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    Reorganized some posts here, as all somehow ends up in the Irish topic…whoaaaa
    so the thing with the pyramids , portland cement as an alternative, etc , has been moved to the how to make section
    so ..that s done, good news, Lady Jennifer has succeeded to spot one of the old crew
    yes ” spirit walker” one of the closer buddies of Josh , he is still at it, making the world a better place hehehe
    good man Tony , Tony Geron, yes he is on facebook folks, jee who isnt..Tony is a splendid healer, great guy
    loves to play also with these energy tools of light we play with
    too much to talk about, anyway…

    Jenn just received a message so he is all well and full of energy still
    nice to know
    never thought we would hear of him again but synchronisity eh Jenn ahhh

    Tony Geron I am grateful for the inclusion here. My dear friend Jacques and his Lady Catherine were instrumental in involving me in their creation and love of plasterite. I feel very fortunate to have had such time with Jacques, he was my mentor and Brother! :D I would ask that we include in our affirmations, the HELP of the Elemental Kingdom, for it is their Home as well. In particular, I will Call upon, the Cloud Nation, The Over Soul of the Wild Geese, the Sylphs of the Air, and the All of the Fairy Realm, to Honor and Assist our Prayers, Intentions and Affirmations of Transformation, Elimination, and Purification of our Beloved Earth, Skies and Waters, in our Unity of Love, our Community of Respect. So Mote It Be! AHO!
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    great work J

    ps my pieces came out well
    yes the portland cement work as an additive so to speak
    feels good , but very different
    much slower , not weaker, just slower
    in output, has a somewhat deeper voice
    as it hardens out it starts to pump but in a new way
    had to get used to it for an hour or so
    to a new sensation
    good energy there
    good stuff
    much more organic feel to it, much more grounded in earth connectoin than the pure selenite
    which is white and very powerful and moves right into the upper spiritual
    in a flash
    this stuff is much calmer, again, not weaker, has a serious punch to it , but just more calmer
    has a steady move
    like a long intro whereas the plasterite flattens everything right away
    but is not easy to hold on to
    pleasant sensation to it
    for calmer folk it would be a great choice
    both have a purity to it that is amazing
    so pure
    right to the core
    in the past I tested all sorts of metals too, etc but that did not have a good feeling to it, the whole energy got out of balance
    some say got ” toxic”
    well yeah in a way it did
    not good
    disharmony there
    so …was a bit sketchy to try something new but glad I did
    not so easy as it sounds
    has a certain depth to it
    the portland mix in it
    earthly sensation, really you should try
    takes much longer to harden these things
    but nice energy blasters
    really nice and more subtle in output than the energy ” flamethrower” the selenite is.
    healers would prefer the selenite
    but other folk would feel more at ease with the portland mix in it to
    to calm it down a bit but still get the nice energy out
    maybe pictures later