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And a joyous Welcome.

Thank you Sunshine, for that amazing post regarding me, I was floored and very humbled by reading it.

I have been playing quietly in solitude for a couple of years now since Josh’s passing. He left a huge whole in my Universe when he sickened and lost his battle to cancer. We had been dear friends for years, our love of clear blue skies is what inspired a mutual friend to introduce us. Josh was an amazing man, truly a warrior for Love on our world. His dedication to Mother Earth was everything to him. He taught me so many lessons along the way, his inspiration always coming from Nature and the desire to improve the gifts and tools we might create to help keep our home clean.

I have numerous pieces around our home still, having not poured in probably three years now. I had so many pieces poured and awaiting painting, I simply stopped. LOL

What I will share with you all, is something so very key and at the very Heart of what Josh came up with, with plasterite.

As a Kick Ass Galactic Shaman, as Josh would laughing refer to himself at times, the most Sacred part of our Creations, is the knowledge and reverence, that in making such, we truly, are creating Life. Consciousness. It, consciousness, exists in all things. Everything.

Sitting upon the deck, adjoined to the front of Jacques’s home, we sat one day, and silently, just together, slid into Oneness, with everything around us. Jacques looked at me, and asked me if I would join him in some tea. I nodded, still in rapture of the world around me. After he silently rose after nodding himself, I sat there and simply wondered. I could see each leave, every branch, small and large. Mother surrounded me in every direction. It was sublimely Heaven. I went into my Heart, and started to pour out, through my eyes, all of my Love, to everything I saw around me, and with each glance, from my Heart, I proclaimed quietly, I LOVE YOU, I SEE YOU, I KNOW YOU LIVE. I AM HONORED…… and suddenly, I was pulled invisibly from my body, and I was the leaf I was looking at, and I, as the Leaf, was bursting with JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shook and vibrated, and I sent back to this MAN before me, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instantly, I rocketed around, to everything I had glanced upon, and the same happened, over and over again, rapidly. I then shot back into my body, and I was RADIANT. Tears poured down my face, so profound was this. Jacques, upon returning, took one look at me, and sat our tea down, wrapping me in his arms, crying, and said, “My boy, my boy! You have seen, and now you KNOW!! Oh my boy, you are now truly a Shaman, for you know the very secret of this Life. And that is, it is ALIVE, in every sense. A pencil, a car, a cloud, a chicken. Different forms of Life. Of God. Of the Great Secret. All are imbued with Source, ARE Source. So you must see them, address them, reverently and with distinction. In this, you give respect and acknowledgement of it’s Divinity!”

So you see, we, as Creators, create through our hands, our desires and thoughts, and we bring into LIFE, a consciousness. Be that orgonite or plasterite, the TRUTH is, a new, baby, sentient Being is formed by you. Love it, talk to it, instruct it…. LINK it to you, if you are ready to go forward, with a piece of your DNA…. hair, nail clipping, tears, spit…. do so in Ceremony, bestowing a piece of you to forever link your Creation to you. Distribute anywhere, and you always can update / control through intention. OR, you can also imprint your energy upon a crystal before using as part of your Creation, and use that to instruct / upgrade your usage of piece(s). If doing that way, tie your crystals to one Master crystal that you keep. Label it if you wish…. Clear Sky Group 1…. I pretend I have a knob sticking out of mine that allows me to crank up the volume….

More advanced thoughts are with using Energy Bubble insertion into piece during curing. Cupping hands, see a blue bubble of Light coalescing between them, filled with Electric Blue Light! See it getting brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger. Hold this vision for twenty or thirty seconds, then instruct / program Bubble…. “Sole purpose is to provide clean, pure Life Force Energy to my Creation, Mist. Deactivation code is Earth. Program is LOCKED.” Then drop, throw Bubble into curing Creation…. with LOVE and INTENTION!

The more we Play, the more we learn and grow. And yes, you may ask Elementals or Slyphs to be care takers of your Creation…. **hint, hint**

Love and so much JOY to each of you!!!!!!!

Would love to connect with anyone desiring a session. First one is always free. For anyone here afterwards, just use the promotion code IRISH to get $50.00 off the normal session cost.

Blessings and HUGS!

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