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ou’re full of ideas Sunflower, Will that mean double the work, we’re supposed to be easing off for the winter months surely? :P
But probably really good to have the information available in more than one location.

I’m proud to attach Lady Murielle’s latest creation, she’s been promising a ‘rainbow’ coloured pyramid to a friend of hers for ages, and here it is, a true resin and plasterite combo.

I think a word to describe me may be ‘forward’ i.e. pushy – I listened to the Sean Maguire Show ‘Out of the Box’ on Peoples Internet Radio last evening, where he had a really long interesting chat with Max Bliss. Near the end Sean brought up the subject of orgonite, and Max knew a lot about it. Of course Ms.Cheeky here contacts Sean on FB and posts about Plasterite.

He takes an interest and I reminded him we’d met on O’Connell Bridge a couple of months ago, at Ciaran’s anti-geoengineering awareness day.
He’d given me his card and recited one of his poems for me.
We talked then mostly about fluoridation.

This afternoon he said he’d tried before to get groups making orgonite in Ireland some time ago, but found there was no interest, so was delighted to hear about our interest in it.
So…… he’s asked me to chat with him on one of his programmes about Plasterite and anything else I want to discuss – I’ll be happy to bring fluoridation into it if the opportunity arises.
He seems like a good interviewer, with Max anyhow the conversation flowed along nicely.

Janey Mac what have I let myself in for? 8005 I must be mad lol slap

Maybe you’d like to chat too Sunflower? You could do the esoteric side of it. bowow