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Gosh you guys, you have my germ-filled head spinning with all these possibilities. I’m glad I’m a simple girl and will stick to the ‘Bare Essentials’. I was delighted to hear yesterday from a guy I’d sent a parcel of Plasterite to, that he could feel its power, and he cleverly asked a clairvoyant what he/she thought, who agreed with him.

Love your experiences with the tree stump Tony, hope you start feeling better soon. It’s brilliant you are enthused again. I will be using your channelled message from Jacques on Saturday at the Workshop, but will need to ask someone else to read it for me, as I always ‘fill up’ when I read it.

Yes Sunflower, I did see my FB buddy Jason commenting about not breathing in selenite dust, must remember to keep my mouth shut when using Plaster :-) and definitely don’t breathe in 8014
As for the comments about plasterite affecting the connection, that was, I suspect, a joke.