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    yes it is J, it is
    regarding the affirmation group etc, in a way that s what I needed to focus my energy on so to speak
    like a mold to put it all in
    the vortex of the energy, its aim, it works very well for me like I have been waiting for something but don’t know what it was
    this feels very good and am grateful you had the daring thought to come up with something like that
    we don’t see that every day either
    like we are all little mirrors reflecting the good intention onto a central focus point with our individual intentions and it starts to melt and cook
    as we are all aimed at a central big mirror so it gets very strong , this sort of melting pot of power
    a gateway of all possibility

    It is true that we miss Jacques, it also shows us a lot of how vital good information is and how we are in need for such information to be shared to the world
    to those who are fit to handle it and make good use of it. As honestly enough with his sharing and caring we would probably still be lost in the dark
    to some extent for sure. As we know know, there are more people, individuals, doing such work and having results but as we are just at the bottom of the system that information is unlikely to come out into all sorts of communities, etc. On the other hand for me in those days as a novice in this whole scala of working with these methods and their range and all it was mainly the examples and teachings of Stephen , you know, monsoon orgonite that kicked my but in finally starting putting two and two together, showing me the ropes as they say in English, making the whole “fuzzy healing talk information galore ” :-) digestible to the average Joe in a down to earth methodology. Although I could sense a lot inside about the exchanges that took place at that stage I could not make much of it , I knew not much in those days, naturally
    how could I ?

    At least I could understand Stephen s feedback on the topic, his straightforward reports on the matter and so forth in his typical ” Aussi fashion ” hehehe
    Yo… :P
    Plasterite , just as other natural techniques mean healing, power, self reliance
    all things the system dont like us to have
    so the shooting down of the plaster even began before I became aware of it
    other topics like the life pillow were not even touched upon completely
    and that s even just the ” outer shell” of plasterite
    there is so much more to it
    I play with selenite for two years or the selenite is playing with me who knows as it keeps revealing secrets unknown to me all the time
    whenever I am ready for it
    every time a new door opens
    and you progress, change and move ahead
    it is Pandora´s box , it keeps sharing and giving and it never exhausts it never deceives
    it just is
    it wont happen overnight, takes some time and effort to work with it , but it is not hard to do
    but you better not talk about that stuff to the TV people
    in these times of dis empowerment we need all the big toys in the arsenal of orgonite
    the little CB from the past just wont do it
    it is beyond that now but ears are closed and eyes don’t want to see the obvious in plain view
    I for some reason became aware by intuition that such information is very rare to get hold of
    as it sometimes slips thought the net / web…they cant control everything
    and when it does you have to catch it, grab it, secure it as soon it will be gone or distorted and so it was
    For personal convenience I thought it is practical to have some copies of that information, even in 2013
    so for easier print up , sharing, mailing it to folk who might take an interest in it ,that sort of thing
    In my nativity I thought it would run forever
    One year later it was gone.

    As this information is too valuable and too important , for sure in our times, as they blast the crap out of us
    no remorse there, to be held in the exclusive hands of a ” healing elite ” :lol: :lol: :lol:
    it had to be shared again
    after my FB experience got under fire and later on simply blocked I had to come up with something new
    and by synchronicity I ended up here, as the old forum was also on such a framework
    PHP and had the same layout etc
    funny how it works out
    it just happens
    so I re uploaded the material, most of it, half a year ago or something to this place here, the most important parts
    those that could be retrieved
    anyway, will slow down, hopefully , from now on, untill spring LOL
    third attempt….wink wink

    ps opened up the shop you might need to add some details there
    I ll shut up now hehehe
    all the best