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    Lots of gratitude for this wonderful post


    still have to digest it all ah…good work, so much going through me
    good things, things we need so much, you send an amazing amounts of good healing vibes out
    easy to spot , lots of joy and light there, and I think to myself if I continue this chosen path out of my inner will
    an inner acceptance to just do good work while keeping my soul and eyes open to what s around us maybe, just maybe
    one day I might come within distance to have that sort of ” swing ” you have in healing work
    Very nice of you to give an example as for most of the affirmation group, well…you know…it s all a bit new to us
    stepping somewhat out of the box here for most…some have to practice somewhat and some know the way to go already
    there is something in it for everyone of us.

    When I first came across all of this I knew right away I was tapping into something big, the only way forward is for the person to have an open mind
    go for love and intention and take a rise on the wild horse so to say, can be frightening at first, well just trust the horse and be open and respectful to it that s all it takes. Tested all this by myself over a couple of years and it s all true even though at first, when I first went into this side of life
    I thought often ah that cannot be, that s …exaggeration, etc etc, but it is all true
    every word of it that has been spoken about these methods, their effects and their benefit to ourselves and those around us

    Yes I do support the idea, most folk are somewhat reluctant of doing a healing session I do understand that
    There is nothing wrong with that
    I was like that myself a few years ago, this ” nah that s not for me” like most folk are
    immediately assuming there is ” something wrong” with me
    but that is not as it is
    but that is how most folk see it
    in the wrong light
    I would really wholeheartedly suggest a healing session to anyone
    simply anyone
    even if it is just to see what it does
    if it is for you or not, so to say
    lots of benefits
    and let s be honest in the times we go through now a healing session surely wont hurt
    lets put it mildly here
    very mildly… ;)

    As we all have been ” infected'” by the reality given to us by the system as I call it
    which is only a fraction of what s really out there to experience.
    I only know one must , if desired to know, really go for it and manifest it, actually do it, making the tools of light, sending out the good vibes
    always ask nature
    ask permission , ask guidance, insight, ask them to show more reality
    I was stubborn too before I washed ashore on orgonite plus hehehe
    but I am glad I went for it, big BIG improvement of my life
    big changes
    with not too much help basically
    just one step at a time
    Nature , the spirits around us, for lack of a better word show us a lot
    once we start to listen
    usually I ignored that but now I just let it roll
    there is so much in this
    but it can only fully be experienced by the individual themselves
    it cannot be taught to understand
    one can be shown the road but one has to travel it by themselves
    no shortcuts allowed, it just does not work that way

    Great post Tony
    real good dynamite hehehe
    thank you

    We must be so
    we have no choice
    There is no other way
    I do it too
    But I cannot explain it so marvelously as you do
    but that s what we do, what I do , especially during gifting trips
    most people have no idea, it is not a mystery, it is working with the powers around us that are there to help us
    it is real, very very real

    Nice of you to share an experience with Jacques or Josh as we called him
    what a man, the real deal there
    the real deal
    what an honor he shared it with us as we were in the dark on a lot of things
    his sharing attitude to help us all
    to find the endurance, the patience with us all, also lots of respect for people as most had never dealt with those topics
    before. The same applies to all good men and women who are on the good path
    each in their own way

    Love the way you present it!!!
    hehehe 33
    very understandable
    very to the point
    Now I even smile

    A healing session is like reloading the battery
    re balancing
    Thanks again for your wonderful eye opening post Tony
    now it is almost time , few minutes so must do the affirmation connection now
    getting better at it