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    Yesterday, with the healer, we talked about letting go, letting go of the things that hold us down, grind us down
    we must let go of that as it limits us, those who do the good work in thousand flavors
    Also learn to respond to people who are ready to be receiving of truth, only a few are like that, so try to live with it.
    Must learn to remove ourselves from the mindset that sort of locks us in the control grid
    Duality is logic but it should not become a boundary in our work

    In other words, keep aware of the system, what it is upto , the agendas , etc as there are many on a roll, we are living through it actually
    but dont let it force you into the anti standpoint only, as the way I see it it is more worthwhile to live your live and do your own experimentation with the life force energy..that energy will connect you to other topics, like a catapult…it makes you jump over borders that were there before, at least you thought they were
    selenite in the way we use it has so many wonderful things in store….live your life and do your own work…the propaganda and sheeple around us are annoying but so be it…ignore it…you cant do anything about it…stop worrying about things you cannot change…focus on the great changes you can accomplish…in other words, stop beating your head against the wall because the Iphone people wont wake up…it is their choice…we have to move on…can t spend too much time on that topic of limitation….as I see it creativity, original thinking and methods dealing with the energy topic can push you forward
    only you can get yourself ahead…that s the nasty part of it…you have to do it all by yourself…also have to be more aware to the intuition as it shows a lot
    usually we push it aside….but it is important to pay attention to it seriously….

    heheheh love this one in the video….it s still a rather mild rant …so true…
    No J, didnt know this one, now I do ;) thank you for sharing :P :P



    so true …so on the ball there..he even touches on taboo topics , like tattoos, vegan, and all that shite
    amazing…we see that a lot nowadays, those folks…penny wise, pound foolish
    one good start is …
    just to get the ball rolling as they say…looks a bit like me while I was on the sheeple avenue also known as Facebook
    yep…did not bring me too many fans, luckily
    I mean that would be our worst nightmare imagining the sheeple would agree to our points
    oh my…we cant handle that LOL hehehe
    just the thought you know….amazing….well..wont happen
    ever….Yo J, if we keep flogging them with so much truth boy it just might someone s feelings
    maybe Mrs Braindead in Arkansas might not be amused or so
    or we might loose our ten fans here…LOL
    well…wink ..wink…nod nod….these….are not donating anyway so…except for a few , of course, we know who they are the few

    Looked this guy up and he is not kosher
    he does say a lot of good stuff in this particular video
    but if you look deeper he is a total scam in other areas
    flat earth, jadija
    a strange creature Math Powerland …is…to put it mildly
    smells up to heaven but this rant is excellent
    a paid shill causing havoc with armies of trolls
    nevertheless this rant is fabulous
    but dont gobble up the rest of it or you will be talking flat earth and reptiles soon…
    it was a good performance if you dont look at the masonic hand signs he throws around like cookies
    he is a scam, a scam with a wonderful rant
    still there is some crap in it too
    if you pay attention…you can pick it out easily…mixed into the soup
    who cares

    thinking about an idea lady Jennifer
    maybe we can make a new topic , just for you , so you can show some devices
    and put an email address there too, so folk can reach you if interested
    to sell a few pretties
    so folk can at least do something real and positive
    as they are just chewing popcorn all the time
    you know, J , in the old days, early orgonite days folk would coorporate, you know, send stuff to eachother
    etc etc, nobody really works together
    we are open for business but the sheep are not amused
    and real folk is hard to find these days, like the guy in the above presentation
    good talk there
    yes why not, let s open an ” orgonite” shop here LOL
    let s roll….
    think about it J

    pictures came from david dees website