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    Gifting the Healer

    Today I visited my healer…an appointment…I do a session of healing once a year , more or less
    to balance myself out…we all should do that…to keep our sanity in this world nowadays…it is nothing special but it works very well…amazingly well
    like the plasterite, very silly to look at for the uninitiated …but it works…it gets the job done…I am already on my own path and letting the creative angle of it all come into the bigger picture, this holistic touch , so needed nowadays
    so needed…the bigger perspective…that is why I do let in positive good topics into this forum too
    not just ” orgonite” as it is…because orgonite is just a tool…the life force energy creates a blank have to fill in that sheet with good work
    good work can be anything you wish..anything you does not per se have to be related to the world outside
    can be, can also be a personal journey you share for others to insights, new ways, or a guidance out of the matrix world instead of watching too many propaganda , the allowed broadcasters out there, reptile man and company nonsense LOL
    So in order for me to get a ” blank sheet” I do visit a is a help, a stimulance, call it what you want……….it pushes you over that edge…can you do without healers ?
    yes you can but a lot of progress would come along very slowly or not so the healer helps you to create a blank sheet ( remove stress, old ways of thinking, blockades, etc) more you are on your way much quicker and with good vibes more rapidly
    that s the point of healing…it is not black magic, it is working with nature
    but to us , now, it almost looks like black magic…as most are so detached from reality… always I was very skeptical, or more precisely, always questioning things
    all things…but I saw folk having results around me , using the technique she uses, good results so…I thought ..ah well..nothing to lose right?
    Well yes , the first time was the most intense
    than a few extra sessions…now it is just one session a year…takes an hour or so…it is really nothing fancy…you dont have to lay down or anything
    just sit and do some simple things…one of the things that is used to measure is muscle pressure
    it is a very effective method and no you don’t have to do much…physically I mean
    no ” exercises” or whatever…it is very simple and natural…it s like cleaning the car…as over time it might get dirty …happens to all cars
    shifting the energy balance, the emotional pointer to neutral again…works great, esp on stress topics and all sorts of blocking issues
    we all have that as we all are humans…does that mean the healer has to go to another healer to get healed once in a while ?
    Yes, that also…Sure

    The healing does that , the cleanup if you wish
    it can do a lot….it is not something to be discussed endlessly
    it is something to be experienced…whether you can decide it is for you or not…it is not something to be believed in or not to be believed in
    it has nothing to do with all that old thinking…she has the best results with business folk, stressed managers and the like
    the true ” non believers” in all that ” hocus pocus” …:)

    today she told me about a hunter , who hunts big most hunters are control freaks among other ” issues” ;)
    she told he a a phobic for ….mice…completely freak out…he cannot control the mouse , sounds silly , but some people are like that
    so the mouse becomes the elephant and he loses his marbles…yes ..people are strange creatures
    and as he cannot talk about that issue the thing got out of hand…so it is not just burned out bank CEO s who visit her
    all sorts of folk…basically it does not matter what the physical manifestation of the issue is
    because, as we know by now, in the end it is all energy…in one form or another…it is energy…period
    how you use it or what you accomplish with it is up to the individual…in what size or form it shows itself, etc, etc
    that is totally uninmportant…it all does not matter in the bigger picture…once you balance that energy, regardless of what labeling you use, things move ahead properly, as simple as that…it is something you have to try to see what it does, it is not something , as stated, to keep talking about
    as talking in itself is not going to solve anything, her techniques is very down to earth…very simple, very effective
    if you would look at a session, you would think , there is nothing happening…physically…just two people sitting opposite eachother
    sometimes she holds the wrist, uses a sort of ” zapper” , says thing to repeat to get you back into balance again…it is a speed guide to acceptance and growth, spiritual growth, so much about that ….and just as with natural life force energy, all that ” healing stuff” is pushed outside the window by the psychopatich control grid

    Anyway…I gave her a cone…one of my strongest and in selenite terms most expensive cones
    it is not too big, medium sized…twenty inches…very light now after months…loaded with crystals, rose quartz, some gems too, and herbs and oils
    gave it a fancy looking paint, a sort of lime wash gold flavor…very artistic, one of my best pieces, but I thought, let s go for it
    let s just do it….so I did….and gave her one afterwards….even though I was , the moment I got it out of the bag a bit doubtful because the energy cone feels so good and strong I d hoped she would say no :lol: :lol: …………but….she said………………….yes

    shit , now I lost my best one there…ah well, she is happy as a puppy
    big smiles…oh yes…no she is not into ” this”., not saying she couldn’t, it s just nobody told her yet hehehe…..but she feels it right away…almost jumped around the room with that gift….well some eye opener there…she is redecorating the house upstairs and it would fit perfectly in one of those rooms
    so….synchronicity , oh my god, unbelievable…so life can be a nice ride too…it is not just about NWO crap all the time
    well, she lives about twenty miles from here so a nice blue orgone grid is building up there rapidly now
    strong piece with lots of intents
    free orgonite for everyone !
    out of my pocket of course LOL
    :P :P :P

    it always surprises me that healers or aware folk , most of them, catch on so fast on the natural method
    they get it right away…it was a bigger replica of the German Energy Model…twice as big…in special plaster the marble plaster
    like alabaster…very slick…if you would go to a art shop a similar piece out of a similar material or so with the same effect would cost you bigggggg bucks
    and nobody would complain….not a second…anyway it was a good day