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Personal protection 9 posts • Page 1 of 1 Personal protection by josh » Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:03 pm Some years ago I made two Orgonite pendants for two different doctors that worked in the X Ray unit in radiology, their report after a while was that they were no longer as tired, their overall energy was good and their outlook on life also became somewhat brighter. This was 8 or so years ago, the Orgonite that I made then was not was it is today, today with the iron oxide/nano material and the fine sand/crystals, we are making a much superior product. What it look like is that the Orgonite is able to transform the X Ray, will it do the same for the radiations for the Haarp created nuclear problem?, I would nor be surprise if it did, either way, we do not want to part form our pendants, anyone with more info on the subject is welcome to share J josh Re: Personal protection by Gifter » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:21 pm A friend stopped over yesterday , he just about became airborne when he seen and felt my energy garden. He brought his Geiger counter , he had readings not good, about 50 ft from my energy garden it was very windy, He then checked close to orgonite, plasterite, and a sack of glass beads. The counter returned to O ( zero) for all them . He was amazed.These readings were taken at the same spot 50 ft away from my E garden. I blessed him with several plasterite cones and stars, 8 Texas muffens,a 1 gal size gridbuster and several sacks of glass beads. I would suggest we all have some good stuff in every room in our homes. Gifter Re: Personal protection by josh » Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:58 pm Thank you Gifter, it look like what we are doing is working, made a mistake this morning: I went to Etheric warrior to see if there was comment about radiations, I did not see any but saw all the comments posted about the Plasterite, wow, those folks need to make some and feel the affect. J josh Re: Personal protection by josh » Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:52 pm Of interest, yesterday we were doing some muscle testing about radiation versus Orgonite pendants, when asking about the pendant reducing radiations it was always a no, then after a while I changed the question to : is the Orgonite neutralizing the affect of radiations in the body ? we got a big yes. So ware your orgon generator, golly we may be the only one left on the planet when the show is over Josh Re: Personal protection by josh » Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:58 pm More deception from our leaders, welcome to the new and improved world wide gas chamber. I am hearing from all kind of friends who live in various parts of Europe that the contents from the Chemtrails what they used to spray on us has changed recently. Some of my friends who have a Geiger counter are measuring INCREDIBLE high radiation quickly after those chemtrail plains flew over. This has never happened before that they measured radiation coming from the chemtrail jets a few minutes after they passed !! I have friends in FRANCE, UK, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND. And they all measure this shit !!! This means that the establishment is misusing the situation from Japan and started to bombard the whole world with PLUTONIUM and such.... NOT BROUGHT BY THE WIND, BUT BY PLANES !!!!! Look at California (see link below), I mean I just cannot believe that the Wind took this super high concentration of Radiation to this place. Also what I heard in the Netherlands, the radiation in the air is going sky high a few minutes after those chemtrail planes just did their spraying thing. So high that is almost comparable to measurements close to the area of Fukushima !! IT IS NOT THE RADIATION COMING FROM JAPAN THAT IS INFECTING THE WORLD, IT IS THE RADIATION WHAT THEY ARE NOWADAYS DAILY LITERALLY SPRAYING ABOVE OUR HEADS. JUST LIKE WHAT THEY DID TO THE JEWS IN THE CAMPS !!! REMEMBER THOSE SHOWERS !!!!!!!!! California: ... its-13014/ People who I see walking on the streets in my neighborhood are coughing like crazy over here (area in FRANCE) Yesterday I helped an old woman to get up, she just dropped on the street, she forgot to take her rollator she told me. While she just had in her hand for god sake, it was laying next to her !!! But she did not realize it...... Cheers !! ... y=nav|head josh Re: Personal protection by Edostar » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:39 pm   Hi Josh. Thanks for posting this. Ghastly as it may seem; it is perfectly in character and quite typical of the criminal network who assume that they are clandestinely in control of the World. I have no reason to doubt that what you say is true. For an idea of how the free radioactive particulates are flowing around the globe; this site gives real-time satellite images at different altitudes: ... H=0&LOOP=1 Dan. Re: Personal protection by josh » Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:30 pm   OK folks we have something to work on; The power industry has installed lots and lots of "smart meters", those meters broadcast the reading of the electric meter to the receiver where ever they may be, the broadcast of EMF from those meters is very strong and creating much havoc in the health of many people that are sensitive to those frequencies. A young lady contacted me for help since she was badly affected by a near by meter, so I sent her some nano pendants, some Pillows, and other Orgonite pieces. The result was totally negative, no result what so ever, nothing worked until she was able to warp the meter in aluminum foil (couple of time), that did it. So I have been at a lost since then in trying to find something that could work, at the same time trying to validate the effectiveness of Orgonite, this is not the first time it happened, I am not saying that the Orgonite is not doing something, but certainly not nearly enough I could try broadcasting 15 hz with a large crystal, but still not sure Anyone with a bright idea??????? Please no aluminum hats Josh josh Re: Personal protection by monsoon gecko » Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:19 am Smart Meters..........have heard how smart meters here in Australia are ripping people off in $$$ and health. Remember reading how someone slipped a doughnut shaped orgonite over the round meter and achieved good results Thought this may have been the article on WM, but not the one, although good info. Maybe alluminium foil works better than we know ...ha ha Some more info on Smart Meters A few hours later.....I found this, mmm..more info from the crowhouse ... sed/#video Haven't come across one would think orgonite would work a treat. Cheers monsoon gecko