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    it is very strange as when I started working with these tools of light, almost in the first weeks of it, I also used some cement , mainly a a method to keep it lasting longer
    but there is a bit more to it
    depending on the type of cement as there are many completely different species of it
    usually some sort of amalgemation of different materials, but they come in all sorts.
    Maybe first wait if I get some sort of reply, one can never tell nowadays
    As most dont even respond nowadays, very strange behavior
    in my former facebook group orgonite plus I did message the members
    when they were online and not really doing too much, hmm nothing actually
    to see what they were up too
    most folk today think making the world a better place involves only clicking on a button or something
    it s really sad , so no response , than I click , whoopsy there you go …..

    it s really shitty nowadays , the nonsense they give us, for me facebook is mainly sheeple farming
    with some small exceptions, well, for example that s where we bumped into one another LOL
    :lol: :lol: :lol: 33
    so you see, even what the system gives us as can have a benefit, although I am sure it is not in their interest for orgonite to expand in that way LOL
    but it happens, so after all Stephen was right about it , with some shortcuts here and there
    that s why folk like us usually end up in places like this or like this San Diego dude with his natural super energetic tools of light on some simple blog or etsy page or whatever
    that s as far as it goes for real folk

    the fakers you see on BBC , the Ickies, the Joneses, what have you that Messiah creep , what s his name
    Russel millionair but you have to be starving Brand nutcase…talking to some offshoots of the Rothshilds and you name it
    If people, at this stage , still havent figured out who s who than there is no hope for them
    as it is so blatant now it is turning into a soap.

    Carlin said it once if you dont vote you have the right to piss them off
    and I happily do so
    all of them
    even as a child I knew it s all one big fancy well presented illusion
    they just cannot grow up

    there is a method out there but that has been turned into another , one of many , artificial hoopla techniques
    I dont like that, it is not something that excells
    it keeps the thing grounded
    using copper wires , snippets, lots of it , into cement or something
    never really took off
    I am not saying it does nothing, maybe it does
    but it is not the way forward
    it s like using the thing Timo did in his early trials, using better resins
    more natural resins, in his escalation to the real breakthrough
    it is not good enough
    as he said himself later on
    it just wont do
    yes J , some folk have guts or balls if we can use that politcially incorrect phrase, yes we can
    they say, all real pioneers will say sometimes we fucked up, didnt work, it s crap
    total flop
    and they go back to the drawing board and do it better the next time
    untill they get it right, like a cook working on a new recipe
    they progress while the rest pollutes the world even further with not too energetic builds
    as simple as that
    as most folk want to belong to the herd, the masses
    so the moment they leave their safe happy brainwash bubbles after they ” woke up” they jump right back into it in the truth movement
    back into the penn again
    that s how it works as most folk dont truly wake up
    Voting for agenda 21 , this ” climate chaos” nonsense , is served to the public as being on the right track etc
    while the play right in the agenda of the guys who dreamed that one up
    I only talk about that hoax because you will soon have to face the consequences
    as you already have encountered ….
    mild ones
    but still
    as we go through times of incredible deception
    it is not easy to keep balanced
    as almost everything that is supposed to be good is not so good

    1 (134).jpg

    Maybe it is best if he , the maker, gives his side of the story of how and in what quantities he uses the materials
    before we start to “gamble” with the concept
    we can try what it does naturally
    just mix in some of the portland cement in this case a mixture of limestone, silica, and gypsum if I undestand it correctly
    as there are many types of portland cement and see what comes out of it
    easy to do and cheap too
    I love cheap and powerful methods
    I do have a good feeling about it
    never really felt the need to incorporate that into the plaster of paris
    but I dont think it will hurt either
    will give for sure a stronger finish
    and a special worn look

    I think it is a nice idea
    the idea does work this connection part of it
    tested that myself and it is very powerful
    did it a couple of times during gifting trips
    as I ran out of energy tools
    and wanted to increase the output
    and I thought ah why not let s give it a try
    see what it does
    yes very powerful it was
    this making it connect to other pieces
    so instead of a chemtrail checkerboard you create a life force checkerboard
    to put it that way for lack of a better description

    Actually when I did that, that connecting aspect , I found out a lot
    some of it is outragious so wont mention it here
    but it is powerful
    good line of thought
    why not
    maybe start slowly , let s say once a week or so
    on a saturday evening or so
    does not have to be long
    it took me a few minutes to get the party going
    just let me know what time and I ll be ready
    you know , this what we call plasterite, whatever the name , it s just a label, we dont understand all of it probably never will but we know already a lot of it
    like these dolmen things all over the place, lots of things hidden still
    just tapping in to it , first layers


    thank you for your thinking :)

    it is something that has become very rare if we look around us
    there is no thinking almost
    just spouting slogans given to them to prattle about you see


    we will win by slogans Lenin said
    and he was right
    like ” ban CO2″ …. ” save the earth”…..