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    How to make plaster based Orgonite ?

    The basic way

    WATER 1200ML  / 1.2 Liter
    PLASTER 1 Liter
    QUARZ SAND     ( natural Beach Sand *) 250 ml
    SALT ( natural / organic ) 1 Table spoon
    • Note : if you use beach sand the salt is already present so you can skip adding salt.

    This basic concept can be influenced by adding other materials that increase or change the energy output.These enhancers can be used but without enhancers the life force energy will be activated just as well.In other words one is free to choose enhancers if one feels the need to do so.Over time some good enhancers have come up to the surface and passed the test.

    Rock Crystals 1 crystal or more
    Sea Weed 1 Table spoon
    Zeolite Powder 1 or… Table spoons
    Gemstones Use cheap and small gemstones
    Rose Quartz 1 or more
    Sea Shells  ( with a chamber) Plenty
    Quartz Stones/Pebbles 1 or more

    Recipe – Ingredients/proportions.
    1 litre of water – including a quantity of water that has been energised by leaving it in the sun with crystals in it for a number of hours. Or you can use ordinary water and add some crystals or crystal powder. Possibly not as effective and not as economical, with the energised water the crystal energy is spread through the totality of the water.
    1.5 liter of Plaster of Paris 
    150-250 mls sand i.e. beach sand or builder’s sand.
    1 tablespoon natural salt e.g. Himalayan salt 
    Strong intentions
    Bucket or basin for mixing.
    Moulds, lightly oiled if other than silicone. 
    1 or 2 litre measuring jugs.
    Whisk to stir.
    Before you start,don’t forget that selenite is a substance with a certain awareness. Also have considered what you are going to use as your intentions while stirring the mixture.
    My regular intentions are:
    Wishing for the Greatest Good of All
    Divine Light
    Unconditional Love
    Blue Skies
    An end to chemtrails
    I ask for the selenite to remember the vibrations of chemtrails so it can latch onto them very quickly. I also ask for Selenite to connect to all the Selenite all over the world. Thus even a small piece will be very powerful.
    Calculate what quantity you want to make. Have your moulds already oiled. Best to have your Plaster of Paris and sand measured out. If you have lots of crystal energized water you can use it ‘neat’. If not, use about one cupful into 3 or 4 litres of ordinary water. This water will take on the crystal energy. Dissolve the salt in some warm or hot water and make up to the required amount with the crystal water/plain water.
    Pour in the Plaster of Paris and let it soak in the water for a minute or two while thinking/saying your intentions. Then stir or whisk gently till smooth. Quickly add in the sand and stir till mixed in. Without delay pour into moulds.
    If pouring a lot, pour into the smaller moulds first, as the mix will thicken up very quickly. This is particularly the case when pouring into bottles, probably better to make a rather watery mixture in this case. For bigger pieces, i.e. cones, try to be patient and wait for at least a day before unmoulding.For smaller pieces they have usually hardened up very quickly.If you want to paint them, please let them dry out for several days, as a lot of evaporation has to take place. They can be dried in the oven for some hours at 90 degrees or less.If you are pouring Selenite into bottles for gifting into water, leave them with the tops off for at least 3 days before putting caps on.
    For gifting outside, in the countryside for example, I usually put the pieces into plastic bags loosely tied at the top, to stop them getting wet.You can add seashells (spiral type for the Phi effect), small pine cones, essences and essential oils.
    The most powerful thing you can make is a Blue Sky Broadcaster, where you make a large cone or other shape, and wrap it with a (20 meter ) heavy electric extension cable Put a plug at either end, one to attach to an appliance that is preferably left on all the time, the other into a socket. This enables the positive Life Force Energy to flow back into the electric grid and harmonize the whole area.
    What is Plasterite?
    Plasterite is a tool to protect you and your family from the harmful energy emitted by computers, TVs, cell phones, cell phone towers, wifi, smart meters, etc. It pulls in and transforms these frequencies into a different form of energy (also known as chi, prana, orgonite or life force energy) that is very beneficial to people, pets, and plants. Plasterite is a substance made of non-toxic ingredients: plaster of Paris, sand, crystals, Himalayan salt, and crystal-infused water. I also include essential oils, zeolite, bentonite clay, spirulina, azomite, and powdered kelp. These extra ingredients are chosen for their healing and cleansing properties. After everything is mixed together, I pour it into molds where it hardens rapidly and forms a crystalline structure.
    Benefits of plasterite:
    The effects of plasterite differ from person to person. Commonly reported effects are:
    • Better sleep and vivid dreams; frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares
    • Balanced, happier moods; relief from depression and anxiety
    • Promotes plant growth
    • Cleans stagnant and negative energy
    • Deepens meditation
    • Strengthens intentions and visualizations
    • Brings joy to children
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Where should I put my plasterite pieces?
    Near any electronic device: by your computer, near your cell phone (especially if you leave it by your bed at night), near your wifi, in your car (to protect you both from the electronic systems of your car and the many cell phone towers you drive by), in your fridge (you may find that your food stays fresh longer), and on your nightstand.
    Is it OK to paint plasterite?
    What do you paint it with?
    My energy-sensitive friends report that paint modifies the energy of plasterite. It still works, but it is more subdued. Painted pieces are still beneficial and functional! I paint my pieces either with nontoxic acrylic paint or watercolor. Plasterite makes a wonderful 3-D canvas for watercolor paints!
    How do you know that plasterite works?
    Though invisible to us, there is an energetic cleansing and exchange that takes place in plasterite. Much like a box of baking soda pulls out and neutralizes odors in a refrigerator, plasterite pulls in and neutralizes harmful energy from electronics. There are unfortunately no scientific tools that measure life force energy! This is an energy that is better understood from a quantum physics perspective, a discipline which is still unfolding to the world. Instead, we rely on testimonials and reports from people who are sensitive to the energy of crystals. They describe the energy of plasterite as a cool, smooth, calming feeling that spreads slowly through their body. Plasterite is a reconstituted crystal; it has crystalline energy in a matrix similar to quartz (which is used in computer chips, radios, and more).
    Plasterite is made out of many different gemstones, minerals, and millions of gypsum crystals that are created as the plaster sets (plaster of Paris is a powdered gypsum, a form of the gemstone selenite). Plasterite contains trillions of tiny cavities (formed when the water in its matrix evaporates), and energy resonates in each cavity.
    Will plasterite ever wear out or become filled up with negative energy from electronics?
    No. It is self-cleansing and will continue to function forever.
    There is sand in plasterite, which is mainly composed of quartz (which is also self-cleansing); this is why it doesn’t need cleansing the way some crystals do.