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There’s a lot of good reading in above post, just needs time, time, time. Following is a post I’ve put on a couple of pages:
Hello friends – a gentle reminder of the group affirmation to take place this evening 7 pm Irish time (4 hours from now) or any other time you want. We’ll be using Aine MacAodha’s lovely affirmation –
‘Plasterite/selenite the natural cleanser against chemtrail offense, emf and the decreasing of our once blue sky.
I send love, light, peace and harmony out to mother earth,
to the elementals,
human helpers and
truthers world wide united in the power of intention with the aid of plasterite to radiate a cleaner sky and earth.”
There’s a little extra piece we can add on too thanks to Ray Watkowski :
“Sylphs,Air Elementals,We need your assistance…we love you,thanks”
And because I’m not completely bossy, please of course ‘do your own thing’ in whatever way you want or feel like, we will be very powerful sending our good thoughts no matter what format. If you have a piece of plasterite/orgonite it will be good to hold it as we affirm.
To join the group please send a request to Plasterite Affirmation Group. 8012 8018