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    Gifting trip

    nah wont make a long story about it
    just what it is
    it was pleasant
    quick and clean
    and, again, believe it or not, just twenty minutes on the playground and the helicopter came over
    ah..clockwork eh ..yep
    don’t ask me why , that s just how it is
    they usually do
    than you think while gifting and the branches start swinging oh my god , not again
    why they do that
    just to show who is boss
    that s my opinion
    also for intimidation but by now they should know it does not work with all folk
    some just don’t resonate with tyranny
    odd… ;)

    Funny enough found some pieces I gifted previously
    still functional, although I do remember burying them , half way , but now they were just on the forest floor
    strange, but just like with those predictable helicopters you ll get used to it
    after a while
    the mystery factor so to speak
    some call it synchronicity
    call it what you want
    it is there
    there s a lot there

    anyway, a few bags, nothing too heavy, fifty kilos, my latest batches went in – the seaweed structures
    we are not here for the masses, we are not here to make big money, although some bucks wouldn’t hurt either, hehe
    no, this is for those still standing and holding on to sanity without breaking up or giving up or going into all sorts of la la land
    the methods provided are real and are excellent tools for the healers who want to go further
    at least we keep most popcorn folk out of this place here
    unlike Facebook….

    I do notice the fear level has decreased , on my part, during those trips
    there is not much left of that
    I am getting over that now I guess
    I didnt even give the bird to the helicopter, oh I am getting sloppy here LOL
    it just does not bother me anymore
    paper Tigers…