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    Stop Taking Supplements–Propaganda
    They’re expensive, they don’t improve performance, and they might make you test positive for dope.
    Hardy is among a growing number of athletes who have traced a positive doping test back to a tainted supplement. Swimmer Kicker Vencill and cyclists Flavia Oliveira and Scott Moninger (an acquaintance of mine), also tested positive after taking supplements, and 400-meter gold medalist LaShawn Merritt linked his positive dope test to a product called Extenz that he picked up at 7-Eleven. The problem is so prevalent that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has developed an educational campaign for athletes, called Supplements 411.[U1]
    Supplements are risky thanks in part to a piece of legislation passed in 1994 called the Dietary Supplements and Health Education Act. The DSHEA essentially deregulated dietary supplements, including vitamins, herbs, protein shake mixes, nutritional supplements, and other powders and pills that millions of people of all levels of athletic ability might take to improve their health[U2]. Most people assume that if a product is available on store shelves, it must be OK. But supplements are not required to be evaluated or proven safe or effective before they’re sold. New rules finalized in 2007 gave the FDA power to regulate the manufacturing and packaging of supplements, but the agency’s ability to police supplement companies remains limited by DSHEA. Its chief author and most powerful advocate is Sen. Orrin Hatch, whose home state of Utah is home to much of the U.S. supplement industry. Hatch, who attributes his good health to the supplements he takes each day, fought a recent amendment to increase the FDA’s ability to regulate the industry.
    FDA investigations have repeatedly found safety problems with supplements, including dangerous ingredients—everything from diet pills containing a drug previously pulled from the market due to safety concerns to body-building supplements packed with anabolic steroids. These are hardly isolated cases. A 2004 study found that 18 percent of nutritional supplements purchased in the United States contained undeclared anabolic androgenic steroids. The FDA has also warned consumers about supplements laced with dangerous levels of selenium and chromium. In 2009, college baseball player Jareem Gunter told a Senate hearing that he’d ended up in the hospital with liver failure after taking a body-building supplement, and late last year, the Army set up a probe to investigate whether body-building supplements containing dimethylamylamine, or DMAA, a stimulant that can narrow blood vessels and arteries, were involved in the deaths of two soldiers and liver and kidney damage in others.
    In April, the FDA sent warning letters to 10 supplement makers and distributors marketing “natural” stimulants such as Hemo Rage Black, Jack3D, and Biorhythm SSIN Juice that contained DMAA, warning that DMAA did not qualify as a dietary ingredient. (Manufacturers told the New York Times they disagreed.) A recent Chicago Tribune investigation reported that the FDA has discovered manufacturing violations in nearly half of the 450 dietary supplement producers it has inspected since new rules gave the agency more oversight five years ago.
    Given these dangers, why on earth would athletes take supplements[U3]? Hardy popped the pills expecting them to help her recover after races and practices. AdvoCare’s website makes at least nine claims about Arginine Extreme—it can “support nutrient delivery to muscles,” “promote short-term increases in nitric oxide levels,” nourish “the precursors necessary for muscle growth and recovery,” “enhance strength and stamina, (“especially when used with AdvoCare Muscle Fuel”), and help “maintain a healthy cardiovascular system” and an “efficient immune system.”
    These are big promises, especially from a product whose declared ingredients [U4]consist of nothing more than some amino acids and vitamins. Like most supplements purporting to enhance athletic performance, AdvoCare’s products are not backed by peer-reviewed clinical trials, just testimonials, the endorsements of professional athletes, and some scientific advisory board members with MDs or Ph.D.s behind their names.
    When studies do appear to support supplement companies’ claims, they are usually small and at best can offer only hints of efficacy, not definitive proof[U5]. As I learned first-hand during my earnest attempt to study the effects of beer on running, even seemingly robust study designs can lead you to a dodgy conclusion. My study could have easily been interpreted to show that beer made women better runners, but as a participant of the study, I discovered problems in the standard protocols that might not have been apparent otherwise. A series of reports published July 19 in BMJ found “a striking lack of evidence to support claims about improved performance and recovery” made by products aimed at athletes like sports drinks and supplements and concluded that it is “virtually impossible for the public to make informed choices about the benefits and harms of advertised sports products.”
    Despite the scarcity of evidence, athletes continue to take supplements at high rates. A 2009 study estimated that 85 percent of elite track and field athletes took supplements, and 87 percent of Canadian athletes who participated in a survey published this year reported taking dietary supplements in the previous six months.[U6]
    According to FDA rules, supplements are supposed to contain substances that could be obtained through food.[U7] That means vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like carbohydrates, amino acids, or protein. But there’s no reason to think athletes benefit from supplementing their diets with these things. Elite athletes spend hours each day training and must consume thousands of calories. It’s hard to become nutrient-deficient when you’re eating that much. The American College of Sports Medicine’s position statement says, “vitamin and mineral supplements are not needed if adequate energy to maintain body weight is consumed from a variety of foods.”
    The one exception is iron, which often becomes depleted in menstruating women, especially if they don’t eat much meat. (Low iron stores can lead to fatigue and poor performance.) But you rarely see sport supplements touting iron. Instead, advertisements target athletes with dubious claims that supplements can boost red blood cells or build muscle “naturally.” And these pitches are often shrouded in pseudo-scientific language. When a supplement is promising results that you wouldn’t expect from simple good nutrition, chances are the claim is bogus or the supplement contains an illicit, undeclared drug.
    Coaches and trainers, too, are often fooled. Most have little scientific training, and the supplement industry bombards them with literature about nutrition. And there’s plenty of incentive to believe the hype. Endorsement deals from supplement companies provide a major source of income for many teams, coaches, and athletes, and trainers or coaches sometimes get paid to peddle supplements to their athletes.[U8]
    Under the best-case scenario, a supplement provides an expensive source of a nutrient that the athlete could be getting from food. Worst-case scenario, it’s providing dangerous levels of heavy metals, pesticide residues, undeclared drugs, or illicit performance-enhancers that may show up on a drug test. USADA provides detailed advice for athletes contemplating the use of supplements, including a list of red flags that should make them think twice about using a product, such as promises that they’ll enhance muscle-building or energy or claims about “proprietary blends” that are “clinically proven.”
    Given the slew of high-profile doping cases traced back to supplements, and USADA’s concerted efforts to educate athletes, it’s hard not to suspect that some of these runners, swimmers, and cyclists know exactly what they’re doing. I have no reason to think that Hardy had any intention of doping, but cases like hers may give cover to genuine cheaters. After all, the designer steroid that took down Marion Jones and Barry Bonds was created and distributed through a supplement company—the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) that gave the scandal its name.
    If I were a doper, I’d be sure to have a medicine cabinet full of supplements—ones [U9]that claim to produce the same results as my drugs. Then, if I ever tested positive for doping, I’d have a plausible excuse.
    Betaine Hydrochloride(HCL) With Pepsin
    Stomach Acid
    Individuals suffering with stomach and intestinal problems most frequently assume that heartburn, indigestion, gas, and reflux are caused by overproduction of stomach acid. This common misconception has been strongly re-enforced by our conventional medical profession, whose practitioners routinely prescribe stomach acid blocking medications at the slightest sign of stomach dysfunction, failing to properly diagnose the digestive problem by first monitoring the stomach’s acid producing function, using scientific methods and neglecting to provide patients with common sense dietary recommendations.
    The Symptoms of Over and Under-Production Are The Same
    Strangely enough, the symptoms of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid, HCL) over-production and under production are virtually identical. It is therefore unwise to jump to conclusions regarding what’s occurring in the stomach without actual testing.
    Medical Misdiagnosis Is Very Common
    The pharmaceutical firms with their considerable influence on the medical profession have, through advertising, incentives to doctors and various other forms of indoctrination, made it an almost reflex reaction on the part of most physicians, even many gastro-enterologists, to jump to the conclusion that a majority of gastric problems can be easily treated by the use of acid blocking medications. Because the American public over-consumes unhealthy food at an alarming rate, the routine use of acid blockers is highly profitable for pharmaceutical firms, provides instant relief for many sufferers, but can bring about long-term health problems for many misdiagnosed users.
    Functions of Hydrochloric Acid
    Hydrochloric acid serves many functions, the three most important are:
    1. It is the primary digestive juice responsible for breaking down proteins, preparing them for assimilation.
    2. It acts as a protective barrier, killing many potentially harmful micro-organisms in our food.
    3. It acts as a venting mechanism for the build-up of excessive concentrations of hydrogen ions in our blood and interstitial fluids. In other words, we consume acid forming foods and / or engage in acid forming activity, the production of stomach acid uses up considerable amounts of the acid forming material (hydrogen ions) thereby assisting in the elimination of excessive tissue acidity. The stomach acid once combined with food is eventually neutralized further down the alimentary canal by alkaline pancreatic secretions.
    Underproduction Of Stomach Acid Is A Common Problem
    Based upon the testing of sample groups, it has been theorized that well over half of the U.S. population beyond the age of fifty years is under-producing hydrochloric acid on a constant basis, leading to a host of digestive and immune disturbances. One need not be of middle age to have this problem, nowadays it’s not uncommon in younger persons as well. The demineralized, devitalized diet that so many are consuming greatly contributes to this problem, which can be significantly compounded by many individuals’ preference for extremely low salt intake.
    A test, the “Heidelberg Capsule Test” is available (unfortunately few physicians have the equipment in their offices to provide it) that is capable of scientifically determining the stomach’s ability to produce adequate concentrations of acid (HCL). If this test is not available to you, another “low tech” method of making a correct determination is available. This involves the use of a Betaine Hydrochloride supplement that is used as a challenge substance, when eating, to see if digestive function improves with its use.
    Directions For Use of Betaine HCL
    When using Betaine HCL with Pepsin for the first few times, please be sure to follow the directions carefully. Always take Betaine HCL at the start of the meal! If taken without food, stomach burning may result.
    1. At the very start of the meal, take one capsule of Betaine HCL. Monitor how your stomach feels during and after eating. Should any burning or heaviness occur, or if burning has been present previously (before taking the supplement) and is now worsened with the use of the Betaine HCL, do not continue using this supplement!!! This is an indication that your stomach is overproducing acid, or that your stomach lining may be damaged. In such cases, please consider the use of baking soda and fermented dairy products, to normalize excess acid production and heal the stomach lining.
    2. If the first dose of Betaine HCL produced no noticeable stomach discomfort, try taking two capsules at the start of your next meal, again monitor for burning and or heaviness during and after eating. If taking two capsules produces some discomfort, but one capsule does not, restrict yourself to one capsule at the start of each meal. If the two capsule dose produced no discomfort, try three capsules at the start of your next meal.
    3. If all goes well when taking three capsules at the start of each meal, stay with that dosage, most individuals will not require increasing the dosage to four capsules. Regular use of supplemental hydrochloric acid will in most cases “re-train” the stomach to produce higher concentrations of acid on its own. This process may take anywhere from several weeks to several months, depending on the individual. The most significant indication that acid production is improving [U10]is that Betaine HCL supplementation can no longer be comfortably tolerated.
    An Example:
    After having used the Betaine HCL for eleven weeks, at a dosage of two capsules per meal, without any discomfort, Joan now notices that she feels a burning sensation when taking the two capsules. She therefore reduces her dosage to one capsule at mealtime. After several more weeks, even one capsule per meal produces burning and Joan discontinues altogether. This is a sign that the stomach has been re-trained to produce adequate concentrations of hydrochloric acid without the further need for supplementation.
    When consuming meals that contain little or no protein, much less hydrochloric acid is needed by the stomach to process its contents. Please keep this in mind when using Betaine HCL as a supplement and modify your usage accordingly.
    Salt Consumption And HCL Production
    Unfortunately, much misinformation regarding the use of salt in the diet has been circulating for the last three decades or so. The body needs salt (NaCl) and cannot function adequately without it. Low salt diets can make it very difficult if not impossible for the stomach to produce adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid. The problem is not salt per se, but the quality of the salt. Using unrefined, highly mineralized sea salt is perfectly safe and healthful to the system. This type of salt is grayish in color and is produced by traditional methods used for many hundreds of years. Available in most good natural food stores it comes from Brittany and goes by names such as “Celtic Sea Salt” and “Star of the Sea”. The more common white sea salt sold in most stores does not have the same healthful properties. Individuals with high blood pressure need not necessarily avoid salt. Salt over-consumption is only implicated in about twenty percent of hypertensive individuals (kidney related hypertension).
    Biological Functions and Therapeutic Uses of Hydrochloric Acid
    Digestive System
    Hydrochloric Acid regulates the acidity of the Stomach to optimize Digestion. This occurs primarily through Hydrochloric Acid stimulating the conversion of Pepsinogen to Pepsin (a Proteolytic (Protein-digesting) Enzyme).
    Immune System
    Hydrochloric Acid may destroy some Detrimental Microorganisms that gain entrance into the body via the Mouth:
    Hydrochloric Acid may kill some forms of Detrimental Bacteria in the Stomach and Small Intestine:
    Hydrochloric Acid is likely to be important in suppressing Campylobacter jejuni.
    Hydrochloric Acid may suppress or kill Helicobacter pylori (Hypochlorhydria (lack of Hydrochloric Acid) patients have increased levels of Helicobacter pylori). references
    Oral Health
    Hydrochloric Acid deficiency may cause Periodontal Disease (by decreasing the absorption of Calcium in the Alveolar Bone).
    Skin-Supplemental Hydrochloric Acid may be useful for the treatment of Hives (as many cases of Hives are believed to occur as a result of Food Allergies resulting from insufficient endogenous production of Hydrochloric Acid).
    Vitiligo patients are often found to have sub-optimal levels of Hydrochloric Acid in their Stomachs and replenishment of Hydrochloric Acid (15 cc with each meal) has resulted in many cures of Vitiligo.
    Unusual’ number of fires, smart meters linked
    Ontario fire marshal says faulty base plates could be the cause, similar to Mission blaze
    An example of a fire incident occurring around a hydro meter in Ontario. From a report done by the Office of the Fire Marshal Fire Investigation Services in Ontario
    Smart meter installations are the suspected cause of an “unusual” number of fires similar to a recent electrical fire at a home in Mission, according to a recent investigation by the Ontario fire marshal’s office. BC Hydro is in the process of a $1-billion installation of the meters, which use wireless technology to transmit information about electricity consumption to power utilities, [U11]following the lead of provinces and states including Ontario and California. There’s no evidence to suggest that the meters themselves are overheating and catching [U12]fire, but it appears from an Ontario fire marshal’s report, dated June 15, 2012, that the base plates, or four-pronged sockets that meters plug into, can become compromised and start to burn if they’re old or suffer rough handling during installation.–[U13]-“It’s like everything else, once it’s installed and intact nothing usually happens,” said Surrey electrical contractor Bill Strain, a former president of the Canadian Home Builders Association. “A lot of times, when you pull something apart, if it’s been there for 30 years it’s probably going to be rusted in or hard in.[U14] So they have to give it a little bit of a jerk or a twist. That jerk or twist may be what sets the whole thing in motion,” Strain said Friday. If there’s a problem, he added, it’s possible that a contractor without formal electrical training may miss it.–A resident of Mission, Trish Regan, recently lost her home in a fire that the district’s fire department said appeared to originate from a broken base plate that became overheated and caught fire a few hours after an employee of Corix, the company contracted by BC Hydro to install the meters, plugged one in at her home. Arkady Tsisserev, chair of the Canadian Electrical Code Committee, noted in an email that much of the work involved in smart meter installation falls outside the oversight of the Canadian Electrical (CE) Code. “Revenue meters are covered by specific requirements of the power utilities which collect revenue from their customers for use of the electric energy. “I’m aware of a number of fires that were supposedly attributed to installation and use of ‘smart meters’ in various jurisdictions throughout the country,” Tsisserev wrote. “In fact, at the recent meeting of the CE Code committee, the members were presented with a comprehensive report produced by the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office.”—According to the marshal’s report, “During our initial research of the new meters we encountered an unusual amount of fire incidents involving smart meters. After discovering these incidents our main question was, were they one-off incidents or was there a similar systemic root cause—“Anecdotal information supported [the fact that] problems occurred after the old analog meters were updated to the new digital smart meters.”[U15] The report noted the possibility [U16]of a fire resulting from “a loose connection in the meter base.” –“What could be the reason for this? The old meter base connections may not have been in a condition for seamless exchange to a new meter. New meters may have defects that cause electrical failures or misalignment with old meter base. Careless installation during changeover.”—Meter changeovers are not unusual; before the smart meter project, Hydro was replacing about 40,000 old analogue meters per year with new ones.—In 0.5 per cent of cases, Hydro installers noted a faulty meter base and replaced it,[U17] according to smart meter deputy project officer Fiona Taylor. -That’s more or less the same base plate replacement ratio that’s arising from the smart meter installation, she said.[U18] Cindy Verschoor, Hydro spokeswoman, said that unless a homeowner notices problems after the installation — such as lights flickering on and off, or dimming and brightening — there’s no need to worry about a problem with the plate.—“If you notice anything unusual of course give us a call or arrange to have an electrician do an inspection,” Verschoor said. “You can tell by your lights. That’s the best indicator.”[U19] Verschoor said Corix installation supervisors are certified electricians and they’re always on standby to effect any plate repairs noted by the installers.—Gwenne Farrell, vice-president of Hydro inside workers union COPE 378, said the union isn’t prepared to blame installers for the Mission incident but they challenge the “dismissive” way Hydro has pushed the project along regardless of public objections to the meters and a lack of regulatory scrutiny of the costs associated with the program.—“They have been legislated to have these installations competed by Dec. 31 of this year and they’re going forward with that, regardless,” Farrell said. “There are people who have overall concerns about the smart meters, people who don’t want them. They don’t seem to even acknowledge that there is a lot of concern about these smart meters going in.”—Jonathan Hodes, a lawyer with Miller Thomson LLP who is familiar with insurance claims, anticipates that Regan’s insurance company will look to recover the cost of any payout it makes to the homeowner.——–It’s possible that Hydro could take similar action. “If Hydro does get sued at some point I would expect – it wouldn’t surprise me at all – if they filed a defence or a response to the lawsuit blaming whoever they think they can blame to try to avoid liability,” Hodes said.
    TOP B
    [U1]This is more like a weeding out—when the Olympians are being endorced by these companies and there is a lot of ego and prestige here –and exposure—you will see more of this Hype on “tainted Vitamins” because alot of these athletes are all on steroids–not one of them are not—to perform and excell at the rates they do they are taking there “special vitamins” the olympic committee could not find there arse from a hole in the ground much less doping—and this to increases favoritism to those companies that spend the most and to as well increase the powers of the FDA and EFSA–to further take away the stuff that cann assist you in sustaing your health—this is not just about money it is all about control and then you hear these athletes whine like whipped cream saying they are blaming these supplements that in most cases ( thre are some that are being used to transport the illegal roid) which are not to blame—they got caught because they did not mask there use or they were targeted and stripped of any opportunity to offset any potential upset to a higher paying endorcer—and that is what really goes on –not this HS they spew all over the net
    [U2]This is another pile of HS—Supplements havs some of the toughest regulations going–just go look at the DSHEA act and see how restricted they are–the issue is about drug Medical industry losing it’s shirt because people find solutions to there health issues bypassing Doctors and Hospitals and in the end drug companies—the agenda
    [U3]You know what is interesting—the FDA warns supplement companies that they are selling something illegal when they are not—they are selling something effective and works but because a drug company would lose countless points and popularity the supplement get attacked and berated as some kind of toxin and then removed from the public domain and what could be a boon is now lost through the ignorance of the people who just believe these kind of reports with out questioning—where there any deaths—how many –and where –and how did it occur –what was being used with it—was the person on a medication that reacted—see these are things they do not display
    [U4]What is interesting they do work when applied properly —they again belittle these things to give the impression they are useless and not worth taking when in fact you do a NIH-pubmed-new England journal of medicine –quertle search you can actually see the merits which they refuse to acknowledge
    [U5]Again More BS—the person who wrote this article either A was paid well to decimate the truth B does really not know anything about these things and how they can actually have curative abilities and augment peoples abilities—so again more disnfo
    [U6]There must be a reason whay they do—perhaps because –they work??
    [U7]Or natural occurring—wish they would get it right eh!!
    [U8]This here is another interesting fabrication—yes coaches see the ads and try some of these things but in a short time anyone training anyone can see what is really working and what does not—and this is implying coaches are either blind or daft..
    [U9]This person is a dope—who has little regard for the truth nor understands nutrition or training—and would be laughed out of any serious conversation with anyone informed—yes he is right there are athletes in the Olympics who use steroids –about 99.9% of them do and the ones that get the attention are rivals of some major investor who has a huge investment riding on a favourite to popularize there name—look at the movie hunger games—and you can se e how things get rigged—this article is a sham and is a front for the EFSA and FDA and CODEX to eliminate from everyone access to something healthy
    [U10]The best way I find to take HCL is to consume a food 1 – 2 spoonful or for and then take the supplement
    [U11]Among other things–like identifying when you are home or away allowing for potential illegal searches of the home–also allowing people who work in the idustry to snoop on your whereabouts and what you maybe doing–Big Borther Anyone!!?
    [U12]If this is the case then why did it burn?? Pumping out 9600 times more emf then a cell phone should heat something up
    [U13]Don’t you just love the BS..when they replace these meters —and not change a base plate would not this show incompetence—and purposeful neglect?? Just a thought
    [U14]So again—30 years or hard in and you’re not replacing this??? And you know it is producing a high frequency of EMF’s which produce HEAT!!
    [U15]After they were put in…. Bad technology
    [U16]You Mean –You Do Not KNOW!!!!!??? Orrrrrr is it the fact you know this is dangerious tech—EMF pulsing—and are not telling the general public this is baddddd Tech
    [U17]Sooo what are we saying here that an analogue meter is safer and the replacement of the base plaes was minimal and there were NO FIRES???
    [U18]See the distraction again we changed about the same —if that is the case then there is a discrepancy here—something is definitely different to have a fire outbreak with one technology and nothing with another.
    [U19]Why would you change it in the first place if the original meter was working without any issue?
    TOP C
    Show Of the Month August 13 2012
    How to Make an Essential Oil Distiller from Kitchen Equipment
    Adverse Side Effects of Lipitor –atorvastatin-1997-2012
    Fire guts home after smart meter installed
    Composition and health effects of phenolic compounds in hawthorn
    Comment on Smart Meter Blockage
    How to Make an Essential Oil Distiller from Kitchen Equipment
    Make an Essential Oil Distiller from Kitchen Equipment
    Essential oil distillers extract concentrated oils from plant material. Unlike infused oils, essential oils are pure and contain oil only from the plant being distilled. —Essential oil distillers can be quite expensive. It is possible to use common kitchen equipment to produce a homemade distiller. The equipment used to make a the distiller should be made only of glass or stainless steel.
    1 –Distiller Base
    The base of the distiller should be a large stainless steel stock pot. When the distiller is in operation, this is where the plant material and water will be heated to produce steam. Maintain a temperature that slowly produces steam without over-heating the plant material.
    2 —-Condenser
    The condenser can be made of a lid placed upside down on the stock pot, a heat-safe glass dish, or pie plate that completely covers the top of the stock pot. When the distiller is in operation, steam rises and carries the plant oils to the condenser. The condenser cools the steam separating the oil from the water in the steam. Ice should be placed on top of the condenser to facilitate cooling.
    3 —Collector
    A collector is a bowl placed inside the stock pot to catch the essential oil as it drips back down after cooled. The collector should be elevated above the level of water and plant material. It should be in the center of the stock pot. A steamer insert makes a good base for raising the collector above water level while operating the essential oil distiller.
    4 to further separate the oil and water —put the container in a freezer and the water will freeze and the oil then will pour out –which will give you a purer product
    Adverse Side Effects of Lipitor –atorvastatin-1997-2012
    I was last able to access MedWatch data in 2006. The process had not been easy for it meant I had to tackle the immense challenge of reviewing manually some 64,000 Lipitor® Adverse Drug Reports (ADRs) using “find” on my computer. What prompted me to do this personal search of what most would agree is the FDA’s business, is the almost total lack of awareness by doctors of statin associated cognitive dysfunction, emotional and behavioral disorders and cases of disabling neuro-muscular degeneration. Clearly doctors have not been informed. –Yet I know of the many thousands of MedWatch reports that have been submitted. In some cases I have been instrumental in helping distraught victims make their MedWatch report.–Based upon my personal cognitive experience with this drug, amnesia was the first search term I entered. Not unexpectedly, out popped 1,302 case reports for amnesia in the MedWatch files. Adding the search term “memory impairment” added another 663 cases. This gave a total of 1965 reports of serious cognitive dysfunction associated with the use of Lipitor.—A word of caution concerning gross under-reporting deserves to be mentioned here. First of all, anyone experienced with the operation of such optional reporting systems as MedWatch fully realize that the results are but an approximation of the actual numbers. Estimates for reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) range from 1% to 10% meaning that the actual number of adverse reactions could be ten to a hundred times those reported to MedWatch. –Additionally, only the more severe forms of cognitive dysfunction get reported-the transient global amnesia and severe memory loss cases. Rarely included, and therefore expected to be missed, are the more minor forms of cognitive loss such as confusion and disorientation and unusual forgetfulness.—Then we have the category of short term cognitive loss with durations measured in seconds and minutes that by their very nature will rarely be recognized even by the victim, say nothing of an observer, yet might be so critical to a pilot. The passage of time is too short for recognition yet special studies have revealed just how common they can be. —Despite the fact that in February, 2012 the FDA for the first time announced cognitive dysfunction as a major side effect of statin drugs, they immensely under-played its seriousness. At no time did they even mention transient global amnesia; a strange form of completely incapacitating amnesia in which the victim abruptly, without the slightest warning, loses the ability to formulate new memory, accompanied by retrograde loss of memory for decades into their past. —The past decade has seen a big increase in reports of this once rare condition. They instead mentioned some transient episodes of confusion and disorientation might occur that usually were mild and passed with no complications. Never a word was said about the possibility of a military or civilian commercial pilot suddenly encountering this form of amnesia with retrograde loss of their flight training. —It is not only pilots that need to worry. This concern applies to anyone whose occupation requires extra vigilance including professional drivers, heavy equipment operators, surgeons, military personnel, etc.
    Applying additional cognitive search terms gave me 222 reports of “dementia,” 523 case reports of “disorientation” and 602 reports of “confusional state.” I next searched among words that might reflect the curious effects of statin drugs on emotion and behavior now being reported. I found 347 reports using the search terms “aggressiveness,” “paranoia” and “irritability” commonly reported in statin users. Use of the search term “depression” yielded 1,142 reports of which 118 expressed “suicidal ideation.”—Since it also was in February, 2012 that FDA first mentioned the persistent seriousness of rhabdomyolysis, that was the next search term I entered. Rhabdomyolysis is an especially serious form of muscle damage with a fatality rate of 10%. You may recall that it was rhabdomyolysis that brought down cerivastatin (Baycol) with some 60 deaths in the year 2004 causing Bayer to remove it from the market. ——–Deaths in these cases are due to kidney failure caused by the blockage of renal tubules by fragments from damaged muscle cells that have been carried to the kidneys in the bloodstream. I counted 2,731 MedWatch reports of rhabdomyolysis. Removing Baycol from the market in 2004 did not stop the statin-associated loss of lives from rhabdomyolysis. Lipitor quickly filled this void and similar rhabdomyolysis death rates can be expected from the other strong statins. I calculate that each year Lipitor accounts for more than 20 deaths from rhabdomyolysis. —-
    Applying additional search terms bearing on the muscular system I found 1,325 reports of “myalgia” and 494 reports of “musculoskeletal stiffness.” Applying the search term “renal failure” gave me 2,240 responses, comparing favorably with the 2,731 MedWatch reports of rhabdomyolysis cases, knowing that many, if not most, of these would be accompanied by varying degrees of renal involvement.——Being well aware of the great numbers of reports of peripheral neuropathy in my repository, the next term I chose was “neuropathy” which yielded 1,294 reports to MedWatch. It should be mentioned that almost all of these peripheral neuropathy reports have proven to be very resistant to traditional treatment and many now deserve to be called permanent. Using the term “Guillain-Barré syndrome”-a disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system-gave 98 reports, and prompted by hundreds of case reports I have received complaining of leg and arm pain, the search term “pain in extremity” gave 3,498 reports.—Next I put in the search term, “hepatitis.” Before I tell you the number, I first must qualify it by warning you that there are many different kinds of hepatitis. There is hepatitis A, B, C, cholestatic, autoimmune, fulminating, acute, chronic and viral, including cytomegalovirus. All of these terms are used in this compilation of Lipitor damage reports. However, the overwhelming majority of these reports said simply, “hepatitis” with no qualifier. Since hepatitis has always been a warned concern from statin use you must make up your own mind in interpreting the 2,102 total cases that resulted. —-When I realized that “liver function abnormalities” also was being used in the MedWatch diagnoses list, I used it as a search term, reporting 842 liver function abnormalities in addition to the 2,102 hepatitis cases for a grand total of 2,944.—-I should add here my thoughts on the way liver function test guidelines have been grossly manipulated during the statin era. ———–Some twenty years ago, doctors were still advised to use the guidelines that I had been accustomed to since my medical school training. Now, starting close to 1990, the time when statin use began to get seriously underway, doctors were asked to replace their usual routine of using the mean plus 2 standard deviations (SDs) with the mean plus 10 SDs to determine when an elevation of liver enzyme due to statins was significant or not. —-This incredible distortion of reality was done in order that we not get too excited about 2 SDs when dealing with statins. The previous guidelines no longer applied. I am still trying to figure out how the clinical pathologists got away with that. It made no sense then and much less sense now. Inflammation is inflammation. When dealing with statins we have been asked to accept small amounts of inflammation as normal.——–Since the unexpected association of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with statin use was reported by Ralph Edwards of the World Health Organization using their VigiBase® data, my next investigation of Lipitor MedWatch data was for search terms that might give a measure of ALS occurrence. “Unusual weakness” turned up 2,516 case reports, “balance disorders” gave 596 responses and “coordination abnormalities” gave 195 responses. —-
    More on ALS and statins———-Relevant to diabetes, in a recent article in the NEJM a meta-analysis of six statin trials is referenced that revealed a 13% increase in the relative risk of new-onset diabetes in those taking a statin. The FDA also added an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to their February 2012 warnings-an amazing side effect for a medicine that is supposed to diminish the risk of cardiovascular disease. I used the search term “pancreatitis” to see how much of this diabetes might reflect organ damage. I found 604 reports of pancreatitis.—I see this as part of a whole body process of mitochondrial DNA damage aggravated by the use of statins. Even on our good days, mitochondrial mutations occur by the tens of thousands leading to progressive mitochondrial loss followed in time by cell loss and finally, with sufficient time, organ damage in the well known process of aging. —–All of this is the inevitable consequence of normal metabolic activity. It is theft of electrons from adjacent tissues, including DNA strands, that causes the damage. CoQ10 plays a major role not only in energy formation via electron transfer but also anti-oxidation, minimizing buildup of oxidizing byproducts of metabolism and slowing down DNA damage. Via inhibition of CoQ10, statins play a major role in what amounts to enhancement of the aging process.———-Applying the search term cancer (of all kinds) gave me 1,642 official reports to MedWatch of which 422 were reported as breast cancer. I next tried the search term “cardiac failure” and turned up 720 reports. CoQ10 inhibition is felt to be the major contributor to this condition. My next search was “myocardial infarction”-out of curiosity-to see how many might there be in a group already on Lipitor. The figure was 2,520-another attention getter, especially when I got 610 additional reports using the search term “coronary artery occlusion.” —When you get a total of 3,030 cardiac events in a group already on statins you are justified in wondering just how much protection is being offered? Use of the search term “cerebrovascular accident” (a stroke) yielded 1,562 reports with another 159 inferred by the use of the search term “aphasia.”—My last search focused on tendon complications. I found 436 from Lipitor over the time period of this report. This relatively obscure finding is based upon the role of cholesterol in tendon and ligament function. Most orthopedic surgeons are well aware of this relationship.—-The FDA has a first rate monitoring system but a grossly deficient one for reporting findings back to the medical community. The average primary care physician in the U.S. today, knowing that perhaps only 10% of patient problems get reported to the FDA, would be startled to see these figures, especially the ones for cognitive dysfunction, neuropathy, rhabdomyolysis, depression, neuropathy and hepatitis. These are the people who write the prescriptions for statin use.
    Fire guts home after smart meter installed
    BC Hydro claims a Mission homeowner is ultimately liable for a fire that originated at the base of a smart meter one day after it was installed[U1].—A report by the Mission fire department said the blaze, which destroyed Trish Regan’s house in the 7900block of Burdock Street and leaped to the roof of a neighbouring home on June 15, originated at an insulating “lug” in the lower left corner of the meter base.[U2]—The report says the terminal, which attached the base to the home, appeared cracked and “radiated [U3]heat to combust the wall at or near the meter base.”—The base is the mounting plate for the meter, which measures how much electricity a home consumes during each utility-service billing period. Electricity must pass from the meter through the lugs to connect with the house wiring.–BC Hydro maintains the meter base is part of the house and thus any damage or faulty wiring is the customer’s responsibility.[U4] But Regan argues she had no idea she was responsible for the lug, noting smart meters are locked in place on the base and she has no access to them[U5]. Furthermore, Regan said the crack could have been caused by the BC Hydro installer, noting that she wasn’t home when he arrived, but her daughter witnessed him trying three or four times to jam the meter onto the base.–“If there’s an existing crack they’re not supposed to put a meter on it,” she said. “I’ve lived in my house for 20 years and the day after they put in a smart meter, it burns down.”[U6]–The blaze destroyed Regan’s home, three vehicles in her drive-way, and damaged her neighbour’s house.–She is also increasingly frustrated by the Mission fire department, who initially told her the fire was caused by a crack on the base of the smart meter; it later revised its verdict to “electrical in nature.[U7]” Her insurance company filed a freedom of information request, which indicated the fire did originate at the base of the smart meter.–BC Hydro spokeswoman Cindy Verschoor said the Crown corporation has fixed about 1,000 homes with faulty or damaged wiring before it installed the smart meters, but residents should be ensuring they have electricians check the wiring regularly.–“We are fixing that for the customer free of charge as long as they give us permission,” she said. “Those are cases of a fire risk. They are potential accidents waiting to happen.[U8] –“We’re always [doing work] on good faith that the customer has working, functional equipment to support our infrastructure.”[U9] The meter bases function like household electrical sockets and are built to withstand meters being plugged in and pulled out multiple times, Verschoor said.—-If a resident is concerned about their meter base, they can call Hydro to come unlock the meter and remove it for about $100, she added.[U10] Verschoor acknowledged the technician in Regan’s case did not see the crack when installing the smart meter at her home, but wouldn’t speculate as to what caused the damage, saying the issue is still under investigation. “It’s possible there was a pre-existing condition that wasn’t evident,” Verschoor said. The smart meter itself was eliminated as the cause of the fire[U11]. The utility said of the 1.5 million smart meters it has installed to date, only 250 residents have complained of faulty meter bases.
    Composition and health effects of phenolic compounds in hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) of different origins.
    J Sci Food Agric. 2012 Jun;92(8):1578-90 -Authors: Yang B, Liu P
    Abstract–Epicatechin, aglycons and glycosides of B-type oligomeric procyanidins and flavonols, phenolic acids and C-glycosyl flavones are the major groups of phenolic compounds in hawthorn (Crataegus spp). The total content of phenolic compounds is higher in the leaves and flowers than in the fruits. Procyanidins dominate in the fruits, whereas flavonol glycosides and C-glycosyl flavones are most abundant in the leaves. Genotype and developmental/ripening stage have strong impacts. Procyanidin glycosides and C-glycosyl flavones may be chemotaxonomic markers differentiating species and varieties of hawthorn. Future research shall improve the separation, identification and quantification of procyanidins with degree of polymerisation (DP) ≥ 6, procyanidin glycosides, C-glycosyl flavones and some flavonol glycosides. In vitro and animal studies have shown cardioprotective, hypolipidaemic, hypotensive, antioxidant, radical-scavenging and anti-inflammatory potentials of hawthorn extracts, suggesting different phenolic compounds as the major bioactive components. However, the varying and insufficiently defined composition of the extracts investigated, as a result of different raw materials and extraction methods, makes comparison of the studies very difficult. Clinical evidence indicates that some hawthorn extracts may increase the exercise tolerance of patients with congestive heart failure. More clinical studies are needed to establish the effects of hawthorn, especially in healthy humans.–PMID: 22488722 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
    Recipe for Hawthorn Berry—take hawthorn berry—powder it down through blending or grinding—and to honey and mix well and add citrus bioflavonoid to make a honey jam—blend all the components til completely saturated—then stop blender pour into a glass container –allow to cool and use 1 tsp several times a day or as desired
    Recipe For Leaf or Flower-Take the Leaf and Flower and extract in alcohol using 1:3 ratio by adding 1 part of the material of choice and 3 parts alcohol put al in blender and mix well for 10 min at high speed—stop blender –strain and add to bottle use 3-10 drops as needed…
    Recipe for Hawthorn Berry and Leaf or Flower—make a tea with this combination using equal parts boil and simmer for 10 minutes—drink as desired
    Comment on Smart Meter Blockage
    Edison Electric recently installed a smart meter on my house, without my permission or knowledge. When I read about the dangers and invasion of privacy caused by these smart meters and discovered that I now had one, I was pissed. Too late to do anything about it? WRONG!!!—You see, the antenna for these meters is located inside the glass (or plastic) bulb. All I had to do was to cover the entire glass bulb with aluminum foil, making sure that the foil was grounded to the metal housing behind the bulb[U12]. This shields against any RF or Microwave transmissions, which both protects you from the radiation [U13]and also defeats the entire purpose of the smart meter, since they can’t read it remotely. —Then I sat back and waited for them to realize that they weren’t getting any readings from my house. I checked the foil periodically to see if it was still there. Today it happened. They had to send some one out to rip the foil off of my meter to get a manual reading! I found the foil ripped off and laying on the ground. Naturally, I just re-applied the foil and now look forward to them having to send somebody out each and every month to remove the foil if they want to get a reading. If everyone would do this, it would defeat the entire smart meter program! They would have to re-think all of the money that they are spending to install these dangerous and privacy invading devices simply because people can render them dumb with 10 cents worth of aluminum foil! —I say everybody should rise up and “FOIL” this disgusting smart meter program!–Hey, its my house, I can apply foil where ever I want!
    TOP C
    [U1]Imagine someone coming to your house and modifying your homw without your permission and then there activity causes the destruction of your home—and then told Your Liable for there negligence!!!
    [U2]Which the hydro company repair crew should have seen before putting on a dangerious piece of hardware!!
    [U3]Appeared cracked??? Why was this not replaced when the initial installing was going on—does this not make you think that potentially this neglect was purposely orchestrated?? Makes me go hmm
    [U4]Then what gives them the right to violate a persons property and then add something to it without consent and with out full disclosure to the potential risk of this technology or the fact that a new backing plate should be required and to suggest why!!
    [U5]So who has access??
    [U6]It appears that there is some questionability to the safety of the technology and the qualification of the installer andd the neglect of the company not training there installers properly—would appear she could litigate and with a decent judge – if they exist–have a case
    [U7]Stinks of cover up eh—technology no one wants except the gov’t and when they destroy the home they will not be responsible
    [U8]Then the hydro companies need to apply proper precautions and insure the home owner—and pay the liabilities
    [U9]And if they do not —then should the hydro company replace everything not just new components with old ones??
    [U10]Why would the need to remove it with the current tech—if you want to add the new tech then you replace everything not half ass
    [U11]Why is that!!?
    [U12]Make sure you add copper with it as well to cover both ends of the frequency range –high and Low spectrum
    [U13]This will not protect you from the radiation—it will protect you from being transmitted or pulsed minimizing the exposure
    TOP D
    Show of the Month August 17 2012
    Onion juice triples testosterone levels
    United States Patent and Trademark Office-Programs For Chemtrails
    Germany warns citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi
    Front yard Drummondville garden deemed illegal
    Onion juice triples testosterone levels
    Think of a dirt-cheap vegetable you can buy at every greengrocers and supermarket. Put it in a juicer, give the juice to rats for three weeks, and watch their testosterone level rise by 314 percent. According to research done at Tabriz University in Iran, fresh onion juice raises testosterone levels as much as substances like nolvadex or clomid. —
    In Iran many men who have fertility problems can’t afford to buy medicine. That’s why Iranian researchers are looking for alternatives to medicines like NAC and selenium. Studies show that antioxidants can increase production of testosterone and sperm in the testes. Studies have also shown that onions contain strong antioxidants. So the researchers put two and two together and bought ordinary onions – Latin name Allium cepa – on the market. They peeled the onions and put them in a domestic juicer made by Tefal. The juice they got is what they used in their trials.
    Their subjects were a group of 8-week-old male rats. Of these, 10 were given ordinary food for 20 days. [Control] Ten other rats got 0.5 g per kg bodyweight of onion juice,[U1] which was pumped into their stomachs using a tube. Another 10 rats were given the same treatment, but got 1 g/kg bodyweight/day -The table below shows that after 20 days the onion juice had improved the sperm quality and increased the concentration of LH, FSH and testosterone in the rats’ blood — The table below shows that after 20 days the onion juice had improved the sperm quality and increased the concentration of LH, FSH and –testosterone in the rats’ blood
    Malondialdehyde is a mutagenic substance that is produced when free radicals damage the unsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes. The reduction in malondialdehyde concentrations that the researchers found indicates how the onion juice increases testosterone production: antioxidants in onion juice neutralise free radicals in the testes. The researchers suspect that the antioxidants in question are probably selenium compounds found in onions, and phenols such as quercetin and isorhamnetin [structural formulae shown above]. Isorhamnetin is also made in the body when enzymes convert quercetine with the help of S-adenosylmethionine. –The Iranian findings are not completely new. As long ago as 1967 an Egyptian researcher discovered that the testes of lab animals fed raw onion juice increase in size. At the moment there are quite a few animal studies which report that high doses of polyphenols like quercetin have a positive effect on the testes. But the effect of these is not as big as that of plain onion juice.
    Folia Morphol (Warsz). 2009 Feb; 68(1): 45-51.
    High vitamin D level = high testosterone level 01.02.2010
    Three grams D-aspartic acid raises testosterone levels by forty percent 20.11.2009
    Zinc megadose gives 40 percent more free testosterone 14.11.2009
    It really works – zinc is a T-booster 13.11.2009
    Muscle building effect of Tongkat Ali shown in animal study 02.11.2009
    Aphrodisiac Tongkat Ali boosts testosterone level 17.10.2009
    Maca makes cyclists faster and hornier 15.10.2009
    Animal study: ginger has similar effect to clomid 14.10.2009
    Olive oil converts cholesterol more easily into testosterone 01.09.2009
    Forty percent more testosterone with Ashwagandha 19.07.2009
    Lactic acid as testosterone booster supplement 15.06.2009
    Lactic acid is the key – and here’s why 05.06.2009
    More testosterone, less cortisol after training with phosphatidylserine 04.06.2009
    Just a little clove for more testosterone 05.05.2009
    SAM-e causes rise in testosterone 04.05.2009
    Calcium raises T-levels in athletes 08.04.2009
    Study: ZMA does not raise testosterone levels 07.04.2009
    Power sports increase testosterone production by forty percent 21.01.2009
    Combination of selenium and NAC raises testosterone levels 18.01.2009
    Onions have androgenic effect, says 1967 animal study 04.12.2008
    Not Tribulus terrestris, but Tribulus alatus 21.11.2008
    Mucuna pruriens: more testosterone, more LH, less prolactin 19.11.2008
    Tribulus components don’t convert to testosterone 14.11.2008
    More magnesium, more free testosterone 11.11.2008
    African pepper raises testosterone level 17.10.2008
    Animal study: pomegranate juice increases testosterone level and sperm quality 02.10.2008
    Astaxanthin supplement raises testosterone level 07.09.2008
    United States Patent and Trademark Office-Programs For Chemtrails
    For anyone doubting the existence of the phenomenon of ‘chemtrails’, please take a minute to read through this extensive list of patents from America on equipment and processes used in just such programs. The evidence is clear folks.
    United States Patent and Trademark Office
    1338343 – April 27, 1920 – Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists
    1619183 – March 1, 1927 – Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft
    1631753 – June 7, 1927 – Electric Heater – Referenced in 3990987
    1665267 – April 10, 1928 – Process of Producing Artificial Fogs
    1892132 – December 27, 1932 – Atomizing Attachment For Airplane Engine Exhausts
    1928963 – October 3, 1933 – Electrical System And Method
    1957075 – May 1, 1934 – Airplane Spray Equipment
    2097581 – November 2, 1937 – Electric Stream Generator – Referenced in 3990987
    2409201 – October 15, 1946 – Smoke Producing Mixture
    2476171 – July 18, 1945 – Smoke Screen Generator
    2480967 – September 6, 1949 – Aerial Discharge Device
    2550324 – April 24, 1951 – Process For Controlling Weather
    2510867 – October 9, 1951 – Method of Crystal Formation and Precipitation
    2582678 – June 15, 1952 – Material Disseminating Apparatus For Airplanes
    2591988 – April 8, 1952 – Production of TiO2 Pigments – Referenced in 3899144
    2614083 – October 14, 1952 – Metal Chloride Screening Smoke Mixture
    2633455 – March 31, 1953 – Smoke Generator
    2688069 – August 31, 1954 – Steam Generator – Referenced in 3990987
    2721495 – October 25, 1955 – Method And Apparatus For Detecting Minute Crystal Forming Particles Suspended in a Gaseous Atmosphere
    2730402 – January 10, 1956 – Controllable Dispersal Device
    2801322 – July 30, 1957 – Decomposition Chamber for Monopropellant Fuel – Referenced in 3990987
    2881335 – April 7, 1959 – Generation of Electrical Fields
    2908442 – October 13, 1959 – Method For Dispersing Natural Atmospheric Fogs And Clouds
    2986360 – May 30, 1962 – Aerial Insecticide Dusting Device
    2963975 – December 13, 1960 – Cloud Seeding Carbon Dioxide Bullet
    3126155 – March 24, 1964 – Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding Generator – Referenced in 3990987
    3127107 – March 31, 1964 – Generation of Ice-Nucleating Crystals
    3131131 – April 28, 1964 – Electrostatic Mixing in Microbial Conversions
    3174150 – March 16, 1965 – Self-Focusing Antenna System
    3234357 – February 8, 1966 – Electrically Heated Smoke Producing Device
    3274035 – September 20, 1966 – Metallic Composition For Production of Hydroscopic Smoke
    3300721 – January 24, 1967 – Means For Communication Through a Layer of Ionized Gases
    3313487 – April 11, 1967 – Cloud Seeding Apparatus
    3338476 – August 29, 1967 – Heating Device For Use With Aerosol Containers – Referenced in 3990987
    3410489 – November 12, 1968 – Automatically Adjustable Airfoil Spray System With Pump
    3429507 – February 25, 1969 – Rainmaker
    3432208 – November 7, 1967 – Fluidized Particle Dispenser
    3441214 – April 29, 1969 – Method And Apparatus For Seeding Clouds
    3445844 – May 20, 1969 – Trapped Electromagnetic Radiation Communications System
    3456880 – July 22, 1969 – Method Of Producing Precipitation From The Atmosphere
    3518670 June 30, 1970 – Artificial Ion Cloud
    3534906 – October 20, 1970 – Control of Atmospheric Particles
    3545677 – December 8, 1970 – Method of Cloud Seeding
    3564253 – February 16, 1971 – System And Method For Irradiation Of Planet Surface Areas
    3587966 – June 28, 1971 – Freezing Nucleation
    3601312 – August 24, 1971 – Methods of Increasing The Likelihood oF Precipatation By The Artificial Introduction Of Sea Water Vapor Into The Atmosphere Winward Of An Air Lift Region
    3608810 – September 28, 1971 – Methods of Treating Atmospheric Conditions
    3608820 – September 20, 1971 – Treatment of Atmospheric Conditions by Intermittent Dispensing of Materials Therein
    3613992 – October 19, 1971 – Weather Modification Method
    3630950 – December 28, 1971 – Combustible Compositions For Generating Aerosols, Particularly Suitable For Cloud Modification And Weather Control And Aerosolization Process
    USRE29142 – This patent is a reissue of patent US3630950 – Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process
    3659785 – December 8, 1971 – Weather Modification Utilizing Microencapsulated Material
    3666176 – March 3, 1972 – Solar Temperature Inversion Device
    3677840 – July 18, 1972 – Pyrotechnics Comprising Oxide of Silver For Weather Modification Use
    3722183 – March 27, 1973 – Device For Clearing Impurities From The Atmosphere
    3769107 – October 30, 1973 – Pyrotechnic Composition For Generating Lead Based Smoke
    3784099 – January 8, 1974 – Air Pollution Control Method
    3785557 – January 15, 1974 – Cloud Seeding System
    3795626 – March 5, 1974 – Weather Modification Process
    3808595 – April 30, 1974 – Chaff Dispensing System
    3813875 – June 4, 1974 – Rocket Having Barium Release System to Create Ion Clouds In The Upper Atmopsphere
    3835059 – September 10, 1974 – Methods of Generating Ice Nuclei Smoke Particles For Weather Modification And Apparatus Therefore
    3835293 – September 10, 1974 – Electrical Heating Aparatus For Generating Super Heated Vapors – Referenced in 3990987
    3877642 – April 15, 1975 – Freezing Nucleant
    3882393 – May 6, 1975 – Communications System Utilizing Modulation of The Characteristic Polarization of The Ionosphere
    3896993 – July 29, 1975 – Process For Local Modification of Fog And Clouds For Triggering Their Precipitation And For Hindering The Development of Hail Producing Clouds
    3899129 – August 12, 1975 – Apparatus for generating ice nuclei smoke particles for weather modification
    3899144 – August 12, 1975 – Powder contrail generation
    3940059 – February 24, 1976 – Method For Fog Dispersion
    3940060 – February 24, 1976 – Vortex Ring Generator
    3990987 – November 9, 1976 – Smoke generator
    3992628 – November 16, 1976 – Countermeasure system for laser radiation
    3994437 – November 30, 1976 – Broadcast dissemination of trace quantities of biologically active chemicals
    4042196 – August 16, 1977 – Method and apparatus for triggering a substantial change in earth characteristics and measuring earth changes
    RE29,142 – February 22, 1977 – Reissue of: 03630950 – Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process
    4035726 – July 12, 1977 – Method of controlling and/or improving high-latitude and other communications or radio wave surveillance systems by partial control of radio wave et al
    4096005 – June 20, 1978 – Pyrotechnic Cloud Seeding Composition
    4129252 – December 12, 1978 – Method and apparatus for production of seeding materials
    4141274 – February 27, 1979 – Weather modification automatic cartridge dispenser
    4167008 – September 4, 1979 – Fluid bed chaff dispenser
    4347284 – August 31, 1982 – White cover sheet material capable of reflecting ultraviolet rays
    4362271 – December 7, 1982 – Procedure for the artificial modification of atmospheric precipitation as well as compounds with a dimethyl sulfoxide base for use in carrying out said procedure
    4402480 – September 6, 1983 – Atmosphere modification satellite
    4412654 – November 1, 1983 – Laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids
    4415265 – November 15, 1983 – Method and apparatus for aerosol particle absorption spectroscopy
    4470544 – September 11, 1984 – Method of and Means for weather modification
    4475927 – October 9, 1984 – Bipolar Fog Abatement System
    4600147 – July 15, 1986 – Liquid propane generator for cloud seeding apparatus
    4633714 – January 6, 1987 – Aerosol particle charge and size analyzer
    4643355 – February 17, 1987 – Method and apparatus for modification of climatic conditions
    4653690 – March 31, 1987 – Method of producing cumulus clouds
    4684063 – August 4, 1987 – Particulates generation and removal
    4686605 – August 11, 1987 – Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
    4704942 – November 10, 1987 – Charged Aerosol
    4712155 – December 8, 1987 – Method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma
    4744919 – May 17, 1988 – Method of dispersing particulate aerosol tracer
    4766725 – August 30, 1988 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
    4829838 – May 16, 1989 – Method and apparatus for the measurement of the size of particles entrained in a gas
    4836086 – June 6, 1989 – Apparatus and method for the mixing and diffusion of warm and cold air for dissolving fog
    4873928 – October 17, 1989 – Nuclear-sized explosions without radiation
    4948257 – August 14, 1990 – Laser optical measuring device and method for stabilizing fringe pattern spacing
    48050 – August 14, 1990 – Liquid atomizing a94pparatus for aerial spraying
    4999637 – March 12, 1991 – Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth
    5003186 – March 26, 1991 – Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
    5005355 – April 9, 1991 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
    5038664 – August 13, 1991 – Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitude above the earths surface
    5041760 – August 20, 1991 – Method and apparatus for generating and utilizing a compound plasma configuration
    5041834 – August 20, 1991 – Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted
    5056357 – October 15, 1991- Acoustic method for measuring properties of a mobile medium
    5059909 – October 22, 1991 – Determination of particle size and electrical charge
    5104069 – April 14, 1992 – Apparatus and method for ejecting matter from an aircraft
    5110502 – May 5, 1992 – Method of suppressing formation of contrails and solution therefor
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    Pellagra is clinically manifested by the 4 D’ s: photosensitive dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, and death. The full tetrad of symptoms is usually not well developed in infants and children. This vitamin deficiency responds to treatment with nicotinic acid.[1] —Pellagra is observed in malnourished individuals and as a complication of isoniazid therapy; however, the diagnosis is often overlooked or delayed, occasionally with life-threatening consequences. Isoniazid-induced pellagra may occur despite pyridoxine supplementation. —Pellagra first was recognized in the United States in 1902, and it became an epidemic in the American South.[2] Poverty and corn consumption were the most frequently observed risk factors. The public became pellagraphobic, and patients were shunned and ostracized. Hungarian born Dr Joseph Goldberger of the United States Public Health Service eventually solved the problem. He was able to prevent and induce pellagra by using dietary modification.[1] –Pellagra is defined by the systemic disease resulting from niacin deficiency, and it is characterized by diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and death, which usually appear in this order. GI tract symptoms always precede dermatitis, or, according to Rille, “Pellagra begins in the stomach”.[3] —Gasper Casal first described pellagra in 1762 in Oviedo, Asturias. Casal noted the malady among poor peasants of Asturias and termed it mal de la rose because all affected patients had the typical reddish and glossy rash on the dorsum of the hands and feet. Skin lesions on the neck are designated as the Casal necklace. Casal had observed that patients with pellagra were all poor, subsisted mainly on maize[U2], and rarely ate fresh meat.[U3] Before Casal, the skin changes were termed Hiob disease; stigmata of Saint Francis of Assisi; or, in Italy, scorbuto alpino. François Thiery published the first description of pellagra in 1755. Francesco Frapolli called the disease vulgo pelagrain and first used the term pellagra in 1771. —In Italian vernacular, pellagra means “skin that is rough” and refers to the thickened, rough skin of persons with pellagra. In Italian, pelle means skin, and agra means sour. Pellagra remained endemic among maize-eating peasants of southern Europe for almost 2 centuries before it was recognized in the United States. In 1914, scientists suggested that pellagra was caused by a deficiency of some nutrient in the diet and that the disorder appeared to be related to black tongue (a condition analogous to pellagra) in dogs. In 1937, Conrad Elvehjem discovered that nicotinic acid cured black tongue[U4].[4] —In the United States, pellagra was first reported in 1902. In Europe, the highest incidence was in the Mediterranean area. The first cases were reported in France in 1818, in Egypt in 1847, in England in 1866, and in Bulgaria in 1907. Over the following 2 decades, pellagra occurred in epidemic proportions in the American South. Poverty and the consumption of corn were the most frequently observed risk factors. The medical community implicated the consumption of spoiled maize as the cause of pellagra, which occurred among those who were less affluent; this suggestion caused economic repercussions for agriculturists.
    Goldberger eventually solved the secret of the malady, which was a faulty diet. Goldberger was able to prevent and induce pellagra with dietary modifications, a landmark event in the annals of medicine, nutrition, and epidemiology. The reference range for serum nicotinic acid levels is 740-790 g; this level is decreased in patients with pellagra. –HIV infection induces a pellagralike state; plasma tryptophan levels are decreased in patients with HIV infection. High-dose nicotinamide treatment may successfully reverse this HIV-induced metabolic abnormality. Niacin is proposed to be a secondary preventive factor of AIDS in patients with HIV infection.[5, 6, 7]