between natural farmers and dairies and families who want fresh, wholesome and healthy natural food choices based on their nutritional education.–The ARMs and their members have declared they have the right and freedom to choose the foods they deem to maintain and restore their health and the right to farm their own land and trade/share the produce with others. The Alliances also come at a time of unwarranted and rapidly increasing legal, regulatory and enforcement actions by state, provincial and federal agencies against small natural, sustainable and organic farms and food operations, especially in the dairy arena.—The Canadian ARM is already organized in Ontario and British Columbia. In the U.S. the states of Wisconsin and Ohio are well underway with thousands of members and more states are pending. Sources in major U.S. raw milk groups say there is strong interest for the EU and Australia and India to join forces in the Alliance.–Internationally known Michael Schmidt, co-director of Canadian ARM told the Journal that he wishes to communicate to the new Alliances and to all farmers and consumers of local, fresh food that:
    Forming local state, federal and international alliances of concerned individuals is of utmost importance. What has to be burning in our soul, is the urge to be free and the determination not to be returned to a modern form of slavery. Blinded by wealth, comfort and convenience we are in grave danger of unconsciously consenting to the takeover of our well being by Government.This battle about raw milk is a battle about food freedom and our individual rights.This is not an isolated battle, this is a global issue beyond our imagination.
    Michael Schmidt, a Canadian degreed biodynamic dairy farmer and teacher has become a well-known North American icon in the food freedom battle. Schmidt owns Glencolton Farms and got arrested this summer again at raw milk Dumpsite 41. His farm was raided by the Ministry of Health and police by 20 armed guards ? holding him as a prisoner in his own house for an entire day three years ago ? taking all the milk products to the city dump. This is the latest in a series of harassments that date back since 1994. He faces a $50,000 fine and imprisonment on January 21. Schmidt is charged for his disobedience for three years of court orders to make him stop providing raw milk to friends and family who actually own the cows he cares for.–At a court and rally right before Christmas in Viroqua, WI, Michael Badnarik, a Libertarian Presidential candidate in 2004 and considered a constitutional scholar and statesman, declared that nowhere is there in laws or constitutions that governments must tell us what we can or cannot eat. Who owns our bodies? We do.!!! That event led to the formation of the Wisconsin ARM.—Kaythlene Pirtle, a well-known Chicago musician, author and motivational speaker on nutrition told the Journal,
    The new unified Alliances and many new raw milk alliances that are beginning to form around the world are voicing a universal outcry of citizens that are saying, We, as human beings on this planet earth, demand the freedom and basic right to choose what kind of food we purchase and eat for ourselves and our families. We will not compromise our lives and health by eating the substandard food produced by a broken profit-driven, government-corporate controlled food system whose only concern is making sure their pockets are lined with money.
    Kurtis Staven, an Alliance coordinator and dairy farmer in British Columbia told the Journal of the dairy farmers concerns there:
    At this point in history, when more people are becoming aware of the foods they eat and the consequences of those actions, there appears to be a political backlash as the guise of food safety is revealed as being geared toward supporting the major agri-business players. We can no longer sit idle and watch our inherent rights be cast aside in favor of corporate profits.!!!
    According to one Alliance member interviewed, who did not want his name disclosed, said: People are getting fed up with the government/corporate partnerships in their kitchens and dictating what healthy is and feeding so much nutritional, health and food safety misinformation and disinformation to the general public.-The inside environmental health regulatory specialist says It is no longer a debate of the health benefits of clean natural milk; that has been settled for a long time. All these people seem to be saying is they want the freedom to eat and farm like grandma and grandpa did without guilt or fear of government intrusion. Now it is a battle over civil rights and basic freedoms .—The first co-sponsored event of the Alliances, along with other groups, will be in Ontario at the court judgments and rally for Michael Schmidt on January 21. Anyone can attend and for more information and to RSVP go to the event posting.—Michael Schmidt, also had this to say concerning the groups and alliances that are forming:
    This is the chance to return to our fundamental values. This is a battle of individuals uniting to preserve what our children and grand children expect us to do. We battle not for us, we carry the burden of responsibility for the future, we carry the future of our children.
    Farmers and consumers can freely join the U.S. Alliance for Raw Milk and Canadian Alliances for Raw Milk and several state/provincial ARMs at their internet locations. There, connections can be made with natural farms and food, educational events and upcoming rallies and court proceedings. More information will be disseminated at meetings and events on the local levels.
    Starving Farmer’s Strength Fades As He Awaits Meeting With Premiere
    Please write, fax, snail mail, and telephone again to the contacts below. Send follow up letters and/or fax, phone and keep demanding a response. Remember a squeaky wheel gets attention. Continue to be persistent!
    Supporters of Michael Schmidt, the beleaguered dairy farmer are in disbelief that Dalton McGuinty entered another weekend without a response to the many pleas for a meeting to take place. Could it be that not enough attention is being brought to the issue by the media? Please consider covering this story. Here, in Michael’s own words is where things stand, now.–Kimberly Hartke
    Michael interviews Michael
    M: Let me begin with the question everybody is asking and wanting to know; How are you?
    Michael: I am surprised how long a body can go without physical nourishment.
    I am surprised that I am still able to do certain things at the farm. At the same time I begin to realize that I have reached my limit. My body is not coping anymore.
    M. Are you seeing a doctor?
    Michael: Yes I do, I am in fact with two doctors who are very concerned and trying to help at least with monitoring the situation. -The biggest concern is, that apparently I had a mild heart attack sometime in the last 6 months and that does not help in my current condition.
    M. Are you worried?
    Michael: I said it before: I am not worried about me, I am worried about my family and the farm in case we cannot get this current stalemate resolved.
    M. Let me ask you straight forward; why are you so determined to continue your hunger strike considering the risk that Dalton McGuinty might ignore your request.
    Michael: One needs to understand that I did not enter this hunger strike to wiggle out when things do not go my way. I made a very conscious decision. The request to meet the Premier in order to start a dialogue at the top, is not too much to ask.
    17 years of trying to enter into a serious dialogue with all parties concerned has resulted in nothing. Instead we had repeated raids, many many charges and court proceedings, as we speak they continue to this day to accumulate, and the Government keeps issuing press statements how dangerous and fatal the consumption of raw milk is. This is a stand off which is very serious and will have tremendous consequences across North America if the Premier ignores this simple request. This is not a political power play , or a publicity stunt. This is about our small farmers, about people who need healthy food, and parents who care about their children.
    M: Why do you say North America?
    Michael? Freedom of Choice as it relates to food is becoming a major issue across this Continent. What happens in Canada happens also in the United States. During my travels, in the last 5 years I have seen devastated families, crying mothers, helpless farmers and ruined farms as a result of these violent attacks. This is as urgent south of the border as it is here. I do not think that the majority of people and politicians have yet grasped the enormity of this situation. Farmers are slaves once again, full of fear and have no means to defend themselves if Government decides to take them down only because they do not conform. It is heartbreaking to say the least.
    M: Are we looking here at another 1% reality?
    Michael: Indeed we do. If you consider that not even 100 years ago 70% percent of the population was actively involved in farming. Today it is less than 2 percent with no vision or option left. Those who look at new models like cow sharing are raided, prosecuted, threatened and bankrupted.
    All they try to do is, to provide food people want to eat.
    M. You are leaving on Monday to go to Washington and then to Vancouver? Are you able to endure this stress under you current condition?
    Michael: I made a commitment to my friends which I hopefully can keep. They asked me to speak at a major raw milk rally at the FDA headquarter close to Washington. Mothers with children will cross state lines with raw milk which is illegal in order to expose these draconian anti raw milk laws. The FDA has been more and more in the forefront to take down non conforming farmers. With Vancouver I had no choice, because of the contempt of court charges regarding my involvement in the cow share operation in Chilliwack BC. As well there will be a major raw milk rally on November 2. How will I manage this? I wonder myself, will see. Sometimes there are other forces at work supporting your body.
    M. Your situation has effected a lot of people.–You helped other farmers to start very successful cow share operations in Ontario, you had at least four cow share colleges and the demand for raw milk keeps increasing. Are you a danger to the dairy industry?
    Michael? Let me make a very important point right now. I had no intend in 1994 when we got raided the first time, to work outside the current system of supply management. I met with the Milk Marketing Board, I proposed to the different Ministers in charge to adopt the British model of a dual quota system where farmers and consumers have a choice to either produce or consume raw milk or pasteurized milk. My opinion has since then changed drastically; supply management was good and may be necessary but has in it’s current form outlived it’s purpose. It has become almost an elite club which turns farmers against farmers. Yes they are very afraid of that their industry is on the way out as result of my continued stand on food freedom. It is sad how much misinformation about my intentions is spread and I have to say that they act too often in a very underhanded way to protect their turf. In reality we are no danger to them at all. Those who seek raw milk have given up drinking pasteurized milk long ago. They are part of the yearly loss in milk consumption as reported by many industry statistics.
    The dairy industry is it’s own enemy and in fact helps building the raw milk demand. -I wonder if they are afraid that people might find out the truth about conventionally produced and processed dairy products.
    M. Let’s get back to the core question. What will make you stop your hunger strike?
    Michael: As I said the window of opportunity is closing more and more, but the chance for true miracles is there when you are open for it. I have to meet with Dalton McGuinty to start the dialogue in order to stop my hunger strike. The are four scenarios as I see them at this moment;
    1. Dalton McGuinty forgets his political chess game and agrees to a face to face meeting.—I will gladly walk into his office for a meeting on a very personal level with an attempt to listen and understand each other. I am calling this “breaking down unnecessary barriers” for a better understanding.
    2. Dalton McGuinty keeps listening to his advisers and waits until finally after weeks and weeks of increasing public pressure he agrees. I will be likely by then in a wheel chair because of the lengthy hunger strike. Not too late.
    3. Dalton McGuinty will not act until he finally begins to understand that I am serious. He will then have to come to the farm to meet because I am to weak to travel.
    4. Dalton McGuinty will choose death instead of dialogue.
    M. Are you hopeful?
    Michael: I am always hopeful, because I have great trust that the humanity in every person will reveal itself when challenged with grace, respect and love. McGuinty has a huge responsibility leading the Province of Ontario, but he also is a caring human being. I know that, because I met him before he became Premier and he told me so.
    Stay strong
    Michael: I will, knowing that thousands of people watching ,caring, worrying and praying for a good outcome. I always believe in the ultimate goodness of every person.
    Michael Schmidt
    #393889 Conc. 3 EGR R.R.#1
    Durham Ontario Canada N0G 1R0
    Michael can be reached c/o Beverley Viljakainen
    519-369-6782 or 519-375-7432
    For other sources on raw milk issue
    contact: Kimberly Hartke, Publicist
    The Campaign for Real Milk
    a project of the Weston A. Price Foundation
    Dalton McGuinty, Premier
    Legislative Building
    Queen’s Park
    Toronto ON M7A 1A1
    Fax: 416-325-3745
    Tim Hudak- Leader of the Opposition
    4961 King St. E Unit M1
    Beamsville, ON L0R 1B0
    [email protected]
    905-563-1755 (or toll free at 1-800-665-3697).
    Deb Matthews-Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
    242 Piccadilly Street
    London, ON N6A 1S4
    [email protected]
    519-432-7339 Fax: 519-432-0613
    Andrea Horwath – Leader of the New Democratic Party-
    Hamilton Centre
    Suite 200
    20 Hughson Street South
    Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2A1
    [email protected]
    905-544-9644 Fax: 905-544-5152
    Randy Hillier
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    Unit 1
    105 Dufferin Street
    Perth, Ontario K7H 3A5
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    613-267-8239 Fax: 613-267-7398
    Jack MacLaren
    2 Beaverbrook Mall Unit 102,
    Kanata, ON K2K 1L2
    [email protected]
    Greg Sorbara
    Liberal MPP in Ontario
    Constituency Office
    140 Woodbridge Avenue, Unit AU8 – Market Lane
    Woodbridge, ON L4L 4K9
    905-851-0440 Fax: 905-851-0210
    [email protected]
    Queen’s Park Office
    Room 186, Main Legislative Building
    Toronto, ON M7A 1A4
    416-212-1022 Fax: 416-212-1025
    Larry Miller
    Federal Conservative MP for Grey
    Chair of Standing Committee on Agriculture in Ottawa
    1131 2nd Avenue East, Suite 208
    Owen Sound, ON N4K 2J1
    519-371-1059 Fax: 519-371-1752
    [email protected]
    Room 510, Justice Building
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
    613-996-5191 Fax: 613-952-0979
    [email protected]
    Farm-to-Fork Dinner Fiasco
    By Laura Bledsoe | October 24, 2011
    When an over-zealous regulator shows up at a farm dinner demanding that food be destroyed as hungry guests await, who do you call? Here’s Laura’s account written as a letter to her guests who had come to Quail Hollow Farm expecting a meal of foods harvested from local small family farms.—This incident shows the value of the 24/7 legal hotline for farmers like Laura who need help…even on a Friday night! A member benefit like the hotline is available thanks to the financial support of the many FTCLDF members and donors.
    Dearest Guests, (You have all become dear to us!)
    What an evening we had this last Friday night! It had all the makings of a really great novel: drama, suspense, anticipation, crisis, heroic efforts, villains and victors, resolution and a happy ending. –The evening was everything I had dreamed and hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the farm was filled with friends and guests roaming around talking about organic, sustainable farming practices. Our young interns were teaching and sharing their passion for farming and their role in it. (A high hope for our future!) The pig didn’t get loose.
    Our guests were excited to spend an evening together. The food was prepared exquisitely. The long dinner table, under the direction of dear friends, was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The music was superb. The stars were bright and life was really good.
    And then, …for a few moments, it felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath us and my wonderful world came crashing down. As guests were mingling, finishing tours of the farm, and while the first course of the meal was being prepared and ready to be sent out, a Southern Nevada Health District employee came for an inspection.–Because this was a gathering of people invited to our farm for dinner, I had no idea that the Health Department would become involved. I received a phone call from them two days before the event informing me that because this was a “public event” (I would like to know what is the definition of “public” and “private”) we would be required to apply for a “special use permit”. –If we did not do so immediately, we would be charged a ridiculous fine. Stunned, we immediately complied. —
    We were in the middle of our harvest day for our CSA shares, a very busy time for us, but Monte immediately left to comply with the demand and filled out the required paper work and paid for the fee. (Did I mention that we live in Overton, nowhere near a Health Department office?) Paper work now in order, he was informed that we would not actually be given the permit until an inspector came to check it all out. –She came literally while our guests were arriving! In order to overcome any trouble with the Health Department of cooking on the premises, most of the food was prepared in a certified kitchen in Las Vegas; and to further remove any doubt, we rented a certified kitchen trailer to be here on the farm for the preparation of the meals. The inspector, Mary Oaks, clearly not the one in charge of the inspection as she was constantly on the phone with her superior Susan somebody who was calling all the shots from who knows where. Susan deemed our food unfit for consumption and demanded that we call off the event because:
    1. Some of the prepared food packages did not have labels on them. (The code actually allows for this if it is to be consumed within 72 hours.)
    2. Some of the meat was not USDA certified. (Did I mention that this was a farm to fork meal?)
    3. Some of the food that was prepared in advance was not up to temperature at the time of inspection. (It was being prepared to be brought to proper temperature for serving when the inspection occurred.)
    4. Even the vegetables prepared in advance had to be thrown out because they were cut and were then considered a “bio-hazard”.
    5. We did not have receipts for our food. (Reminder! This food came from farms not from the supermarket! I have talked with several chefs who have said that in all their years cooking they have never been asked for receipts.)
    At this time Monte, trying to reason with Susan to find a possible solution for the problem, suggested turning this event from a “public” event to a “private” event by allowing the guests to become part of our farm club, thus eliminating any jurisdiction or responsibility on their part. This idea infuriated Susan and threatened that if we did not comply the police would be called and personally escort our guests off the property. This is not the vision of the evening we had in mind! So regretfully, again we complied. –The only way to keep our guests on the property was to destroy the food. –I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach I was watching that first dish of Mint Lamb Meatballs hit the bottom of the unsanitized trash can. –Here we were with guests who had paid in advance and had come from long distances away anticipating a wonderful dining experience, waiting for dinner while we were behind the kitchen curtain throwing it away! I know of the hours and labor that went into the preparation of that food. We asked the inspector if we could save the food for a private family event that we were having the next day. (A personal family choice to use our own food.) We were denied and she was insulted that we would even consider endangering our families health. I assured her that I had complete faith and trust in Giovanni our chef and the food that was prepared, (obviously, or I wouldn’t be wanting to serve it to our guests). I then asked if we couldn’t feed the food to our “public guests” or even to our private family, then at least let us feed it to our pigs. (I think it should be a criminal action to waste any resource of the land. Being dedicated to our organic farm, we are forever looking for good inputs into our compost and soil and good food that can be fed to our animals. The animals and compost pile always get our left over garden surplus and food. We truly are trying to be as sustainable as possible.)
    Again, a call to Susan and another negative response. Okay, so let me get this right. So the food that was raised here on our farm and selected and gathered from familiar local sources, cooked and prepared with skill and love was even unfit to feed to my pigs!?! Who gave them the right to tell me what I feed my animals? Not only were we denied the use of the food for any purpose, to ensure that it truly was unfit for feed of any kind we were again threatened with police action if we did not only throw the food in the trash, but then to add insult to injury, we were ordered to pour bleach on it. [U1]Now the food is also unfit for compost as I would be negligent to allow any little critters to nibble on it while it was composting and ingest that bleach resulting in a horrible death. Literally hundreds of pounds of food was good for nothing but adding to our ever increasing land fill! –At some point in all of this turmoil Monte reminded me that I had the emergency phone number for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) on our refrigerator. I put it there never really believing that I would ever have to use it. We became members of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund several years ago as a protection for us, but mostly to add support to other farmers battling against the oppressive legal actions taken against the small farmers trying to produce good wholesome food without government intrusion.–The local, sustainable food battle is being waged all across America! May I mention that not one battle has been brought on because of any illness to the patrons of these farms! The battles are started by government officials swooping down on farms and farmers like SWAT teams confiscating not only the wholesome food items produced but even their farm equipment! Some of them actually wearing HAZMAT suits as if they were walking into a nuclear meltdown! I have personally listened to some of their heart wrenching stories and have continued to follow them through the FTCLDF’s updates. Well, I made the call, told my story and within a short period of time received a phone call back from the FTCLDF’s General Counsel, Gary Cox. When told the story, he simply suggested that we apply our fundamental constitutional right to be protected against “unlawful search and seizure.” I simply had to ask Mary two questions. “Do you have a search warrant?” “Do you have an arrest warrant?” With the answers being “No[U2]”, I politely and very simply asked her to leave our property. As simple as that! She had no alternative, no higher power, no choice whatsoever but to now comply with my desire. She left in a huff making a scene shouting that she was calling the police. She left no paperwork, no Cease and Desist order, no record of any kind that implicated us for one thing, (we had complied to all their orders) only empty threats and a couple of trash cans full of defiled food. I will get back to “the inspector” and her threats shortly. Let’s get to where it really gets good. –While I am on the verge of a literal breakdown, Monte and Gio get creative. All right, we have just thrown all of this food away, we can’t do this, we can’t do that, what CAN we do? Well, we have a vegetable farm and we do have fresh vegetables. (By the way, we were denied even using our fresh vegetables until I informed our inspector that I do have a Producers Certificate from the Nevada Department of Agriculture allowing us to sell our vegetables and other farm products at the Farmers Market. Much of our produce has gone to some of the very finest restaurants in Las Vegas and St. George.)–The wind taken out of the inspector’s sails, Gio and his crew got cookin’. It just so happened that we had a cooled trailer full of vegetables ready to be taken to market the following day. Monte hooked on to the trailer and backed it up right next to the kitchen. Our interns who were there to greet and serve now got to work with lamp oil and began harvesting anew. Knives were chopping, pots of pasta and rice from our food storage were steaming, our bonfire was now turned into a grill and literal miracles were happening before our eyes! –In the meantime, Monte and I had to break the news to our guests. Rather than go into the details here, you can see the video footage on Mark Bowers and Kiki Kalor’s (our friends and guests) website at: —-We explained the situation, offered anyone interested a full refund, and told them that if they chose to stay their dinner was now literally being prepared fresh, as just now being harvested. The reaction of our guests was the most sobering and inspirational experience of the evening. In an instant we were bonded together. They were, of course, out-raged at the lack of choice they were given in their meal. Out-raged at the arrogance of coming to a farm dinner and being required to use only USDA (government inspected) meats. Outraged at the heavy handedness of the Health Department into their lives. Then there was the most tremendous outpouring of love and support. One of our guests, Marty Keach, informed us that he was an attorney and as appalled as everyone else offered his support and counsel if need be, even if it be to the Supreme Court. He was a great comfort in a tense time. With their approval, Giovanni and crew got cooking and the evening then truly began. The atmosphere turned from tense and angry to loving and supportive. As soon as I heard my brother Steve sit down and begin strumming his guitar, I knew something special was happening. Paid guests volunteered their services. Chef Shawn Wallace, a guest, joined Gio and his team his knife flying through the eggplant and squash. Wendy and Thierry Pressyler and so many that I am not even aware of, were helping to grill and transport dishes. Jason and Chrissy Doolen offered to run quick errands. Jeanne Frost, a server for the Wynn hotel, didn’t take a seat and began serving her fellow guests. Before long we were seated at the beautiful table and the most incredible dishes began coming forth. It was literally “loaves and fishes” appearing before our very eyes! We broke bread together, we laughed, we talked, we shared stories, we came together in the most marvelous way. Now this is what I had dreamed, only more marvelous than I could have ever imagined! The sky being bright with glittering stars, we had the telescopes out and invited any guests who desired to look into our starry heaven. While we were looking into the heavens, heaven was looking down upon us! I can’t tell you the number of times I have felt the hand of providence helping us in the work of this farm.
    As hard and demanding as this work is, I KNOW that this is what we are meant to do. I KNOW that it is imperative that we stand up for our food choices.
    I KNOW that local, organic, sustainable food produced by ourselves or by small family, local farms is indispensible to the health and well-being of our families and our communities now and in the future! If this work were not so vitally important, the “evil forces” would not be working so hard to pull it down.
    We were victorious, we will be victorious, we must be! Our grandchildren’s future is at stake! —Back to the inspector. She did call the police. You must remember that we live in a small town. We know these officers. They responded to the call dutifully but were desperately trying to figure out why they had been called. Never in all of their experience had they ever received a call like this. Mary, the inspector, demanded that they give us a citation. The officer in charge said that she was to give us the citation, she responded that no, they were to give us the citation, which they then asked her for what violation. Even with the help of her superior on the phone she could not give them a reason. They asked her to leave which she did. The police were very kind and apologetic for the intrusion. All of this was done without fanfare and out of sight of our guests. The police officers are commended for their professionalism! Now that we have come to the last chapter of our novel, I realize that it ends with a cliff-hanger. As happy as the ending was, it isn’t “happily ever after” yet. This will remain to be seen in the ensuing days, weeks and even years ahead. –Tom Collins, our County Commissioner, furious by the events that took place, having formerly been a board member for the Southern Nevada Health District is putting together a meeting with himself, the current board members and ourselves to make sense of all this mess.—As so many of you have related verbally and through emails your desire to help and be involved, we will keep you informed as events take place. I feel that we have been compelled to truly become active participants in the ongoing battle over our food choices. This is just one small incident that brings to our awareness how fragile our freedoms are. We are now ready to join the fight! –We would encourage all of you who can to contribute and to become a member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. They are not only fighting for the farmers, they are fighting for the consumers to have the right to choose. You can find them at –As I close, I am reminded of the passage written so forcefully by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence: “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” -The same battle continues. I pray the result of the battle will be the same, that we have been “endowed by our Creator with … life and liber
    I. In nearly 40 years, millions of people drank over 3 billion glasses of Alta Dena Dairy raw milk and there was not one epidemic, not one proved case of foodborne illness because of it.
    II. Raw milk produced under gross conditions has not been proved to be the cause of an epidemic. No one been maimed by drinking raw milk. (p. 14-17.) Until 1950, raw milk commonly contained bacterial counts of 3 million ml and 200 ml pathogens, compared to 10,000 ml and 10 ml pathogens now, and there were no epidemics that proved to be caused by raw milk, proving that raw milk is not harmful when containing many pathogens (p. 15, ¶ 2-3) even when used as a preservative for raw meat (p. 21).
    III. A review the cases DHS cited in their Report, p. 4, shows a total of 156 cases from 1973 until 1992, but no outbreaks or epidemics attributed to raw milk. Let’s say that that figure was valid, although it is not, as explained above: 156 cases ¸ 19 years = 5.6 cases each year attributed to raw milk. That is the lowest incidence of any animal product produced. However, there is extensive evidence showing that pasteurization is a great health risk to the public, having caused numerous epidemics. One pasteurized-milk epidemic involved 200 people, another 468 people, another 1,492, another 16,284, another 17,000, and another 197,000 people. In each incident the product was from a single source producer. In the years 1978-1997 there were 232,485 people who suffered due to outbreaks from pasteurized milk. (p. 5-7.) If we were to disregard all of the other outbreaks from pasteurized milk and consider only those listed on pages 5-8, we have: 232,485 cases ¸ 19 years = 12,236 people effected each year from bacteria in pasteurized milk. In almost all cases, CDC reported that investigation showed proper pasteurization. CDC’s figures and CDC’s conclusion that ” pasteurization provides assurances against infection”, are contradictory and untrustworthy. Considering that CDC attributed only 4% of foodborne illness to milk consumed in the same bulk as other foods, it is the safest product to consume and does not merit the prejudice that it receives. But as the facts state, pasteurized milk has caused 2,185 times more Foodborne illness than was attributed to raw milk.
    IV. The decline in raw milk consumption met with a dramatic increase in Salmonella illness, . It could be reasonably argued that the deprivation of raw milk to the public resulted in a loss of natural immunity to bacteria and more people succumbed, and continue to succumb, to bacterial illness. The ill effects to cultural groups from loss of raw milk and allergies to pasteurized milk has been repeatedly studied and confirmed.
    Ø Strains of bacteria have become immune to antibacterial agents and humans are becoming more susceptible to bacteria illness. (p. 30, ¶ 6.) Science has proved that humans become immune to bacteria to which they are exposed. Legally and morally, it would be correct to allow people to develop or maintain natural immunity by ingesting them in food-form, especially those who are considered “high risk”. People who buy raw milk are aware that there may be pathogens within it by the Government warning label.
    Ø There has been no proof that feeding or contact with raw milk is unsafe or dangerous to infants and children , nor to the “high risk” groups defined by health departments. We are not saying that food-poisoning does not exist. We have no evidence that raw milk has proved to cause any illness in any children and other “at high risk” individuals. Evidence exists that infants and children thrive on raw milk. (p. xx, and Exh. L.) Illnesses in infants have been treated successfully with raw milk for centuries in hospitals and clinics. (p.16-17.) Raw milk reduced infant deaths in hospital by 94%.
    ~~~Some Outbreaks Attributed to Bacterial Food-poisoning from Pasteurized Milk ~~~
    A 1945 ,492 cases for the year in the U.S.A.
    A 1945 outbreak, 300 cases in Phoenix, Arizona.
    A 1945 everal outbreaks, 468 cases of gastroenteritis, 9 deaths, in Great Bend, Kansas.
    A 197 8 outbreak, 68 cases in Arizona.
    A 1982 ver 17,000 cases of yersinia enterocolitica in Memphis, Tenn.
    A 1982 72 cases, with over 100 hospitalized from a three-Southern-state area.
    A 1983 outbreak, 49cases of listeriosis in Massachusetts.
    A 1984 August, 1 outbreak S. typhimurium, approximately 200 cases, at one plant in Melrose
    Park, IL.
    A 1984 November, 1 outbreak S. typhimurium, at same plant in Melrose Park, IL.
    A 1984 March, 1 outbreak, 16,284 confirmed cases, at same plant in Melrose Park, IL.
    A 1985¾197,000 cases of antimicrobial-resistant Salmonella infections from one dairy in
    A 1985 ,500+ cases, Salmonella culture confirmed, in Northern Illinois.
    A 1993 outbreaks statewide, 28 cases Salmonella infection.
    A 1994 outbreaks, 105 cases, E. Coli & Listeria in California.
    A 1995 outbreak, 3 cases in California.
    A 1996 outbreaks Campylobactor and Salmonella, 48 cases in California.
    A 1997 outbreaks, 28 cases Salmonella in California.
    Dr. Pottenger elaborated on malnourishment caused by pasteurized dairy
    “Can human infants be born of mothers who are deficient, and yet attain a fair degree of skeletal development if given a proper raw milk supply? ,The three infants were born of mothers known to be hypothyroid. Prior to the birth of the infants shown, all three mothers had given birth to children within three years. Each of the previous children was asthmatic, showed infantile rickets, and possessed poor skeletal development. The first child shown in Figure 4 [healthiest-looking] was breast fed from birth, with the mother living under excellent health-promoting conditions. The second child was on powdered milk for four weeks, and on raw certified milk after that without cod-liver oil or orange juice. Both the first and second child began supplemental feedings when they were about five months old and were very healthy babies. The third baby was always sickly and had been on formulae since birth. These formulae included powdered milk, pasteurized milk, boiled milk, boiled certified milk and canned milk. She had suffered from severe gastric distress during her entire infancy and when eight months old she developed asthma. She is very small though her parents are of larger build.[10]
    Steinman studied rats.[11] The decay process in rats’ teeth is biologically identical to that in human teeth. He divided his rats into several groups. The control group received a standard nutritious rat chow made by the Purina Company. Steinman discovered that these rats would average less than one cavity for their entire lifetime. The second group received a very heavy refined sugar diet. Although they grew faster than the Purina rats, they averaged 5.6 cavities per rat. The third group was fed “homogenized Grade A pasteurized milk” and they had almost twice as many cavities as the sugar-fed group – 9.4 cavities per animal. Dr. Weston Price in Nutrition and Human Degeneration proved fifty years ago what Steinman showed in 1963: Processed milk leads to disease and premature death.[12] Nizel of Tufts University reported that decayed teeth were four times more common in pasteurized milk-fed babies as opposed to breast-fed babies. Dr. Weston Price, D D.S., proved that processed food, such as pasteurized milk, causes poor development of the facial bones.
    The pituitary hormone, TSH, stimulates the thyroid gland. If minute amounts of this pituitary hormone were absorbed daily from unbalanced pasteurized milk, depression of the thyroid gland could eventually result. Low thyroid function has become extremely common in the USA. Some experts estimate that fifty percent of the people over fifty years of age have some degree of low functioning thyroid. Another hormone from the pituitary, ADH, absorbed regularly from pasteurized milk causes water retention. ACTH, a powerful adrenal stimulator, absorbed regularly from pasteurized milk contributes to everything from diabetes and hypertension to Addison’s Disease (adrenal exhaustion), and acne. Several cancers, such as ovarian cancer, have been linked to the consumption of pasteurized dairy products. According to a study by Daniel Cramer, M.D., and colleagues at Harvard, pasteurized dairy-product consumption affects a woman’s ovaries.[24] Some women have particularly low levels of certain enzymes, and when they consume processed dairy products on a regular basis, their risk of ovarian cancer can triple that of other women.
    Pasteurized milk is touted for preventing osteoporosis, yet clinical research shows otherwise. The Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, 1997, which followed more than 75,000 women for 12 years, showed no protective effect of increased processed-milk consumption on fracture risk. [31] In fact, increased intake of calcium from pasteurized dairy products was associated with a higher fracture risk. An Australian study showed the same results.[32] Additionally, other studies have found no protective effect of pasteurized dairy calcium on bone.[33]
    The British journal The Lancet reported, “Resistance to tuberculosis increased in children fed raw milk instead of pasteurized, to the point that in five years only one case of pulmonary TB had developed, whereas in the previous five years, when children had been given pasteurized milk, 14 cases of pulmonary TB had developed.” Raw milk also contains an anti-viral agent. In 1997, British studies have shown that some mysterious substance in the aqueous portion of the raw milk, below the cream layer, works against viral infections.[49] Formula and boiled milk do not contain this virus-fighting agent. The enzyme lipase aids in the digestion of fats. It is plentiful in raw milk but destroyed by pasteurization. One of the most remarkable and important discoveries in medicine, the incredible healing power of fresh raw milk, goes unnoticed by the medical profession. No one knows who first used raw milk as a therapeutic agent, probably the Egyptians. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed raw milk for tuberculosis. Dr. J.E. Crewe, from the Mayo Foundation, Rochester, Minnesota, presented his findings on the therapeutic uses of raw milk before the Minnesota State Medical Society in 1923. Although Dr. Crewe’s experiments were on the feeding of raw milk for disease, the key, he injects, is not milk but rawmilk. Dr. Crewe reported, “While milk is widely used and recommended as an article of diet, it is seldom used by regular physicians exclusively as an agent in the treatment of disease. For fifteen years I have employed the so-called [raw] milk treatment in various diseases … the results obtained in various types of illnesses have been so uniformly excellent that one’s conception of disease and its alleviation is necessarily modified.” [52] His report was met with apathy and indifference, saying, “The method itself is so simple that it does not greatly interest medical men.[53] The fact that many diseases are treated and successful results [ignored], leads almost to disrespect.” Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland found that raw cows milk contains 2½ times more of the enzyme lgG than pasteurized milk. This important enzyme inhibits rotavirus organisms that cause diarrhea in infants. It has been known since the earliest days of husbandry that the newborn calf thrives on raw milk. Calves fed pasteurized milk since birth die by the third month. Francis Pottenger, M.D. proved there is deficiency disease, similar to Vitamin C deficiency (scurvy) that can be cured by giving an endocrine product that contains no Vitamin C. He proved that raw milk has this endocrine nutrient and pasteurized milk does not. He proved that raw milk reversed and prevented scurvy. The Bahimas of Africa drink six pints a day. In fact, they eat little else. This is also true of the Nuers of the Upper Nile, the Todas, the Kazaks, and the Hottentots. They all live healthfully Fermented raw milk has been shown to retard tumor growth and decrease the activity of alkylating agents associated stomach cancer.[65]
    Recipe for Raw Milk
    Use 2 cups of raw milk add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of red wine ( your choice) 2 drops of propolis and cinnamon extract 1/2 teaspoon blend and then proceed to drink you can add a potato to this as a meal baked or cooked in oil and water mixed with herbs….this combo can hold you fro up to eight hours, maintaining strength no desire to eat. Sugar levels maintain and maintain for a long period of time, protein a uptake is almost felt immediately and fat is decreased off the body as a result of the lipase and CLA content