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    This is a list of diseases spread by invertebrates.
    Causative organism
    African horse sickness
    Culicoid midge
    Orbivirus (virus)
    Fever, lung, heart or mucous membrane symptoms.
    Europe, Africa
    Babesia (protozoan)
    Human, cattle
    Fever then red urine
    South Europe and Africa
    Bluetongue disease
    Culicoid midge
    Orbivirus (virus)
    Cattle, sheep
    Fever, salivation, swelling of face and tongue
    Europe, Africa
    Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis)
    Various assassin bugs of subfamily Triatominae
    Trypanosoma cruzi (protozoan)
    Mild symptoms, then chronic heart or brain inflammation
    Central and South America
    Antiparasitic drugs; treatment of symptoms
    Dengue fever
    Flavivirus (virus)
    Fever then arthritis
    (Sub) tropics and South Europe
    Observation/supportive treatment
    Tick-borne encephalitis
    Tick-borne encephalitis virus
    Ill with flu then meningitis
    Central and North Europe
    prevention and vaccination
    Leishmania (protozoan)
    Fever, damage to the spleen and liver, and anaemia
    South hemisphere and Mediterranean Countries
    Treatment of infected
    Lyme disease
    Borrelia burgdorferi (bacterium)
    Deer, human
    Skin rash then paralysis
    Europe, North Africa, and North America
    Prevention and antibiotics
    Plasmodium (protist)
    Headache then heavy fever
    (Sub) tropics
    Prevention and anti-malaria
    Rats, Human
    Prevention and Antibiotics
    Pogosta disease
    Karelian fever
    Ockelbo disease
    Sindbis fever
    Sindbis virus
    Skin rash, fever, in severe cases – arthritis
    Scandinavia, France, Russia
    Rickettsial diseases:
    Boutonneuse fever
    African tick bite fever
    Rocky Mountain spotted fever etc.
    Tick, lice
    Rickettsia species (bacteria)
    Fever with bleeding around the bite
    Prevention and antibiotics
    African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness)
    Tsetse fly
    Trypanosoma brucei (protozoan)
    Wild mammals, cattle, human
    Fever, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, sleep disturbances
    Sub-Saharan Africa
    Various drugs
    West Nile disease
    West Nile virus
    Birds, human
    Fever then meningitis
    Africa, Asia, North America, South and East Europe
    Statins Linked to Diabetes and Cataracts
    In February 2012 the FDA belatedly announced that the use of statin drugs was causing diabetes. Although no precise figures were given for just how great an effect this was, several recent studies have given incidence figures for new onset diabetes ranging from 5% to 12 %. –I personally favor the higher figure because of the work done years ago by Siddals and his team that warned us to get ready because statin-associated diabetes was coming—-Abrogation of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and insulin action by mevalonic acid depletion: synergy between protein prenylation and receptor glycosylation pathways. J. Biol Chem 279(37) 2004 by Siddals KW and others. [F12]–Their summary is just as challenging. You are not expected to understand this and you can skip this paragraph if you find it hard going. “The vasculoprotective effects of hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl (HMG)-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) correlate with cholesterol lowering. HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors also disrupt cellular processes by the depletion of isoprenoids and dolichol. Insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling appear particularly prone to such disruption as intracellular receptor processing requires dolichol for correct N-glycosylation, whereas downstream signaling through Ras requires the appropriate prenylation (farnesol). We determined how HMG-CoA reductase inhibition affected the mitogenic effects of IGF-I and metabolic actions of insulin in 3T3-L1 cells and examined the respective roles of receptor glycosylation and Ras prenylation. IGF-I- and insulin-induced proliferation was significantly reduced by all statins tested.”– [F13]must remind you that this came at a time when statins were first being marketed and very few doctors associated the effect of statins on anything in our bodies other than cholesterol. These researchers were talking of dolichols and isoprenes and glycosylation. –It is no wonder that few, if any, heard these warning of statin problems to come. No one at that time knew that to inhibit cholesterol synthesis through the use of statins also would inhibit dolichols and isoprenes and glycosylation because the same mevalonate pathway was involved.—From the title through the abstract it illustrates the broad gap between the world of the medical researcher and that of the doctor who actually sees and treats people. All he said is that statin drugs designed to impair the synthesis of cholesterol must at the same time also inhibit the synthesis of dolichols and other factors involved in the very important task of glycosylation such as insulin manufacture. —This research team is predicting this in 2007—Now we have general agreement among the medical community that 5 to 10% of everyone placed on a statin will get diabetes. Diabetes is a major contributor to microvascular disease.[F14] That means it is a major contributor to such clinical entities as heart attacks, strokes, blindness and kidney failure, yet FDA is asking us to continue the use of statins unchanged because it does help to prevent heart attacks (while at the same time causing them). This is a tough sell to any thinking human being !!!!! -Statins also work to produce diabetes by another concurrent mechanism, that of progressive mitochondrial DNA damage. This is all secondary to what I mentioned at the very beginning of this article-the effect of statins on dolichols and glycoslylation. This effect underlies nearly all the serious statin associated problems from myopathy and neuropathy to hepatitis and diabetes. –The magic of dolichols and the glycosylation process take place in the endoplasmic reticulum in all of our cells. The great variation of biologic properties that sugars offer to proteins as the peptide strands are being assembled is the strength of diversity, with virtually unlimited combinations of attachments thereby possible. Molecular biologists have calculated that four amino acids alone can produce 24 different structural combinations of the resulting peptide strand, but with the addition of just four biologically active sugars with their multiple points of attachments there can result in 124,000 possible structural combinations of the resulting glycoprotein strand. –This incredible specificity of design is a major strength of sugars with each variation of structure allowing a functional change. Just think of what we have accomplished in cellular function, all dependent on subtle variations of molecular structure. The end result of breakdown in these primary functions is failure of insulin production, loss of mitochonndrial energy for pancreatic function and even deterioration of pancreatic cell structure.–And now I want to direct your attention to the subject of cataracts.·— In an analysis of cataract prevalence among patients with and without diabetes taking statins, Machan and colleagues found that the prevalence of cataract increased at a faster rate in patients with diabetes who used statins. “Similar prevalence levels were seen in patients with diabetes who did not use statins and in patients without diabetes who did use statins,” according to the researchers[F15]. “The prevalence of cataract increased at the slowest rate in patients without diabetes who did not use statins.” The bottom line of this study is that diabetes increases cataract risk and statins increase both diabetes and cataract risk.–We are not talking just small amounts. A diagnosis of diabetes was also associated with an 84% greater risk of nuclear sclerosis, a 38% higher risk of cortical cataract, and a 52% rise in posterior subcapsular cataract. Statin use alone was associated with a 48% higher risk of nuclear sclerosis and a 48% rise in posterior subcapsular cataract. Diabetes was associated with an 82 percent increase in cataract risk and statin use with a 57 percent increase. According to the authors the two risk factors appeared independent of each [F16]other.–This new study strongly suggests that, just as we see in animals, cataracts in humans may be linked to the use of statin drugs. Although the mechanism has not as yet been defined it deserves to be mentioned that statin-associated dolichol mediated glycosylation defects are increasingly being identified as causative in a variety of biologic systems.
    Waterloo Eye Study: data abstraction and population representation.
    Age-related cataract is associated with type 2 diabetes and statin use.
    Duane Graveline MD MPH
    Former USAF Flight Surgeon
    Former NASA Astronaut
    Retired Family Doctor
    May 2013
    Coumarin—antioxidant in foods that keep the blood flowing
    Coumarin MW: 146.14-Formula: C9H6O2
    What is Coumarin?
    Coumarin is a phytochemical with a vanilla like flavour. Coumarin is a oxygen heterocycle. Coumarin can occur either free or combined with the sugar glucose (coumarin glycoside).
    Sources of Coumarins
    Coumarin is found in several plants, including tonka beans.
    Fruits: Citrus Fruits, strawberries, apricots, cherries
    Herbs: Angelica-Licorice , lavender, licorice, , cinnamon, and sweet clover –Parsley-Siberian Ginseng-Red Clover-Cnidium
    Legumes: Alfalfa
    Seeds: Celery Seeds
    Vegetables: Celery
    Health Benefits of Coumarin
    Coumarin has blood-thinning, anti-fungicidal and anti-tumor activities. Coumarin should not be taken while using anticoagulants. Coumarin increases the blood flow in the veins and decreases capillary permeability. Coumarin can be toxic when used at high doses for a long period
    Facts about Coumarin
    Coumarin seems to work as a pesticide in the plants that produce it. Coumarin is responsible for the sweet smell of new mown hay.
    1,2-Benzopyrone, 2H-1-Benzopyran-2-one
    AN Alternative to coumadin—these are naturally occurring and are a balnce in the foods that can assist in the regulation of blood flow and alleviate any impediment— These can be made into teas or juices to get a more pronounced effect
    New virus confirmed in Ohio dog may be infecting, killing other dogs in state
    Ohio officials have confirmed a case of circovirus in a dog in the Akron area, and are testing more samples taken from other dogs who have fallen ill and may have had the virus. Eight dogs have shown similar, severe symptoms over the past few weeks and four have died. (The Plain Dealer )–Brie Zeltner, The Plain Dealer By Brie Zeltner, The Plain Dealer -Follow on Twitter -on September 06, 2013 at 4:00 PM, updated September 10, 2013 at 6:33 PM —CLEVELAND, Ohio — A mysterious virus may be sickening and killing dogs in Ohio, and could be the first sign of a new illness not seen before in pets. Dogs in the Akron-Canton and Cincinnati areas have fallen ill with similar symptoms over the past three weeks, and half have died, state officials said. –Today, The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) received the first confirmation of a case of the virus, called circovirus, in one of these dogs, said spokeswoman Erica Hawkins. More testing of samples from the other seven dogs who have fallen ill in the state is ongoing, she said, and it’s too soon to know if they all had the same disease. —• Update: Two Ohio dogs test negative for new virus that showed up in state last week —Of the eight dogs who have had the severe illness over the past few weeks, four have died. Symptoms included vasculitis (which is a destruction of the body’s blood vessels), severe vomiting, bloody diarrhea, fluid buildup around the lungs, as well as rapid heart rate and weakness.[F17] Four cases were first reported in the Cincinnati area, followed by four in Canal Fulton, near Canton. –No new cases have come up since, though there have been many calls from concerned pet owners, Hawkins said. –State pathologists have sent samples taken from the ill and dead dogs to a lab at the University of California-Davis to test them for circovirus. A one-year-old beagle with circovirus died in California in the spring, and the school’s lab has the equipment to test for the virus, which had not previously been diagnosed in dogs but is common in pigs. [F18]A study detailing the California case was released in April in the Centers for Disease Control’s online journal “Emerging Infectious Diseases.” Dr. Melanie Butera, a veterinarian at Elm Ridge Animal Hospital in Canal Fulton, treated all four of the Akron-area dogs, who were extremely ill with very similar symptoms, she said. The two worst cases came in collapsed and weak, with high heart rates and fluid around their lungs. One of the dogs died. All were around 3 or 4 years old, and none of the owners knew each other or spent time together. -[F19]“The dogs were so profoundly sick, over such a short period of time,” she said, which is what set off alarm bells for her. One of the dogs, who survived the illness, was leaking fluid from his gums. –“It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, and I did emergency work for 20 years, so I’ve seen a lot of stuff.” –Butera has not seen any more cases since sending samples from the affected dogs to the state, but she’s heard from a colleague in the Akron area who may have treated another dog with similar symptoms and also sent samples to the state for testing.—Since posting information about the cases she’s seen on her Facebook page, Butera said “we’re getting all sorts of calls — everyone who ever had a dog who has ever vomited or had diarrhea.” –The statewide concern began around Aug. 16, when ODA urged owners to closely watch their pets after several dog deaths were reported in Norwood, which is in Hamilton County north of Cincinnati. Four dogs there were sickened with similar symptoms, and three died. –All of the dogs had spent time at the same boarding facility,[F20] but subsequent testing of the food, water and surfaces in the facility showed no signs of anything that could have triggered the illnesses, according to a statement made by the facility’s owner on the company’s Facebook page. The facility shut down temporarily and replaced its flooring and some equipment as a precaution. –Vets in the Cincinnati area who treated the four dogs sent samples to Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine for testing, said public relations director Melissa Weber. Tests for salmonella and other obvious causes of the illnesses came back negative, she said, and the ODA is awaiting further test results. –The department has not received any additional calls from the Cincinnati area since that time, Hawkins said.–Health officials and veterinarians said that dog owners who suspect an illness should get the pet to a veterinarian right away. If it’s after hours or your vet isn’t available, seek out an emergency vet. –“Pay the money, and get your dog in there, because the dog that survived [in Cincinnati] was the one who got into the vet quickly and was administered fluids immediately,” Weber said.–Weber and Butera, the Akron-area veterinarian, warn dog owners not to panic. There have only been a handful of cases so far, and no definitive cause has been determined. Even if circovirus is responsible for all the cases, it’s not the first time dogs have faced a new illness, nor will it be the last. –Canine influenza, or dog flu, popped up for the first time in greyhounds in 2004 after crossing over from horses. It now passes efficiently between dogs, according to the CDC, and can cause runny nose, cough, and fever, as well as more serious illness.[F21] –“Viruses mutate all the time, and we see that in human viruses, and sometimes mutations allow the virus to cross into a different species,” said Butera. –“There are many things can cause these symptoms,” she said, and “there are a lot of things that dogs are exposed to every day. It doesn’t seem like we’re having some massive outbreak. We just don’t know yet what this is.” –Hawkins said ODA is asking Ohio veterinarians to be alert for symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea in dogs, and recommends that vets call the department to report cases and to get more information about sending samples for testing
    Prepare for the GridEx II November Power Grid “Drill”
    This drill is scheduled to begin November 13, 2013. What is not being discussed is how much of the nation will lose power or, since it is a three-nation drill (United States and parts of Canada and Mexico), the entire U.S. will go “offline” so to speak. What we are told is that all food and water transport will stop, business and banking will stop, transportation and shopping will stop, communications will stop, and there will be no heat in homes, schools or places of business.–As such, everyone will have to decide whether to go to work, whether to send their kids to school or have them possibly locked down, and they will have to decide whether they will have non-perishable foods and water on hand, alternative lighting and heating, medical supplies, etc., for what will likely be ordered sheltering in place.–Therefore, a few suggestions come to mind–Have at least two weeks food and water stored for all family members and pets, preferably one month’s storage. Have warm clothing, warm blankets and sleeping bags, gloves and hats.–Have extra medical supplies and prescription drugs if you know you will run out during mid-November. Have a quality First Aid kit, stocked. Have extra firewood and a place to possibly cook outdoors. You might want to include a good tent and/or large tarps, ropes, bungee cords, and a good ax and wood saw. Do NOT throw away yard sticks, burnable trash, cardboard, etc. Store them in boxes in the garage or a utility shed. If you do not have either, ask a neighbor if you can temporarily store them in their garage or shed. Buy wood matches and keep them in zip lock bags or plastic containers with lids. You will have to decide whether you are going to send your children school. [F22]If so, pack food, water, and dress them very warmly and prepare them in advance that you may have no ability to contact them and that they may have to stay at school for several days. – Fill you cars with gasoline prior to November 10th, and try to store extra gasoline in a safe place.–If you can afford to do so, buy a Big Buddy propane heater, three or four 20 pound propane tanks (filled), and an adapter hose for the 20 pound tanks.– Have paper plates, paper and foam cups, plastic utensils, a good can opener or two, a good all-purpose tool, and keep all store bags.–Have plenty of toilet paper, sanitary supplies for girls and women, hand soaps, paper and hand towels, and have plenty of small plastic or grocery store bags.–Have several quality flashlights, A LOT of batteries. Several old-fashioned oil lamps with wicks and clear glass chimneys and a gallon or two of lamp oil will provide good light and quite a bit of additional heat. –If you have babies have stored formula, cleaned bottles, diapers, wipes, ointments, and plenty of warm baby blankets, hats, mits, booties, temperature-lowering medicines and electrolyte juices.–If you have senior parents or grandparents, get them prepared with all necessities.–Know how to shut off your natural gas.–Get laundry done prior to the drill.–Be aware that we have no real idea if this drill will include armies in our streets, forced relocations; business and/or school lock downs, or if this will be a drill that becomes a live “event” as occurred in Boston. Mostly, be prepared for many people to be unprepared and panicked. Be prepared to protect your home, families and supplies, and always keep working toward a six month supply of stored goods including garden seeds. In today’s world and beneath today’s political and policing systems, you just never know. Stock up.
    [F1]At this point you have to wonder what is running the planet—tit is obviously anti Human
    [F2]This is Biowarfare—and this would definitely a means to exterminate humanity—an unbelievable act of cowardice—instead of confrontation and full disclosure this is all being done behind the backs of all—indigenious peoples will be the first to go and shortly those who are in the outskirt outlying areas will not be able to grow anything but this shit
    [F3]Understand this comment extract from human wealth—does this not sound like a life force or energy aspect of human life—a human = a battery
    [F4]A dicatorrship!!! Does this not appear that something else is over riding congress—does this not sound strange??
    [F5]The question here is why is there not anything going down to have this fellow removed from office—he has shown nothing but incompetence—war mongerin and now a betrayal to the people who he is supposed to be leading —and if any othr pres or PM is doing this then they should as well be discharged of this adnd allowed to serve the rest of there lives in a hospital with the very pharma they have promoted to be a way of life for them
    [F6]This is another cluster waiting to happen—this may cause a desired effect but what happens when these insects are fed on by birds and other predatory insects—what happens to there genetics
    [F7]Look at this—“the thought” you mean there is no substance to validate
    [F8]Aimed –means they are not sure—this is a guess at best
    [F9]Syngenta—this is the biggey of them all—while everyone was being distracted with Monsanto this company has further made strides as well
    [F10]This could engineer a out break since there would be a cross over the normal barriers of existence or health for animals or other living elements may be come violated or terminated—and for human interactivity the new unintended mix may create a whole new wave of debilitation
    [F11]A net can be utilized or made several ways —through an electrical \field—through a chemical coating of areas where insects may intersect with people—or a physical mesh
    [F12]The Studies indicating Diabetes as a result of Statins
    [F13]NONE ARE SAFE—they all Affect Insulin
    [F14]Here we go a drug that blocks insulin production and at the same time creates a more indirect route to heart failure —in there words a drug that induces a heart debilitation through sugar damage that would otherwise not exist
    [F15]In other words you are more like to get it and get it faster if you’re a diabetic and using statins
    [F16]Intentional Blindness—LASER anyone to take away your capacity to see at tnight—occular damage-for unnecessary surgical procedures—intentional DNA damaege—seems to me there is really no reason to take this medication—the damage outweighs the supposed effects —even what they prescribed for saving the heart will eventually cause another heart issue which will lead to more medications or a premature death
    [F17]What should be monitored is chemtrail fall out and the relationship with the chems and the concentration of them and the results after the heavy chemming this may indicate a release of some pathogenic materials attacking pets as well as wild life—the height of the chemtrails as well should also be looked at since the lower flying ones are the ones usually utilized like crop dusting but instead would be environmental dusting—killing off the environment
    Transference or crossing over —this may mean that with this kind of genetic manipulation viruses are now going to be able to cros over not only species but as well in plant and other organisms [F18]—
    This is impying either airborne or food they did not have contact to each other then there has to a common denominator here where these animals are getting hit but bot all are dieing—appears to be abou 50%— [F19]
    [F20]There is a common issue here it would appear the boarding fascilities are like hospitals a pit of diseases that can be easily slipped into there water supply or there foods—and since this is more common in pigs then the questions stands how is this jumping from pigs to dogs—then the other question would be what are dogs being vaccinated with and where are they getting the materials to make these serums from—and third is there any pig in the diet that was fed to the animals
    [F21]This is now being accepted as normal—something is wrong with this thinking —how does a horse infection get to be a dog one—so what is changing here —how is the genetics of one species now affecting a different set of genes in another—this can only be done in a lab—this is not an act of nature
    [F22]This would be ridiculous —keep them at home —if there is a power outage as being described then the best place is for them to be at home—if there are no lights on the streets then there is a higher probability for abduction or attempts to rob these kids of whatever little resources they may have on them —remember at this time other people will not have gotten ready thinking the gov’t is going to protect them