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Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:20 am



Wow what a post thanks Sunflower, containing so much ‘good stuff’ Yes I agree it’s time for a break from posting until we can’t resist any more, or until some really interesting news happens, like big breakthroughs in awareness raising, or more Workshops (probably not until the Spring). I’m really looking forward to meeting people in the North of the country, I have my little list of contacts in mind, in Donegal or Tyrone who knows, either would be a great base.

You mentioned Terry Lawton. I heard a few weeks ago about a protest march taking place on Sunday next re Climate Change. think they will be happening all over the world. It took me some time to get clarification from Terry that it’s quite different to what us anti-geoengineering folk believe, which was what I basically knew already. Even so, he/we decided we should have a presence at that March, we will give out leaflets and DVDs, because well-meaning people still don’t grasp the big picture. So I’mm hoping a lot of anti-geo’s will turn up, but am not holding my breath, everybody too busy, or not interested enough. Let’s say the ‘usual suspects’ all 6 or 7 of us will turn up.

Finally, I’m really touched by your so kind offer of a donation for my workshop fund, it’s true I’ve happily spent quite a lot of money over the last few months, 50 + bags of plaster don’t come that cheap, even bargaining the shop guys down to 14 euros a bag. Plus travel, etc. But done because I have a passion to get the information out there. The healing Caroline I talked to yesterday asked me who is the main promoter of Plasterite in Ireland and I had to say ‘well… em… me’ :) I don’t think it came as a surprise to her, but she was surprised to hear I’d made and gifted about 2,000 kgs in the last six months.

I’ll be looking out for opportunities to maybe sell a few decorated pieces, but in the meantime still handing them out happily to anyone who’s attention I can attract. As for gifting, with the dark nights and bad weather it’s not that easy. But I’ll certainly keep pouring and can’t wait till the Spring to start networking again. I hope everyone enjoys a well-deserved rest and looking forward to full steam ahead again in a couple of months. Big hugs and love.

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