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    Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:49 pm


    Yes Jennifer, the guy in the zombie movie is a BS artist, promotes CIA crap like flat eath shite and the rest of it
    But all those people know their game and must do something right , once in a while
    to at least lure folk in
    usually by giving something special they dont know or doing something in a new way
    so folk say ” ah , that s the real one”
    The one
    one = un = french for one = united nations = one world goverment
    you say, they laugh at us all the time..have their little gigs with us..
    it s so obvious what s all going on…..they play with the people like rats in a lab



    TheNASAchannel r.jpg

    you know , it s all meant to make us look like idiots
    that s what it s all about , to discredit truth and blur the whole thing into phantasy and bullshit

    but you see all those folk the paytriots, do give out a lot of truth, to catch the audience you see
    that s how cointel works, they give lots and lots of truths, that s the ” bait”
    so the rant he does is rather good
    although there is some crap in it, the drone thing, the ” fake space photos” , yes NASA fools us big time, that s a fact
    but we have to keep in into perspective
    ” keep the mental breaks on”

    the rat has to be fed good stuff
    99.9 % good stuff otherwise, as the rat is a natural creature , very wise and cautious
    he wont take the bait
    but now he does and it is game over
    if the rat takes the bait

    to lure folk in as they will check out or know basic kindergarten facts, gmo, fracking, globalism, geo-engineering, etc. and think hmmm that s our girl or boy, you see.
    And before you know, once they have a large ” flock” they steer you off into LALALAND
    always, that always happens. That s the technique
    This eternal rubbish Icke and Jones are all about

    There is always a con in it somewhere, that s the ” hook ” to hook you and make you change directions or change perceptions and so forth.
    Like this Icke reptile guy does all the time, and, like rat poison, one only need 0.1 % of poison to kill the rat.
    In other words it does not have to be much disinfo, it just has to be the right sort of disinformation to completely take out the opposition
    make them chase their tails forever.

    When I woke up, like most of you, well…you just somehow end up in their charitable arms right ? :lol:
    That s why those jokers are put out there to catch the sheep the run away and put them back into the grid.
    That s their function.
    To control opposition, render it harmless , defuse it.

    I dont want to be too blunt on this but there are not too many , if at all, real heroes , male or female , out there
    yes there are some out there but they dont have the big funding , following, promotion etc, it will never surpass grassroots
    because real truth is not allowed if one does the real work one will never be famous or rich
    manipulation is mandatory, this control thing again.
    Most folk fall for the scams unfortunately because they never question anything, they just follow the leader
    as they are trained to , again, from school onwards, always obey obey submit submit
    never ever daring or willing to question

    Mark Twain had a quote on that , that reluctance or how easy it is to fool people and once they are fooled how difficult it is to bring them out of their illusions.

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    He had a lot of other good quotes too.

    So once people take the bait and the hook comes in and catches them it is not easy to make them reason properly again.
    They have been contaminated and people dont like to hear that about their heros.
    Once the hook comes in , through the bait, the person is derailed
    and turned laughable
    because they will start to talk about UFO, aliens, Pleiadian crap, all that nonsense
    and the dominant minority, our owners, laugh their asses off
    they have fun with the cattle you see

    When I was on facebook I learned so much about that sort of thing
    members come in and I check them out, to see what they are up to, usually, 90 % of the time, they are controlled
    those are not real people , those are clones, sock puppets spouting agendas
    controlled sheep
    sheeple 2.0 as Sheridan calls them
    gobbling up the propaganda
    people have no idea how well organised this deception game really is
    the scope of it
    the depth is remarkable

    And you know what
    they make sure once the propaganda is out there you cannot stand up against it
    very smart system
    you cannot speak out against it , show it is what is basically all lis a massive scientifically controlled con game
    in simple terms ” mind control” comes in many flavors
    if you do you are called ” rascist, non believer, cointel,etc ”

    if you speak out about the manipulated destruction of cultures in the west using this mass emigration thingy they got going now you are called rascist
    if you speak out about geo engineering, chemtrails, you are called a global warming denier or something like that or a conspiracy nutter
    if you speak out about this austerity thing you are called selfish because you dont ” share the pain”
    if you speak out against the communistic / fascist agenda you are not ” pulling your weight for the benefit of a better utopia” ( for the elite that is not for us )
    if you speak out against this massive destruction of the family using , among other things, this gay agenda s and transhumanism and all that hoopla you are so anti social
    if you speak out against gmo / monsanto you dont want to contribute to ease ” world hunger”
    if you speak out against this incessant surveillance state this planet has become you are called ” paranoia” or ” do you have something to hide” bla bla bla
    if you speak out against the scam the truth movement has been turned into than one is so ” negative” not in tune with the pleiadians or something

    No I dont got something to hide, what s there to be hidden , I just got some bags of plaster of Paris LOL, that s not the point , I dont like to be controlled and monitored and nudged and spied upon
    I just dont like it
    gosh something went wrong with my programming for sure :)

    the fish in the river , the oak in the field got more rights than humans now all pushed by these funded NGO that run the planet on behalf of their masters
    the money boys and their secret brotherhood societies

    as simple as that

    we are just not fit for this ” brave new world” they bring in now, you see
    that s our “problem”
    we can still reason, some of us, to some extent, that s a no no
    so we dont have the right stuff to go into the future ;)
    bad…bad…slaves…so disobediant to our loving masters we are

    Also there s another thing I see a lot , this tearing the pop star s poster from the wall behavior I see so often
    if one does not go along with the big agendas
    We also see , even more and more, how the chemtrailing is being used as a stepping stone towards this ” global warming” or ” climate change”
    it is being manipulated to fit an agenda there, big time now
    big time
    if you accept chemtrails , fine, but if you refuse to bow down to parts of the agenda 21 program ,that are being attached to it now , you are out :)
    they crush you
    completely crush you

    we saw that with this Dane Wigginton dude, our Man from Bechtel, total psychopath
    what a scam artist that has become after kicking Michael Murphy out of the organisation
    we see this all over the ” truth movement” now
    big time

    Dane became the billboard poster guy for the agenda now
    and most dont see
    sheep forever
    again as Mart Twain said once the sheep take the bait and the hook is attached it is not easy to make them see things from different angles
    because most people refuse to do their own thinking
    they dont think, at least not properly
    they dont reason
    they accept someone as their leader so whatever the leader does – from that point onwards- after he has or she has established himself must be right
    and anyone speaking out or being even slightly critical is being ostracized
    and just speaking that out will cost me a lot of sheeple , oh jolly , that might hurt my feelings :P

    well people who do not contribute to a better world have no right of saying anything
    they just sit in their happy fake bubbles taking the piss out of us because we even dare to look up and see the scams
    so be it
    that s life

    only real people can make real changes
    that is why I dont really believe too much in ” groups” as once these groups bring in successes they are taken over and owned
    or , if that does not work, not everybody can be bribed you know, they are crushed or attacked or things like that
    smear propaganda
    they cannot stop all of us all the time but they do stop most of us most of the time
    with us I mean the aware public as they still untill this day promote the disinformation about plasterite,just to name a street there…
    wont change
    as they know most folk , again the 90 per cent will therefor be stupid enough not to look into more powerful and beneficial alternatives
    I would not call it an alternative , I would call it a big improvement
    completely detaching the old world control scenarios … gineering/

    so the word ” chemtrails” as that s what they are working together with other techniques , like the ionespheric heaters, jadija
    is taboo now
    you cannot say it anymore
    you have to say geo engineering
    geo engineering is an extension of chemtrailing and haarp
    it is the ” fallout” of it all, the conclusion, ie , weather manipulation along with electro magnetic pulsing etc etc

    Most folk live in phantasy , they float through live
    some live in reality and that s not so easy or comfortable but it s worth all the hassle

    removal of all opposition voices
    so only the one allowed voice can be heard
    hmm does that ring a bell…?

    in other words all real folk that wont go along the agendas are flushed out now
    rapidly , real honest movements are destroyed or taken over, infiltrated, faster and faster
    they cannot control that , thousands of grassroots movements with real folk
    but they can control four or five big groups to do their damage control

    taken care off silently usually
    and the sheep follow the leader and it is business as usual

    and the sad part of it is most people so ” active” in the PAYtriot movement dont give a shit
    about truth whatsoever
    it s all about money , fame, and control

    A rotten apple has to be removed from the basket or else all apples become infiltrated
    but nobody likes to touch on that, because the rotten apple has so much power now, so much control, so big the rotten apple is
    nobody dares to even name it or you will go down and be flushed out of the organisation
    like our buddy Murphy there
    whoops there you go
    and nobody even dares to mention that massive psyop
    because they know the followers the fxxxx sheeple will not understand what it s all about
    and even attack the messenger for causing havoc pfffffffffffffffff what an upside down world it has become
    you will hear nothing about it
    the real scams going on in the JOKE the truth movement has become

    people have to grow up but they dont
    it s like in Ireland, you have these psychopath prostitutes who sell themselves readily for the right amount to take a piece of the big pie
    and serve their masters eagerly
    grovelling, forcing you all into the New Soviet agenda
    the EU

    as they refuse fluoride first, yes darling we will do your bidding darling sure we will, just trust us baby …first, once they are “in” it s game over and they push more fluoride on the cattle…and boom there you go…” faked again”

    that s how real life is
    real life
    and the only ” freedom” you have is to vote in a new lot of freaks who will flog you over and over and over again
    end of message

    but we still believe in ” democracy ” eh ?
    what a joke

    for how long these anti this and that movements have been going on
    for how long
    how much time has been waisted
    how much money and energy
    what has it accomplished

    show me real results

    so please forgive me for not believing in the measures the system provides for us to complain
    there is no complain department in this control grid it just dont exist

    and than some will see any critisism as an attack on the truth movement, this upside down reality again
    no it is not , I do believe in any form of dissidence, disobedience , etc etc
    it is just not accomplishing too much to ask our owners to be mild on us :)
    it s not really bearing fruit, is it ?

    it is even worse as even though these protests do not achieve so much, they do achieve some change but very slow and mild
    but those who do the protests , stand up, speak out, get a strong negative feedback from the control grid
    so it is not easy to continue that battle for ordinary folk over a long time
    they know that
    they wear us out
    a technique again
    postponing things eternally
    to drive us crazy LOL
    but it works
    it makes a lot of us give up

    recently saw a group of activist speak out in some sort of court or something agains geo engineering and the panel where just checking their emails
    they dont give a fuck about you
    get that in your head for once and for all
    psychopaths dont know that, what it is , empathy and all that
    they just dont care
    and they dont need sleeping pills
    they dont blush when they lie to the public
    straight faces in expensive suits for the boys and Versace and Dior dresses for the girls
    they dont blink

    they, those who serve the system properly, promoting the scams
    get their fat paychecks, their big pensions, the low mortgages, they get it all and we are screwed
    these serving bureaucrat elitists families
    big players in this game, stitching up the planet
    bringing in the agendas of amalgamation
    this global governance thingy they are so hot about

    it s just a game to them
    but the table they force us to play at is always in their favor
    it s always rigged
    the dices , miraculously , always fall in their favor yes they do
    odd eh ? :lol:

    so in short , do I believe in protesting and the rest of the allowed tools ?

    YESbig yes
    because it shows that the Irish in stark contrast with most other ” etnic groups” or is it etnic minority now LOL
    at least they got balls
    as simple as that
    nothing fancy about it
    no hocus pocus
    they got courage and power somehow in them
    for some reason the ” establishement” has not been abled to whip it out of them or transport it overseas in the famine ships
    for some reason the spiritual control grid, aka , the Roman church , any church, has not been abled to destroy the spirit of the Irish
    so maybe there is more to the dolmens and so forth
    maybe there is something we dont know yet
    there is something there

    really amazing as they have been very succesful in doing so in most countries
    How the elite must really hate you all
    beyond compare, they give you the beating now

    Yes the others too we are all ” one ” you see, we have to go into this ” oneness”
    bla bla ( fart noises )
    but they are almost there now
    being you know…grinded down and the rest of it

    why dont you let them have their way with Ireland
    why do you stand up
    is there nothing that can break you
    you are all obnoxious slaves ;) ;) ;)
    you seem all to have some sort of authority issues b :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    well, the way I see it , this famine things along with deportation to colonize the Americas and the rest of it
    they know you cannot change
    it just wont take
    they really went a long way
    in destroying the Irish
    much further than with any other ” tribe”
    they bowed down more readily
    for some silver coins and the cons they play with kings and queens to make them go along
    bring in the new system
    this famine thing was not an accident
    they did their best to destroy you but you are , for some mysterious reason, still here
    that in itself is amazing
    it s obvious you just wont have it , this new world order
    you just wont have it

    and all the time they were just protecting you from the sun
    they will say….because you are not ” illuminated”…it is not your god , it is their god…the lightbringer…..lucifer

    they dont have wisdom
    as wisdom can only be achieved through a heart with love
    that is impossible for them
    but they damn well know how to control the planet
    big time

    in most countries you need to put a lion in the living room to get folk at least …you know….motivated ;)
    it s that bad

    but , looking at it from a realistic point of view, it is not too bad at all
    I mean as long as real folk are doing the real thing
    it does mean something
    it has value