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    As agenda 21 is the big stick, ties in with all other agendas, not something that should be viewed upon as a small issue like
    ah ” just carbon tax” no no
    it will expand untill we are all, the planet, under the same boot
    it will affect all there is to affect, everything goes in there
    Outrageous lies are being presented as truths and most follow it
    by folk with straight faces in expensive suits belonging to those societies with big paychecks for their ” great work” as they dont give a shit
    about anyone that s not in the big club
    as simple as that
    Gangs run the planet and most think that s the way it ought to be
    the cant imagine anything else
    Considering lady H aka Crystal
    yes, missed that touch often , as it is so indirect those protests

    at least one person called a dog a dog
    no one else did
    not efficiently
    and yes she is very intense
    also something I miss a lot nowadays
    as it is all so sort of tranquilized
    the ” movements”
    like robots
    doing a ” program”
    I hope she keeps that unadapted behavior
    it s worthwhile seeing I must admit

    cant do too much in winter so just made three copies of the first cone
    also connected three broadcasters into one big structure
    so just one device is at the other end as all cables are connected with another
    like in series of batteries
    very powerful, the energy almost pushes me flat
    in a good way